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Anna confronts her daughter.
After Barbara went home to get Joey started on the posters, Anna began to wonder why no one had called or come looking for her. They had to have missed her at the home by now. Probably it would be a good idea to call Sandra. It would be better than being on the defensive when her daughter found out and called her.

She picked up the phone and dialed Sandra’s number. After five rings her message machine answered. This was even better.

“Sandra, I just wanted you to know, I am at home, and I am fine. I guess you know I'm devastated that Buddy has run away due to your negligence and bad judgment. You may call me if you have any idea where he is. Otherwise, rest assured, I do not need anymore of your help.”

With that taken care of Anna decided to go out into her yard and look around in the trees. Buddy could have climbed a tree and still be scared to come down.

“Here kitty, kitty. Come here Buddy. It’s Anna. Here Buddy.”

It was beginning to get dark and Anna saw or heard nothing of her lost companion.

“I’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow when Joey goes around and puts up all those posters.” She spoke aloud to herself trying to buoy up her confidence that tomorrow would bring good news regarding Buddy.

As Anna stepped inside her patio door, she heard someone banging loudly on her front door. With a bad feeling, she slowly approached the door and looked through the peephole. It was Sandra with some people from the home. Anna straightened up to her full five foot height, threw back her shoulders, stuck out her chin and opened the door.

“Mother, what have you done? Where in the world have you been? You have had everyone frantic, looking for you!”

“More to the point, what have you done, letting Buddy run away and putting an order in to have my power disconnected? You should be ashamed, upsetting your mother like this. I don’t need help from any of you. I found my own way home; my good friend, Barbara, is right next door, only a phone call away if I do need anything; and she won’t be in such a hurry to send me to some old folks’ home. As you can see, I am perfectly lucid. I’ve had a nice bowl of soup and a hot cup of my favorite tea, and, now, if you all will excuse me, I’d like to prepare for bed.”

With that said, Anna slammed and locked the front door while Sandra and her cohorts from the home remained standing outside with their mouths open. In a few moments, she heard car doors shutting, motors starting up, and, eventually, those sounds disappeared into the night.

Anna slumped into her old easy chair, the one that had been Michael’s when he was alive. It still had his smell and always comforted her when she was low. Tonight, though, her heart was too heavy to be comforted.
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