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Mona Meets other witches online and her secret dosen't stay a secret for long.
Chapter 3

Mona looked at the disk case, slowly she opened it inside was a black disk with silver lettering  in a language she could not read. Turning on her computer she waited for it to boot into windows. Once to the main desktop she slid in the disk a few seconds it stated to unpack an install program.
<Install Scry and Screams online?>
The girl clicked on the “yes” and waited
<We detect four computers on you network, configure all or just this one>
Mona had set up her computer as a network hub for all her family machines just in case someone’s systems crashed. Abe and TJ shared a computer. Abe did little but check sports scores and played an Online Fantasy game called Ava-Wars. TJ downloaded cartoons and  did the occasional bit of home work. Mom used  hers to connect  with the one in the Sheriff office and find recipes and look at antiques on EBay. Dad used his for work, chatting about golf and football in various rooms and Looking for information on Fishing. Grandpa used Dad’s computer, although rarely and usually just to Email old friends.
<Just main> clicked Mona.
The Hard drive light flickered as a small window showed progress. When it was done a window popped up a girl on a broom typing  on a computer keypad dominated it, a button marked sign up and sign on was high lighted.
“No way”, Mona spoke to herself.
Mona clicked on the button with her mouse’s arrow.
Quickly she filled out the sign up information and saw that there was no subscription fee.
She then clicked sign on. Her DSL light blinked and the screen came alive with the Scry and Scream main window.
At the type it had her Screen name “Monalisa” , welcome to Scry and Screams.
Mona was about to start exploring when she realized she had to get ready for Dinner. Placing the computer in suspend she rose from her chair and headed towards the bathroom.

Dinner with the family went as usual, Dad talked about  the cases he had to deal with, nothing big in fact for Elm Brook a busy day was  a missing dog or  speeding on the interstate leading in and out of town. A far cry from when he worked in their city as chief of detectives. The kids thought he would be bored but small town life agreed with the former Harvard wide receiver. Adam Orland had opted not to go Pro even though there was offers, instead he got a law degree and went into law enforcement. While working as a policeman in the city less than a year he met a young Social worker  and teacher who though born in Ireland but raised in America. Molly Sanders  was smart, quick witted and  always spoke her mind.  They we’re married less than a year later. Abe followed a year after that, Then came Mona who liked her mother had the Sanders red hair. Thomas Jefferson Orland would be their last child.  Though Abe was named after Abraham Lincoln and his first named was both the middle name of father and Grandfather. Mona was named after her Grandmother on hr mother’s side who had returned to Ireland. Her Middle name was Elizabeth but everyone called her Mo, Mona or Mona Lisa. Molly Orland believed that great names bred great children.

“You know Dad, we had another Moan and Groan Sighting today.”, Adam
“Told you Molly, told you there was a monster”, Grandpa felt vindicated.
“Well I’m not going to say that, America doesn’t have many monsters left just Witches, some vampires in the city and the occasional shapeshifter”. Added  the old man’s son.
“That’s true, back in the war the Nazi’s thew all kinds of things at us, but we kept going”. Stan Orland’s’ energy seemed to rise every time he thought about the great war. He had gone in at 16 lying about his age.  Records have him as a Sergent in the European theater and winner of over a dozen medals including the medal of honor. After the war he stayed in the Military and didn’t get married til 1960. Though in his mid 70’s and on a cane from old injuries he had a strength and energy about him that most people who know him noticed. Molly more than anyone appreciates his help around the house, looking after the kids and  tending the garden in the back.
“But dad what if it is a monster?”, TJ spoke up.
“Well If it is its most likely just a lost Sasquatch, they live a long time but from what I read are usually harmless if left alone” Adam sounded sure about  his theory.
“Its good to know there’s till adventure left in this world”, Grandpa.
“Grandpa, don’t say that.  The last thing a body needs is strangeness in their lives”,  The Orland mother looked concerned  and eyed her two present children.
The table suddenly grew silent and nary another word was said for the rest of the meal.

After dinner Mona offered to help clean up but Grandpa was already on it and had talked TJ into helping with promises of telling him more about “Moan and Groan”.
Taking advantage of the situation  Mona went straight to her room after saying goodnight and reopened her new program. The site had Chat rooms, information, FAQ’s and more about being a witch. It was designed to allow Witches to communicate with each other in a modern age. Online stores sold exclusive witch clothing and paraphernalia. Mona entered a Chat for “New Witches” and  saw four other names.

MonaLisa: Hello
Circe14:  Hey look someone new :)
Geekwitch: Hola MonaLisa, Where are you at?
MonaLisa:  The United states.
Ryoko: I'm in Japan
MonaLisa: There are Witches in Japan?
Circe14: Duh, we’re everywhere
Geekwitch: How long have you been studying MonaLisa?
MonaLisa: Studying what?
Ryoko: Magic!!!!
MonaLisa: today
Circe14: An extreme Newbie!
Geekwitch: Be nice CC
Circe14: I’m always nice.
Ryoko: Didn’t you turn your last boyfriend into hair brush?
Circe14: But I use him every day >:)
MonaLisa: You’re kidding right?
Geekwitch: No, That’s just CC’s thing
MonaLisa: Here Thing?
Geekwitch: Changing people into stuff.
MonaLisa: Sounds pretty mean to me
Circe14: I change them back, most of the time.
Ryoko: So what do you do when you’re not witching?
MonaLisa: I go to school and stuff
Circe14: Kewl, I’m  Sophomore
Geekwitch: I’m a freshman, I live in Porto Rico
MonaLisa:: Me too

Mona talked online till it was well past eleven. Deep in conversation she didn’t notice the door open until Abe was already in her room.
“Burning the midnight Oil Mo?, Abe
Mona Lisa switched off her monitor quickly and turned to  see her brother standing inside her room.
“You know there’s this new thing people do these days. ITS CALLED KNOCKING!”. She growled.
“Hey it was opened saw your computer light on from under the door thought I’ll say Goodnight twerp.”, Abe.
“Goodnight”, Mona sneered him but only got a chuckle in return. Abe exited and the door closed, not because Abe did so but because Mona wanted it to close. The girl sat stunned at what she had done.

Switching back on the computer she looked at the chat

Ryoko: She has company
Geekwitch: I think so too
Circe14: I wonder who?

Mona eyes raised in wonder . Slowly she started to type.

MonaLisa: How did you know I had someone in my room?
Ryoko: I’m a witch…Hello ;)
MonaLisa: It was my big brother
Circe14: How old is he?
MonaLisa: 16
Circe14: is he cute?
MonaLisa: He’s my brother :O
Geekwitch: Down girlfriend

After Church the next day the Orland found themselves in Ken’s Diner near the town square. They had a table near the back of the crowded restaurant. Ken made the bulk of his money after Football games and Sunday evening His Grandson Arron lived with him ever since the boys parents were killed in a car accident. When he wasn’t in school or in football practice he helped around the Diner mostly bussing tables or acting as a short order cook.
“Well as I live and breath the other half of the Double A Express”, Ken rubbed his woolly beard as he looked at Abe.
“Hello Mr. Freeman:, Abe greeted the man with a Handshake. Adam and Stan also shook the man’s hand.
“Thought you forgot I was here after Halloween Stan”, said the dark skinned old man .
“No, I remember how to find my way here you old Goat”, Laughed Stan. He and Ken knew each other not only in their old age but as kids. When Grandpa joined the Infantry Ken became one of the famed Tuskegee airmen .
“I was afraid for a second there, You keeping company with old Miss Minerva”, Ken handed out menus to everyone. Though he rarely worked the tables he considered the Orland’s friends
“Dad, Isn’t Miss Minerva….The Witch?”, Adam looked at his father with surprise.
Stan eyes darted back and forward full of guilt, “That would be her”
The table went silent. Mona looked about nervously if Grandad gave in  it wouldn’t take ther Dad long to figure out what’s going on. After all he was a detective.
“You know her?”, Stan’s son took a sip of coffee
“ Yeah back before  I left for the war” Grandpa voice turned confrontational, “I was just about Adam’s age.
Before his son could speak again the old man  kept going.
“Back then we knew we had to fight and”, the story continued through the meal and afterwards as  Ken joined in.
“Remember that time we met General American? Stan”, Ken sat on a chair backwards still in his apron.
“Wait Mr. Freeman, General American wasn’t real”, Molly laughed, “He’s Just a funny book character”. Both old men looked at each other as if they had a secret.
“Well you see the writer of those comics based that there character on a real man”, Stan
“Same with a lot of  people from that time, Mr. Magnificent, Atom America,  Kid Arthur.” Ken added.
“Wouldn’t it be in the history books Grandpa?”,  Mona
The Old man stood cane in hand moving like a man half his age, “Mo, did the history books tell about how that head Nazi Witch Elsa Fresier mind controlled FDR? Or How Mr. Magnificent fought a Nazi superman wielding Thor’s  Hammer over Denmark?”
Everyone but Ken looked at the old man unbelieving. Fascinating as they wore by the story they saw only a old man with a fondness of tall tales before them. Stan continued  talking aided by Ken until closing tome at 6pm. Most of the  Orland’s left for home. Abe  stayed to help Aaron with closing and Grandpa and Ken continued reminiscing, rarely have the two men been so happy.

When Mona arrived home and darted upstairs to her computer. Logging on to Scrys and Screams she did a search for her friends. Only Circe14 was online. Mona sent her an instant message. After a few minutes another one came back.
Circe14: What’s up MonaLisa
MonaLisa: Hi  Circe14, Glad to se you’re here.
Circe14: Geekwitch and Ryoko were on but bolted we thought you we’rent going to show.
MonaLisa: Sunday is family day and Grandpa was telling his world war 2 stories.
Circe14: So you’re family cool with you being a witch?
MonaLisa: Well the only one that know is my little brother and he thinks it’s the coolest thing. I’m still not sure about it.
Circe14: What? What’s not to like. Power, longevity and never getting sick.
MonaLisa: We don’t get sick?
Circe14: You are new. No we don’t

Mona thought for a second, looking back she can’t remember  being sick, in fat it was that reason why she had perfect attendance all her life. Then again TJ and Abe were the same way Grandpa called it the Orland Constitution. Or maybe she though for a second TJ and Abe were witches too and just didn’t know it.

MonaLisa: Can boys be witches too?
Circe14: What???
MonaLisa: I was just wondering.
Circe14: No, My Mom said its because guys are to close minded to accept magic
MonaLisa: Your Mom’s a Witch?
Circe14: Yeah, it runs in families usually
MonaLisa: But not always right?
Circe14:: No sometimes it just shows up.

Mona though about her family as far as she knew she was the first witch.

Circe14: Change of subject, tell me more about your brother?
MonaLisa: Which one
Circe14: The one my age Silly.
MonaLisa: Hey, I barely know you. I mean I don’t know what you look like.
Circe14: Hit the web cam Icon, it’s the crystal ball on the IM screen.

Mona clipped on the crystal ball and a square window appeared next to the IM box. At First it was black then  a loading  message appeared after that a face, Pale skin, Dark curly hair vibrant blue eyes and heavy eye liner.

Circe14: I knew you were a red head
MonaLisa: You can see me?

The new witch noticed her web cam was active too.

Circe14: You can turn it off on your end if you like but what are you embarrassed about I mean your not going to win in prizes dressed like that but your not bad looking at all.

Mona laughed out loud, she never thought much of her looks.

Circe14: Ok make with the Info on your brother
Mona: Hold on I think I can send you a file, don’t laugh it’s a family picture we took a Year ago

Quickly the girl clicked on the send file icon , browsed filed through her photo directory and. Clicked on the picture to send. After Circe14 accepted it took no time for the download to complete

Circe14: He’s HOT!
MonaLisa: Hello, Brother >:(
Circe14: Who are the older guys, Your Dad and Uncle?
MonaLisa: Grand Dad and Dad
Circe14: Grand Dad, the world war 2 guy? He doesn’t look that old.
MonaLisa: Yeah He’s in pretty good shape, uses a cane but between you and me I don’t think he needs it.
Circe14: Your dad’s cute too
MonaLisa: CIRCE! Please don’t go there.
Circe14: Fine, cool your broom .
MonaLisa: Change of subject on my end. Grandpa was talking. ever heard of Elsa Freiser?
Circe14: No, but if she’s a witch you can use the search bar and look her up,.
MonaLisa: I might do that later, Grandpa mentioned her and I was wondering if it was just one  of his stories.

The Two girls talked well into the night. At 10 pm Mona excused herself and went to sleep. She had decided the search on Elsa could wait to later and she needed to rest for school. In the Morning she woke rested, before preparing for school she spent a few minutes concentrating on her Quantum thinking with things around the room. She managed to get the lamp  done in less than a minute and was so happy she did a little dance while brushing her teeth.
The school day was uneventful as was most of the week. Wednesday Mom was late working with their Father and Grandpa cooked fish he had caught at the lake while there were at school.  TJ sliced up Veggies for the salad and Aaron and Abe studied in the living room.
“So Is she cute?”, Aaron asked.
“Who?”, Abe looked up from his book.
“The Chick who sent you the email?” Aaron closed his book and waited for his friend to answer. Taller and stocker than Abe Aaron was know not only for his impressive strength but his kind heartedness. It was that attribute that made him good friends to both Abe and Mona.
“Ask, Mo, she gave the girl my email”, Abe looked up at his sister who was at the dining room table staring a fork. For some reason neither boy knew why she had stopped had finished setting places and was now sitting and staring at silverware.
“MO”, Aaron called out
The girl was silent.
“Your Sister’s whack”, said Aaron.
“Yeah, but you know what  they say, there is a thin line between genius and insanity”, Abe laughed
The two boys looked at each other each taking a peanut out of the snack dish in front of them. Counting softly to each other in three they threw a shelled nut at the girl. One hit Mona on the forehead the other on the chin here eyes went wide as she was startled and the fork vanished into tiny quickly fading sparkles. Neither boy noticed what had happen however as they’re eyes were focused on Mona’s reaction.
“Stop it you Jerks!”, growled the girl!
“That’s for giving some girl my email!”, returned Abe.
“what Girl”, Mona was puzzled.
“Today in computer Studies I had an email at my Burn-mail account from some girl named Cecilia said she knew you and that I was hot”, Abe wasn’t really as mad as he was trying to sound but he didn’t want his sister to know that.
Mona didn’t know a Cecilia and  did her best to ignore her brothers accusation
“What’s her email, I bet it was Spam.”, Mona
“Circe, something , Why?”, Abe.
Mona, rolled her eyes, “yeah right, Now I know it was Spam”
From the Kitchen Grandpa  Barked: What’s  all this talk about Spam? We’re having Fish.
But If you kids want Spam in eggs for breakfast let me know.

After Dinner and Homework Mona logged on  and searched fir Circe14.  Seeing she wasn’t on she tried the other girls. They were off line too. Frustrated she wrote an Email to Circe asking how she got Abe’s email and sent another to all three girls to see if they could chat together again on Saturday night.  With nothing better to do she did a Search on Elsa Fraser. Over 500 hits came in the Scrys and Screams Database.
Starting at the top Mona started reading. Grandpa was right.

Elsa was Hitler’s right hand Witch beautiful and powerful she manipulated the war to her own end. Born in 1901 she  joined the Nationalist party in 1935 and acted as Adolph Hitler’s head witch until the end the war. Known for various mystical atrocities she was eventually captured in 1946 by combined mystical and mortal forces.

None of that was in any history book and the idea that such a thing could be hidden made her wonder what else could be kept unwraps.  Logging off  and reading for the girl was surprised to here a knock at her door.
“Hey Sweetheart”, Mona’s Mom stood there  as her daughter cracked it open
“Hey Mom, what’s up”, Mona
“Nothing just wanting to see if everything is ok.
Mona thought about spilling the beans about her new life but opted to stay silent
“Everything Great Mom, Schools good, The house isn’t on fire and I’m working on that new Hobby you said I should have.”. Mona spoke nervously.
Her mother face turned worried, but she trusted her daughters good sense and just nodded.
“well if you ever need to talk, anytime let me know.”, the Woman kissed her daughter on the forehead. Mona was almost as tall as her now
“Sure thing Mom, and thanks”, the girl blushed .
After a quick hug she  closed the door and crawled into bed all her worries made for a fitful dreams..

The weekend finally came and as before Mona and TJ headed  on their bikes this time to the Library or so they said. Without first heading to the lake the two arrived at Ms. Minerva well before noon and found the witch in back tending a large Herb garden.
“Just in time I see”, she said coming to her feet hands on hips.
“For what?”, Mona.
“To help me with weeding “, Ms. Minerva  snapped her fingers and TJ and Mona now had gloves, apron and a spade in their right hands.
“Can’t you just magic the weeds away”, TJ looked at the strange plants
“yes and I could probably turn everyone in  county into goats, but sometimes magic isn’t the answer to life’s little problems. The Witch went to sit and a chair appeared under her and a glass of lemonade in her hand.
“So  Mona since we are out her lets go over some herbs shall we”, the witch sipped on her drink.
Mona looked about the garden, she recognized the weds it was the same ones that plagued the garden at home. Leaning over she took the spade and carefully pulled up the  plant by the root as her mother had taught her.
Ms. Minerva pointed out herbs to the girl and what they were used for. Some were medicinal, others used for various potions and powders.
“So I thought Magic was all about energy, Why do we need Potions?” Mona stood weeds in hands.
“Dear it is but plants energy has certain properties that when released properly can help a Witch do certain things especially when comes to healing sickness.
TJ laughed, “I never heard of witches helping sick people”, the glare from Miss Minerva brought instant silence to the boy. He could tell when an adult was offended.
‘We do more than cause mischief we help, mostly in secret, after all we do have a reputation”. The woman came to her feet and snapped her finger gain making the apron, spades and gloves vanish.
“Come on lets get inside a storm is coming.”, The witch sniffed the air
“But its sunny”, TJ looked up at the nearly cloudless sky
Mona looked at her brother” She is so going to turn you into a toad if you don’t shut up”. TJ was about to respond but thought silence was again the best course of action.

Once inside the children noticed their cloths were now clean and the Witch was hat free and standing in a high collared block  dress with and ivory cameo.
“So what’s for lunch today?” Ms. Minerva looked at her guests.
“Pizza !”, TJ had enjoyed the conjured food from last week.
Mona glared at her little brother, “TJ, we had that last week. How about we let Ms. Minerva choose”
The Witch  waited for any protest before deciding what she wanted.
“Ever had Sushi?” she remarked sitting in her chair.
“blah, raw fish” TJ made a face
“That’ll be fine Ma’am”, Mona remember having Sushi before with Abe and some of their friends in the city.  It was actually much better than she expected.
“Bonsai!” laughed the Witch snapping her finger and conjuring a Sushi bar in her living room complete with a chef.
“No way”, Mona looked about, colorful paper lateens hung from the ceiling, A koi pond and fountain sat in a corner. Japanese flutes played in the background.
“Oh this is nothing, I once Conjured the entire Philharmonic for Claudette’s birthday party.
“Where is Claudette?” Mona sat at the bar and looked at the chef slice fish and roll up rice and seaweed.
Ms. Minerva sat next to her now  and picked up her chop sticks.
“She comes by once or twice a month to look in on me”,  The Witch sounded a embarrassed.
“why, you seem to do fine on your own?”, Mona looked at her tiny  square plate  and tea cup.
Alexis Minerva was prideful to a fault but felt a kinship to the girl that made telling  the entire story of her and Claudette’s relationship easier.
“Well Dear when a Witch gets a certain age say a hundred or so her aging kind of becomes subjective.”. The Witch bit into some sushi coated generously with spicy wassabi.
“Which means?” Mona took a sip of tea. And waited.
“To but it bluntly you start to literally be as old as you feel.”, The Witch forced a smile.
“Now in the old days a witch who got to lonely or to bored would age away to nothing, but theses days the great Coven has younger witches visit us  older ones to make sure we’re doing fine, sit talk to us make us feel a bit useful.”.
Mona fought back tears, though she had not known the woman long she found it painful now to picture life without here.
“So she’s like a Witch social worker?”, Mona finished a California roll before speaking and made sure to sound as sympathetic as she felt..
“Something like that, but truthfully with you and TJ visiting I’m felling better now than I have in decades.” Mona could tell the Witch was speaking the truth she actually looked slightly younger.
“Well if you ever start to feel old let me know, I’ll have TJ come and annoy you”, laugh the girl.
TJ looked up at the his sister from he sat eating a bowl of Teriyaki chicken and rice the Chef had made for him. “I’m not annoying”
“yes you arte Dear, but I like you just the way you are”, Ms. Minerva pinched his check and returned to her meal.

After the Meal was finished the Chef and bar and all the trims were sent back into the ether from where they were conjured. Mona remarked when everything went back to normal what had happened to the fork she was practicing on. Her teacher explained that she had performed an unraveling. The fork was basically converted into the simplest form of energy and faded back into the universe just like the Sushi bar. Unraveling was also part of other forms of witchery including teleportation, transformation and conjuration.
Mona was about to ask another question when it started to rain.
“Right on time”, Ms. Minerva spoke with certainty “Which brings us to today lessons. Sensory expansion” 
“What’s that?”, TJ sat fidgeting in his chair uninterested by the conversation so far.
“TJ, if your bored, please say so I can find you something to do”, Miss Minerva face turned Mischievous.
“Anything beats listening to  you talk about Conjurations and stuff I mean no offense but it sounds to much like school work to me”, laughed the boy. Mona was about to say something but Miss Minerva already had a plan that would teach the boy not to miff a witch.
Coming to her feat the woman in black lead the children to the screen in back porch, there on shelves were bottles of dried herbs and a table were herbs were laid out to be crush or dried flies a few insects buzzed about
“This is where I mix and prepare moist of my herbs, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of bugs eating some of my plants as they dry. Now TJ I need you to find where they are coming in at and plug it up.
“No problem”, said the boy.
Mona looked about, at the shelf full of  herbs. then to Miss Minerva
“Good, now I figure in order to find where those pesky bugs are coming from its best you be a bug, don’t you think”, The witch smiled and Mona giggled
TJ was about to protest when the witch held up both hands at him, lighting flew from each finger tip striking him. Again he shrank and shriveled this time into a shiny black bug..
“I can’t wait till I can do that to him every time he borrows one of my CD’s”, Mona looked at the bug scurry away.
“Don’t be to hard on him, He’s a sweet boy. Only did that so he’ll learn not to tweak a witch.  I mean if Claudette had heard his remark about  being bored he’ll be walking back from Alaska or spending time as dried gum under her shoe.
“She wouldn’t do that to a kid would she?’ Mona sounded concerned
“Oh she’ll make sure he was ok on account of his age, Witches don’t permanently harm children or eat them like some people think. In fact we rather like them if they behave themselves. Ms. Minerva spoke louder in the direction of the bug.
“So You like kids, you help sick people. I thought all witches did were put hexes and curses on people till I met you”.
Ms. Minerva chuckled, “No dear, sure we turn people into toads, or make them disappear or on a really bad day give this hideous bad luck, warts and boils but usually only to teach a lesson or to let off some steam. Its rarely forever and if it is trust me that person deserved it.
Mona nodded, :”What about Elsa Freiser? As the words left her lips Mona could the older witch face turn to a scowl.
“She’s  the kind of witch that give the rest of us a bad name, because of her we we’re hunted and hounded in the 50’s. Some mobs even burned the witches they caught. She came so close to ruling the world it s still hard to think about.
”I’m sorry”, Mona took the woman’s hand.
“Pish Posh, its fine, she’s  gone and you just need to remember that a Witch has the right to be a bit wicked, its in your nature but sometimes things can be taken to far.”.

The room was quiet as the two witches sat on the floor eyes closed
“What do you see?”, Miss Minerva
“Nothing my eyes are closed”, Mona smirked
“Stop smirking dear”, the witch could feel the look on her students face even though they were almost town feet away.
“How do you do that without looking?”, Mona concentrated harder
“your trying to hard dear, I can hear you think from her, the idea is not to think to just be, once you can do that you’ll be able to sense the world around you, the link between all things.”. The girl heard her mentors voice but still remained frustrated.
“Relax” Miss. Minerva.
“Relax”, Mona mocked  trying to clear her thoughts.  She realized this was harder  than anything she’s ever done, she was thinking, thinking was what she did.  Even thinking about not thinking was a thought.
Taking a deep breath she tried again clearing her thoughts she relaxed again looking deeper into the darkness behind her eyes till that was the only thing she thought about then after she was surrounded by darkness she relaxed more and somewhere between one breath and another the world opened up. Everything was there ever dust particle, every item in the floor and beyond that the walls of the building, the earth  the sky on her mind expanded past the  Elm Brook, past the interstate to the next town to the city she was born in into the clouds and the rain into  the state, the country the world and beyond for one brief moment she was aware of everything could touch everything be anywhere. Then as suddenly as she was there she back in her body .
“well done”, she looked you see Ms. Minerva standing in front of her.
That was awesome”, said the girl.
“Oh you’ve seen only this world dear , wait till you can see into the others take from them, add to them. Your mind is awakening now, nothing can stop you, there is no turning back. Now lets try it again this time I want you to try to find something or someone.
“Like who?”, Mona was eager  to start the next test.
“Anyone”, The witch  watched as her student closed her eyes and relaxed.
Mona mind relaxed easier it was if the first time with magic is always the hardest. Reaching the awareness she needed came in a matter of minutes now and once it came she sought out someone the first person that came to her mind. Across the city she traveled faster than thought to her Father who was on the phone
“I’m sure they’re fine.”, said the Man He paused listened and looked worried.
“if Abe can’t find them at the Library maybe they’re somewhere else have him try the Book store on Fifth or….
Boom like a shot Mona was back and too her feet.
“We have to go, Abe came looking for us ay the Library, and now Dad is worried about us and… The girl stammered on. The witch looked more amused than concerned.
Calm down dear,  Remember what I said a Witch is good for other things than hexes and curses. As if she was strolling through the park Ms. Minerva walked to her back porch looking about she spied a black bug on the wall.
“There you go”, she pointed at the bug and in a puff of smoke it became TJ again.
”Learned your lesson”, she quipped at the boy
“Yes Ma’am”, TJ nodded and took her hand
“Good because next time you annoy me I’m turning you into an inanimate object, maybe and end table or a lamp” Ms. Minerva gave the boy a look that made him know she would more than make good her threat.
“TJ, Abe went to look for us at the Library and we’ rent there and now Dad knows. we are so dead”, the girl looked panic. Alexis Minerva on the other hand had looked totally calm.
“Mona, You’re a witch, A witch never panics…at least not over such a small thing”.
The redhead looked perplexed, how could her friend be so calm? This was big if her parents Father found out what was going on who knew what he would do? Put Miss Minerva in jail or get blown up trying.

“Now first we have to get you to town and fast”  the woman  paced slowly armed crossed., “Where would you be if not at the Library?
Mona thought and remembered the conversation “The Book store”,  she spoke quickly.
“Fine, then that’s where I’ll send you two”, With out another word the witch gestured at the children. TJ felt his ears pope and was about to say something when suddenly he was standing in front of the book store holding his bike up next to Mona.
“She’s good”, Mona looking both ways and spying Abe driving along in his Jeep, Canvas top up to keep the rain out.
“What do you think goings to happen?”, TJ  sounded concerned.
“I don’t know, I mean we can’t keep this secret between just the two of us if I’m still going to be Ms. Minerva’s student.” Mona knew what she had to do but the thought of doing it scared her more than anything ever has before.
TJ stopped near the corner and got out arms grossed looking so much like their father in stance TJ heart skipped a beat.
“There you two are, I knew I would find you here”, his voice held relief. And Though he would never tell them he was worried about their well fair.
“Yeah well..you see”, Mona was about to talk till Abe waved her off.
“Save it for Mom, she’s furious with you”, Abe eyes showed his disappointment too.  Taking the bikes he set them on the rear rack in back After everyone was in side the jeep he turned on the radio and drove his brother and sister home in silence as the rain fell.

“Mona you’ve never , lied to me, you never had to lie to me”, Molly Orland  sat at one end of the kitchen table while her daughter sat embarrassed at the other end.
“Now I know your 14, but TJ is still just a child and your responsible for him …” Mona’s mom voice held nothing but fear and disappointment and its tine had brought the girl almost to tears.
“Mom, I know, I’m sorry, but .. “ Mona spoke up.
“But nothing, You lied to me, Your father and Grandfather, Abe was so worried about you when the Librarian said you haven’t been there that he was almost stopped by Deputy smith for speeding.”., Mom cut her daughter off her voice showed she was barely holding herself together.  Mona knew she had to wait till her mom was finished before she could get a word in edgewise. Like her their mom had quite the temper.
“Now tell me the truth young lady where did you go”, It was tone Mona hasn’t heard since she was six and got lost in the Department store toy department when she had wandered off.
“Mom, You’re not going to understand”, The girl spoke softly.
“Try me”, her mother took a sip from a cup of warm coffee.
“I was at Miss Minerva’s”, it was said and by the look on her mother’s face Mona might as well said  had joined a roving band of Criminals.
After those words Molly found the rest of the story came easy. She told her about TJ’s visit, Claudette, Her  on Witchness everything but Grandpa inviting the sorceress over Halloween. Her mother sat calmly listening. Molly was sure she was going to explode
Once she had finished she waited as her mother absorbed the facts. It was the longest two minutes if the girls life.

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