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What awaits at the top of the ladder of success?

She never felt the warmth of love or thought herself attractive.
She spent her youth hidden in books, her social life inactive.

She studied hard, she wasn't shy, and soon earned recognition.
She fought her way to the top, she didn't lack ambition.
She made millions early on and never changed her dream.
The "ugly duck" would be transformed into a swan with self-esteem.

She fixed her nose, her chin, her lips with facial reconstruction.
Her body shape was molded through extensive liposuction.
She had her breasts enlarged and finally achieved perfection.
As she gazed in the mirror she saw her own resurrection.

After years of being hungry, she had quite an appetite
and she took full advantage of every man in sight.
She loved the feel of them, the way they worshiped her
from her head down to her feet, they could make her purr.

But soon enough the pleasure lost some of its attraction.
Lying there, the emptiness diminished satisfaction.
Lost in hedonistic passion, she could, for a time, ignore
the hollowness she felt just like in the years before.

She had achieved her dream but had not the lesson learned
that the perfection she desired could not be bought or earned.
It comes from loving who you are. It comes from inner pride.
Beauty may be judged without but its source comes from inside.

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