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The prolouge of an idea I had that could branch into a novel. Its my first writing progect
-Data Log: Date 12D-1-2(3)B7 Atokad Calender (Earth time Unknown)-
-Retrieving File: Captain's Log: It began-
-.... Complete-
-Opening file: “Captain's Log: It Began”-
-Retrieved, now opening visual, language: default-
--- Subject 21/7, Awaken” Chimed an automated voice... 21/7... my lab number...the Drakains will soon see that number itself as a sign of death and danger to their kind... I wake, not knowing where I am...I seem to be...in a cold pod...there is nothing here, I'm cramped to the point where I must compact my body just to fit... It...seems there's not much to look at here...the room appears to be a cylinder... The walls are lined with these cells just like mine... P-perhaps of those of my own kind? I shudder at the thought but must know... It appears so... how grave... b-but... I cannot remember... it just seems that I hold similarities to these creatures... I assume we are the same...
         A few hours have passed now, I'm frightened now...I've seen my fellow subjects, taken... sometimes a large mechanical device...like some...appendage that's picking them up...it pulls their containment chambers from the walls, out from the hole left comes an odd device, and the machine puts the pod onto the device and it just drifts out of the room... the silence of the machine's movement is only broken by the screaming of some creature soon after...and then silence...Sometimes a large creature, walking on two legs and covered in odd devices and garments of metal will come in, and manually jut pluck a pod out and carry them away... Which is followed soon by a distant shattering sound and then grinding...
         I see now... These creatures... the ones I seem to belong to of the very kind...it appears that they...they're dieing... They seem to wither away in their pods...will I be next is the query that is beginning to make me anxious. While I'm restrained so that I cannot even move almost any parts of me I have managed to get my eyes fixed on the back of my cell for a few moments. It's shocking...I-I see a small glass window and then a needle... what's worse is now I see, that the creatures aren't resisting when they're taken off on machines...they don't seem to be moving at all in fact...they just look around anxiously...and then stop doing that as well... I've payed close attention... It appears that sometimes more filled pods are brought in here, but I doubt they are the same ones taken out before... they seem different, and just in a sense that they are not the same organism... I suspect that there are more creatures like me being held somewhere...

         Yes... it's been a while now... I have figured out the system so far as it seems...by listening to those creatures as they converse outside these halls... I have managed to put together that this area is some sort of laboratory. I believe they put us in these containment cells and then soon after they try and alter us...for what I am not sure. When one of the creatures takes one of us it is because we are no longer healthy enough to be tested on, so they are...offed... No... my own kind...we're being massacred like this... I-I don't want it to happen....but what can I do... Still; the ones who were first taken off into the labs were harshly experimented on and tested to their full limits...I believe by the piercing sound of what I take as death... Now that they know just what we are...whatever we are they're using these needle-objects to paralyze us and operate on us...what they want with us and why we are being tested is beyond me... Also, when a new creature...one of us (we are all the same species as far as I can see currently) he seems pale, but eventually they regain some of their luster...Still, many seem to have died already from the combined shock of whatever is done to us before we get here and the sight...of this...

         It's been a while...it seems the number of us who were first here when I opened my eyes has thinned greatly... Chances are I'll be the next subject are becoming Higher and Higher... I see two options now... It's apparent that I am one of the few ones here with hope remaining but most likely I'll soon be killed. If I am but the  force of this place then I will have helped them advance, and knowing what goes on to my kind here makes it so I don't want that to happen any way whatsoever. So... I can either let them do what they want with me and hope to survive but allow them to develop scientifically or I can try to will myself into death or at least to be deemed unworthy to be used in this twisted place as a subject...However that would make it so that there may not be another chance for the others here...

         By now I have precious time left to decide what to do, I cringe every time something enters this room now, just hoping I'll have more time... Every time it is granted though it may be at the cost of the live of another of us... Thus I have decided... I cannot take this... I'm... I'm giving up, this IS hopeless... I'm in a strange place, not knowing who I am or where I am... I know almost nothing... It...feels just like a bad dream I can't get out of... There seems to be no hope left here... I'm ready to die, I have nothing to live for...
                             -Operation time exceeded, powering down system-          
                                       -End of Prologue Part 1-
         ...And yet death has not come... My health has stayed with me, it's as if I'm incapable of doing even that by this point... Perhaps there is a reason I'm still alive... That current reason I do not know...! I-It's happening now, I've been chosen as the next victim here, I can tell!...Now I feel a sharp prick in my neck...I can't feel my body now... My brain...itself is slowing... Was this effort, even so mere in vain?...That arm...it's carrying me off now... I can feel...myself drifting into my subconscious, even the will to open my eyes is fading... I've decided; I don't want to die! Whatever they put me through I must survive it, I know little about what's happening, I don't know who I am, all I know is that these creatures just like me are being tortured right now... Don't let me die...

         It appears as if...as if I have survived yet... I'm not sure if I am in fact alive...my body still can't move, I can't feel anything now and all I can do is look around...This room barely seems different except this containment chamber seems...as-as if it's some matrix of pods encasing other creatures. Still...many of these other creatures...they can't all be organic. Many of them...they have metal parts on them, many not the right size for them...No doubt because these iron appendages were made just for these selfish creatures doing this to us all... Still...I've regained feeling quickly...I-I'm not different at all...as far as I can tell anyway...

         A few days have passed here, this place is definitely different, unlike the other holding area these creatures intend on keeping those who they have modified alive...for now. They supply us with nutrients through the needle behind us, obviously though with a method like that they probably don't expect to keep us for very long... Still, these liquid minerals or whatever they are supposed to be are allowing me to survive currently so I won't complain. There are far less creatures taken out and killed as well. There are now several different devices, moving on their own of course that enter here and scan us...Most don't interfere with us, just project beams of light over us and nothing more...However sometimes they need internal fluids from us or tissue samples...where at least I have been taken off to a lab somewhere, removed from my containment pod and held down while they took samples of my cells or whatever they need of me...Without a paralyzers or anesthetics or even just a mere distraction... It's just as painful as you would think being restrained by cold bars while you have your skin ripped open and cut apart would be...at least they use some sort of protein patch to keep me from bleeding to death or having such a large, open wound...

         I've noticed the horrible truth of what this room is for... Now that we have managed to survive their experimenting we're just to be scanned and have data collected of us until we wither away, I notice that other creatures are in fact looking less and less like themselves, just being grafted skins on top of pale bodies... Even I am starting to look that way...though in all honesty my body has been somewhat pale since I first observed it. 

                                                 -Data Inadequate, backing up files...-
                                                           -End of Prologue Part 2-

-Data space increased, files found, Resuming...-
         Terrible! This is it! One of those creatures, the ones in charge of all this has decided I'm no use to them anymore! I can barely move at all now that I've been paralyzed! All I can tell is that I'm apparently some failure of their experiment. Whatever that may be for... All I can tell know is that now they're taking me off... I see the inevitable now, a large compactor with a chute that most likely leads to the instant jettison of it's latest victim. … My head's spinning now...but it's so sudden I don't think it's my fear and anticipation of the end of this life I know nothing about... I feel almost a burning in my head... N-now feeling is returning to my body! I don't know what this is but I can feel it, from my head down I'm getting feeling back... Looking up I see the muscular and fearsome creature carrying me off... The glass in this pod isn't too thick... If I applied just a little pressure in an area right...here... the combined pressure of him gripping the pod and me pushing myself I should... IT WORKED! The glass, it shattered! Instantly! The big creature is in awe, I practically leaped out rather than falling out in this moment! I'm barely hurt at all as well! I don't know what's happened but whatever it is I won't let this chance go wasted!...I'm gripping a few of the shattered pieces of what was once meant to bind me and already he's cowering, looking at me like some demon... I won't waste this either! Now, for all those who they're tormenting, I take blood with my own hands!

         Hah, these fools didn't know what's hit them...Nor do I really... I feel odd, but competent, I don't feel like myself... but I don't know how I should feel thus for all I know I'm a killing machine on my planet... If I even have a home planet. Still, now is not the time to worry about that, I've successfully assassinated my executioner and taken care of everything else... He was in shock and somehow I hit him in a vital, I didn't want to cut myself with the glass so I had to grip it in a way I couldn't jab very hard at all...but somehow I struck him and he was instantly dead... I decided to take advantage of that as well, I picked up a device obviously used for self-defense off him... It's not a very creative weapon though... It's a standard issue amplified light beam projector.. Where am I getting these things from? Still, I must continue... I decided to take his equipment...also some of his armor, at least as much I could decently fit into anyway, I'm rather thin in general as it would happen to be... Still, now I have enough to get me out of here...hopefully, I'm undetected since I managed to find his identification and vital scanners and hack into them, making it seem as if nothing happened... mostly anyway, I hacked into a device I knew nothing about...heck, I don't even know what hacking is entirely... But I think I'll have some time to get out of here...I think... The one thing I did was scrawl “21/7” in blood on the wall where my first opponent lay dead now... I'm taking full responsibility for what I'm doing here. I'm either going to free all these people and we shall stand united... or at least knowing what this is or I shall die alone, charged for what has happened by my hands... Now, I must find a way around this place before they find the body of this creature.

         Well, I'm thinking I've found my way around... I have the map practically imprinted into my brain now, I'm making my way through the area now, I'm gonna save all of those who were like me... I'll liberate them all... I can see the door in, I have a pass card from my first prey... It looks like I've made it... There's no security past the entry door, which just needed me to flash a few of the devices I stole. It probably doesn't matter, for as far as I can tell they have easy to understand technology to me... Now, now I'm in this room at last, but this time, from my eyes, unrestrained, armed... I plan on freeing them all now... The only problem is how to open these without setting off some defense mechanisms... I-I don't know a way to get through it really...I could easily puncture the glass of these pods but it would take forever to free them all, not the amount of time I have...and if I free-... “Hostile subject, holding room 277!” I hear a voice cry out in the doorway behind me... Obviously it's a worker there who's seen me wearing their armor, weapons...and blood on me. It looks like I would have to think fast...but I can't get anything! I'll have to flee...leaving these... SWEET MOTHER OF- They're not hesitating to try and strike me! They tossed explosives in here! I've made it out of the room...but I hear frantic voices... H-how did I know those were explosives?... This doesn't matter at all considering the splatters of blood outside the door now... I have to get out of here alive, I don't know what else to do but I have just wasted the lives of hundreds of those who are like me... I won't let these deaths go wasted...


         I-I can see it now, I'm in the hall into the ship bay, there's supposed to be a ton of things I can use to escape from here in that area. I'm running as fast as my slightly unadjusted-to-moving legs are letting me, dodging those dumb creatures and their attempts to damage me, and my armor seems to be able to take most of what else they try and kill me with. I'm almost there, I'm tiring out a little and this armor won't stand much more abuse... I'm almost there, hah! These foolish creatures, still chasing me like they can do something? I already have the technology in the area on my side...Before I was detected I did a little hacking to give myself a backup-plan...As soon as I get through their doors to the dock the door is going to close on them. That'll give me time to jack a low-level ship and escape, hopefully... I still have one of their weapons so it should also buy me some time...It's odd, I'm able to think on this level, even with my adrenaline rushing as I dodge fires from these creatures and their occasional physical attacks even... I never knew I could multi-task like this, my brain is running incredibly and yet I'm fine... Perhaps this is normal for me... Still, I've made it to the docking bay, almost totally unscathed, save a few minor burns that made it through this armor. It seems all is going according to plan currently, I made it into the docking bay alone and now they have to manage to open the door... Or break it down manually! Okay, maybe I should have seen this in advance, I'll have to grab the easiest to get ship I can find, and pray I can hold them off until the flight bay opens and lets me out.... This lander seems decent... it's definitely the bottom-rung on the ladder of their vehicles here, it's probably not even their technology (yes, this thing is almost more primitive than these creatons) I've already got it opened, good and easy...but they've almost got that door opened, as easy as I've done this... Perhaps...if I fire this light-ray gun at the door I can melt it so that it can compact and re-enforce itself a bit...The bay doors are still opening so I may as well try... The method's not too bad, I'm not sure how exactly I can tell where to shoot, after all, this is incredibly complex, but for the most part, I think it's working! The combination of thermal-ware and their banging fists though are definitely wearing down the door...The bay doors are opened only about halfway enough for me to escape...They're definitely breaking through... I think I should be able to make it out... I think, given I can hold them off and this thing can even take off and escape the artificial gravity here... The door is almost down... almost... I can see their bare hands ripping it open now! The door is down! Here they come! I just set the engines to warm up, ran back outside and now it looks like it's time to defend with everything I have! (well... that's just this light-ray gun but...) It looks like they're aren't a lot, it seems they aren't sending much after me after all. They probably think I'm inadequate for some reason or another... Still, I'm holding them off decently...I sure hope they have provisions on that ship though...or something... If I make this alive I don't know  if I'll make it very long if there's nothing in that ship I'm firing this gun to it's battery limits to defend... Speaking of which... If that door and engine aren't ready in a few more shots this could get risky... 2 bars of energy are left on it, I've not wasted a single shot yet! It looks like I've downed most of them but still...If this ship doesn't hold out from what they're about to tr against me I won't make it...My weapon's done! It looks like all there is to try and have my ship take off and hope it holds up...Well... as I see it I'll have about 30 seconds or so before they bash through the hull... and I'm fairly certain I can take off in 20 seconds... Well I guess this is it! I'm...barely feeling any tension now, even in what may be my final moments... I don't understand why I feel so calm, almost emotionless. It's odd, I'm like 2 different people, one person calculating everything now and tensing and the other half is just laying back and staying calm through it all...  Still, even so, this is it, do or die... Or do AND die... If this hatch doesn't open enough now I'll crash right into it, and severely damage my space-vessel at best, at least those idiotic monsters aren't clinging to my ship like leeches. Now I just have to hope time is on my side. I'm already going at their hatch, if it's not opened enough I'll either crash, hit the brakes and fall down, either crashing or giving them enough time to react and stop me... I'm reaching the bay doors... I'M NOT GONNA MAKE IT!!! W-WAIT! What if... I re attach the back up fuse to the main engine...then channel the addition thrust through the steering system and fire both left and right thrusters full-blast?... I'll have to work outside the ship and work fast, but it's my only chance!
         The air is cold on my face, rushing by, I'm working with my bare hands, I have no tools right now, I didn't grab any in my panic to do this, my hands are raw and bleeding, but I've almost got it done, in only 20 seconds! Is this supposed to go so fast? I even managed to balance outside my small vessel while I worked on it. I'm back inside now, and now a minute too soon, my bypass should have been manually overridden now... Yes! It was! The doors are closing again! I've only got a few seconds or else I'll either burn out the ship's energy core or the engines even... I'll only have about 0.1 seconds of error I can make with activating the full-throttle... Well... I-I think...NOW!!!......

         Now...I see freedom... They aren't coming after me, expecting me to die out here...It has begun.
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