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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #1550962
Kristen remembers the night when she parted with her ex, Damon who has now disappeared
          “Where’s your boy tonight?” he asked, acid in his deep voice.
“Out.” I stared into his pained russet eyes which were now glaring at me. His gaze shifted for a second, and then he turned to walk away.
“I hope he’s a gentleman” Were his final words to me before he left me for, seemingly, forever...

          Damon Blake. Age: 17. Born: 12th April 1992. Current Residence: Unknown.

            I stared out of the window, bored out of my skull. My eyelids drooped but quickly snapped open when I heard the mention of my name. Muffled laughter surrounded me. I ignored them and returned to my day dreaming. My mind kept flickering to that night outside the diner six months ago. The memory was too clear. His dark brown hair, black in the dim light, being slightly tousled by the soft evening breeze. The obvious agony in his eyes. The pure hatred in his voice. Much too clear. I try so much to forget him, forget the best and worst three years of my life. I’m starting to surrender.

            At last, the bell rang. That had to be the longest hour of my life. My brain was like a broken record, repeating that night over and over. Connor was waiting for me. He took my hand and walked me to my hovel. I never looked at him for the entire journey. Releasing my hand, Connor lifted my head so I had no other option but to look at him.
“What’s on your mind?” I sighed. Connor had always resented Damon. Ideological differences.
“Damon.” I confessed. Half of his mouth curved into a crooked smile.
“That’s it?” he chuckled. “Hon, he’s a loser! Forget him!”
“No!” I slapped his hand from under my chin. “He is not a loser! He is twice as smart as you; he is twice as good looking and not nearly as judgemental as you are!” I stormed off and made my way back home alone.

            As soon as I arrived home I collapsed onto the couch. My breathing became heavier until my rage finally subsided. I was then overwhelmed by another strong emotion. I envisioned Damon’s comforting arms wrapped securely around my waist. I needed to feel his sweet breath on the back of my neck. A stream of tears began flow down my cheeks onto the leather of the couch. I had fallen asleep right there.

            I dreamt of Damon, no surprise. However, it wasn’t of the night he left me. It was of our first night together. Sometimes I forget why we separated but then I remember Connor. There was always something unusually attracting about him like natural chemistry. My cheeks became wet again.

“I miss you...” I muttered.

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