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This is a writing about how everyone can make happen miracles to their lives!
                                                                  WE HOLD THE KEY TO OUR FREEDOM

              I feel your quest to find yourselves! I feel that you are not happy because you think you need something more to arrive to your happiness. All the time is still something that you need to have, to feel or to experience to achieve your happiness. For one of you is money, for one of you is a house, for another maybe the need to love somebody, or to have a promotion that you always wanted, or you think there is too much suffering in the world and it is not fair to feel happy. Some of you are afraid of dying, some are only afraid and others don’t care. You all have different beliefs and have different religions. Maybe you believe in God, in Allah, in Buddha’s teachings, or you have other beliefs. It is possible that you have no beliefs or you believe in Martians. It doesn’t really matter in what you believe! Every feeling of every one of you and every belief of each and every one of you it is real; it is the truth just because you believe it is. It is real because you think it is, it exists because you believe it exists.

            To expand the concept: this whole reality exists because we all believe it exists. And this entire world, this universe is perfect, not bad, and not good; it is only perfect because we create it.

For the moment please understand that words for people are like notes for a musician, like colors for a painter, like a camera for a photographer. Everybody is using something to express themselves, to express what they feel. All of us are using something to express what each and everyone feels inside. The question now is why we feel this need to express ourselves. Why we can’t only exist with what we feel without having this need to express?

            This question has an easy answer… It is our nature to be creators. Let us accept why these is our nature starting in these reality that we all perceive. Our reality is that we all live on Earth, in this galaxy that we call Milky Way part of this cosmic space that seems to have no end. More than 96% of the population feels that is something more to their reality. This is a scientific fact. Almost all the people in the world feel this. We saw before that first we feel then we try to express ourselves. We find these tools to express ourselves when we are borne. We can’t choose them. Every one of us will pick one. First tool we don’t chose. It is our language. Based on our luck, let’s say (you can use whatever word you think is appropriate), somebody, your mother, your father will teach you a way, that they taught from their parents, to express yourselves. One of you will learn how to express himself in English, one in Chinese, one in Russian one in an Arab language and so on. Let us now imagine that we all are one year old, before anybody teaches us how to express what we feel and that we are all together and we try to communicate with each other. You think we will have any problem at all to feel each other? You think we will have any problem to get along? You think we will all fight for our beliefs? I personally believe that we will get along just fine. Not only this but, we will be happy without any reason. You will say that this is normal because we don t know anything yet. It is too early to have an opinion about anything. We don’t know how the world is. We don’t know what is wrong and what is right. I agree with you on this one, we don’t know anything of this because anybody taught us.

            Only that a question is taking form from my thoughts that I choose not to ignore. What if this is the solution, not the problem. Next questions are: what is really mine? Which thoughts in my brain are really expressing my feelings? Which feelings are really my feelings if all that I know came from outside of me? What you are reading now is not, it can’t be the truth about what I really experienced. Keep always in your mind that I am using words that somebody taught me to express myself. So these words are not only words. These are my feelings processed by my brain into information and expressed in words. To understand better we first have to accept our true nature. We saw that Albert Einstein was the most famous physician. He invented the theory of relativity. For those of you that don’t know, his formula is E = m c2. In words: all the matter that exists is energy. First he knew it was true then he needed 18 years to put this to a simple formula that we can understand. The most important is the process behind his feeling. First he felt the truth, then he processed this feeling into information and then he put it into a formula so everybody can understand. I hope it is clear for everyone the process that is behind our words. Now, for your brain to accept what your eyes red is necessary to accept your true nature, you have to accept yourselves. To really understand what I told you it is necessary to feel the same feelings that I am feeling.

            When we are coming into this world we are all the same. To really understand how to set yourself free, you have to take the same journey inside you. The only one that can stop yourself to have what you desire is only you. When I say you, I mean your conscience, your ego. Almost all of you think that what you feel is really yours, only because you choose to believe your eyes perception and your brain s perception of existence. From there you start reasoning based on your beliefs. If you feel them it must be yours. If you feel depressed, unhappy, desperate, empty, ugly, poor, or happy, loving, cool, good looking, full of hope it must be real because you feel it? Let us accept how this feeling – thinking process works.   

            First thing I start questioning all the information that I have inside my brain. Ask yourself how you know all this information that you use to express what is wrong and what is right? My answer to this question was simple. Everything that I know is ideas and beliefs of other people. What my parents taught me, what I taught in the educational system, from people that I was in contact with all my life. My perception of the world is based on the way that other people looked at it. Until here everything was easy. In conclusion everything that I saw like right and wrong it was based on what other people saw. I have, all my life make mine thinking of others. From this understanding I start wondering how I can feel myself. If everything that it is in my brain is not really mine and my brain is working more like a processor how I can trust a tool? How can I take decisions based on information that is not mine? Like this I arrived that my brain is only my tool, something that is at my disposition to use. So I stop the processor of my body. I stop thinking. It wasn’t hard to do. It stopped naturally only by accepting that I already know. In this moment I start perceiving my brain like my creation. I start feeling every impulse sent to the rest of my body to keep it working: breathing, hearing, seeing, smelling, etc. Only that now what it was happening had no name without the recording active. It was only a process that I was feeling. My perception changed. Now I was only feeling my brain and the process of my body existing. In this instant I wasn’t my brain or my body, I only perceived them. It was me perceiving my whole body. By feeling this process of perceiving, my conscience accepted that it is not in control that is something higher in control. My conscience accepted that a higher me is creating it. You can t perceive this higher self using your conscience. Now it should be clear why, for the simple fact that this higher self is creating your conscience, your body. It is all about how much every one of us perceives. Only this is changing. Only our perception is different. My journey wasn’t over yet. By perceiving my higher self I had the answer to all my questions. I understood all. This higher self that all of us have but only few of us perceive is connected to all the higher selves of everyone. In conclusion, where our higher selves exist is the reality. It is real like this reality for your conscience, even more real because by perceiving your higher self you are feeling the truth so anybody can say to you in words if it is real or not. You just feel it. It is more real than all the feelings that you have ever experienced. In this reality of your higher self all of us exist, we have no space, no time and we all are connected. Everything that exists we all create and we are aware of what we do. Only our perception is changing. If for example you feel alone is only because you don’t perceive yourself in your entire splendor.

                Every single one of us is beautiful and connected with each other. My advice to you my soul mates is to stop looking outside of you. By finding your true self you will find everything that you are looking for. It is real and this freedom of choice that everybody speaks about is only your freedom to find yourselves. Nobody can do it for you. I don’t say that will be an easy road but it will be a rewarding one for the brave ones that will perceive there real perfect nature. By perceiving your divine nature you will understand that there is no good or bad, you are eternal, and we all are connected. 

              The world in this instant exists like we look at it. It is not that you are living in a world that you found and you can’t do anything to change it. You are creating this world. Every one of us is. We all are creators’ part of an infinite creator. Every thought of each one of us is creating our reality in this world that that our brain perceives like reality. Only we have the power to change things for us. It is so easy… We have only to imagine how we want to see the world. The entire Universe will form a reality that we want to see and experience. We all have the power. I am not asking you to do anything. I am only asking to see a world where you want your children to live in peace. Every morning when you wake up stop for five minutes before you start your day, wish with your feeling and think of something for yourself and for this world that we are living in. You don’t need to do anything else. Like John Lennon said: Imagine! I felt every one of you. You are all beautiful. Everything that we create is beautiful because of our divine nature.

PEACE AND LOVE to every single one of you.


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