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by Jaiam
Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #1550495
A Christian poem about struggle.
Image of CHRIST


“It is finished.”
So said the SON of GOD, and so it was.
And though done was the hardest part,
Not easy is this part, still left to us.

For, the enemy is not idle, and though stripped
Of his greatest power, he is not powerless.
Not while deep within, each human heart,
Still longs to be it’s own god.
Or if not, at least, to never fully bend a knee
In adoration of the one, true GOD.
No, not easy is our part.

Sooner or later, all fail in some way.
Whether as a Peter or as a Judas,
In the end, we are all choosers.
Who will deny or betray, in some way.

Maybe by hoping secretly
Some other will be called upon
To bear a cross rightly meant for us.
Or, faced with our own scourging,
Long before a blow can strike,
Cry out, “hold, enough, no one’s
Faith can take this much.”

Some may speak boldly of how
Deeply and completely they believe.
Saying, “I will be true till the end,
And never, never deny YOU, oh my GOD.”

Yet, what is easy in the saying,
Too soon fails utterly with the testing.
Let a crowd gather round to ask
“Are you not one of HIS.”
And how many, many of the faithful
Will prove Peter strong,
Long before a cock can crow - but once.

Or, before any speak of Judas and his wrongs,
Think first on this point, hard and long.
In this world that we have made,
What could not silver buy - these days?

Then there is Death!
Master no more of mankind, but still
A dreadful door through which all must pass,
Before we leave this world at last.

How many of the faithful would do
Anything, anything - to delay that?
How many lovers of the GROOM
Are ready to yield up their Christian virtue
To the world around, if Death but
Cries "I can take you
Before your time."

But, O GOD, judge us not too hard, I pray.
For we are but sons and daughters, by your grace.
Needing still to lean upon the ONE
YOU love beyond even all of us.

If we are to make it on our own Via Dolorosa,
Up to where it can be truly “finished”
For us as well,
We need still YOUR SON to bear the cross
When we fall, or falter or fail.
For not easy is this part, oh GOD,
Still left to us.

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