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A bedtime story:Mrym is a blind girl with the gift of feeling the emotion in the colour.
There once was a blind little girl who's rich parents tried to pamper as much as they could, but she only liked to order white dresses and would spend the day colouring them ...

When asked she would say: "I can feel the colours ... each one is an emotion, I mix the emotions and spread them in pattern on the dresses... I like to know I'm wearing my feelings on the dresses even though I cannot see them myself."

True enough, the colours and patterns matched fantastically, being splashed in the same set of emotional states. Her help fought over her old dresses (for their daughters i suppose)...

One day Ashara, the most famous tailor in the land of Ebi (in which our little girl's father Obsey is a very influential man) brought his son Tred on his traditional visit to Obsey (tradition the two friends kept to talk business and play checkers while drinking the fine herbal tea Obsey's wife made.

Great Obsey's wife Shan was known for her herbal tea amongst all the wealthy of the land, her long soft white hair was also famous, although no one would dare compliment her on it in front of her husband without wearing heavy armour. Since this does not contribute to the story, let's move on to Tred, Ashara's son, who was considered a dreamy young boy in his entourage. Sadly though, he was deaf mute, but that would've mattered little, for the moment he saw the little blind wonder, who's pearly eyes complimented her white hair to the extent it made her mother's look like horse-feed (which no one would dare to admit to Obsey -armour or not), Tred would've found himself speechless anyway.

The little girl's name, as you might have guessed by now, was Mrym , and she made Tred's heart beat so fast the world felt still... and even to a deaf mute, that heart sounded like a drum that could send a message from one end to the other of the heavy Ebi jungle.
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