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Poem in syllabic meter written for the Dutchman's Monthly Challenge
Once there was strength. 
I remember it clearly,
As if it was only a moment ago.

Strength … and courage;
They were mine, I had owned them.
I was their master and they were my subjects.

I walked among strange peoples
speaking eloquence to those with ears to hear.

I remember,
but I cannot reproduce,
the strength and courage possessed in days gone by.

Was I blinded?
How else shall this I explain,
That strength and courage I did simply watch fade?

Darkness abounds.
Fear threatens to crush my soul,
while weakness points and laughs at attempted pride.

Demons of mine,
Fear and weakness have become,
Yet ownership has not been taken of me.

No more, I say,
No more shall I be afraid.
Never to cower again, I will stand tall.

I have returned
to claim what I once let go;
to restore my worth and glorify my soul!

There is fight left,
and battles still to be fought.
No white flag shall fly, no victory forfeit.

Courage be mine!
Strength, a strong wind at my back!
Forward I stride in unbridled conviction!

Written for The Dutchman's monthly challenge/contest

The Challenge:  Write a syllabic meter poem. The syllabic meter poem is based on the quantitative system. The quantitative system is based upon the counting of syllables only. You can use any syllable count as long as there is order to the form. Example: 5-6-5-6 or 6-7-6-7 per line. 10, 11, or 12 syllables per line or whatever you choose. You can rhyme or not rhyme. Whatever you prefer as long as there is a consistent syllable count per line and stanza.
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