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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1551944
The hunt is on and Hell is the target.
During a time where a battle between Heaven and Hell was fought, Prince Delinus, the leading soldier of the angels is murdered. His duty was to protect his castle as well as a special key that if in the possession of evil, can allow them entry into Heavens gates. Prince Delinus is resurrected by both the mythical Phoenix and the special key infused with the powers of both God and of the Devil to create a talisman that allows Delinus to become a powerful demon hunter. Upon defeating the demon warlord Majestic and his general Tavisto, Delinus is betrayed by the higher powers he had sworn to protect. Before he is cast away, he is informed that he will be reborn as a new hero, but without the memories of his past.

His reincarnated self is Brian, a full-time employee at an electronics store, is met by allies, Na’thal and Angel of his past self on his birthday and is given the talisman that contains his powers. At this moment, his former enemy Tavisto escapes his prison ready to exact his revenge. Tavisto meets Brian in a dream, but realizes that Delinus really is gone for good. Tavisto uses this to give himself a new reason to fight his new enemy, but the details remain unknown. At Brian’s birthday party, he collapses and is taken by Na’thal, his former trainer/bodyguard and Angel, his former fiancĂ©e. It is here where he is informed of his former life and what he must now do with it. Taking this information with a grain of salt, Brian leaves their home to return to his life of normalcy. While working, he and his girlfriend Patricia are attacked by demons sent by Tavisto. It is at this moment that his powers are restored and becomes X the demon hunter.

Needing further assistance with understanding his power, Brian meets Sanctity, a seductive vampire temptress who runs a nightclub, but actually more of a front to protect and accept other mythical beings / night creatures. It is here where she accepts his request and helps train him. After a brief discussion with her, Brian sees that Tavisto has arrived at the club in person to meet Brian face to face as well as anyone else who is at his aid. Brian suffers a quick defeat and it is here that Tavisto reminds Na’thal of their shared past. It is realized that Tavisto was actually a human who was trained to fight alongside Na’thal and Delinus. Brian, unaware of this revealed history, regains consciousness and leaves the club in anger as he comes to understand that getting back to his old life might be as easy as he thought it would be.

Sanctity, sharing her sympathy, consoles Brian. Brian advises her of his memory that Sanctity was actually the first love to Prince Delinus, but was shunned when there was word that she was getting help from a witch to win his heart. Brian realizes that he has to do something to end this new war, for he is the only one who can. The demon lord Majestic located Tavisto in hopes to obtain his freedom from his prison and makes it known that the only way is for X to use large amounts of his demonic power to do so.

During a training session, Sanctity fearfully sees two things in Brian. He possesses a demonic power that if left unchecked, could become more dangerous than the devil and while transformed, a different personality emerges which are actually his deep emotions and intentions amplified. Tavisto has a discussion with Brian later on at a rooftop to discuss their fate. It is here that Tavisto makes Brian aware of the information that he was never informed. By reclaiming his power, he has restarted the war between heaven and hell and by doing so, he can never die until the war is over. Now faced with a new hurdle in his plan of getting his life back, Brian learns of another person in his past life, Tale, a strategist who had a hidden agenda of trying to make a demon power his own. Brian is later confronted by two of Tavisto’s soldiers who express the fact that the more he fights in anger unchecked the more his demonic power takes over and the only way to stop it is to confront Tavisto.

Patricia is kidnapped by Tavisto in a plot to get Brian to fight him. Once Brian realizes that his girlfriend has been taken, Tavisto finally makes known the truth of his past. Tavisto and Prince Delinus were actually brothers. Tavisto was actually Tale. Tale made a deal with Majestic and trapped Delinus to kill him with his own hands in the hopes of becoming a demon soldier. Brian now has no other choice, but to fight Tavisto in order to save his girlfriend. Before their battle, Tavisto makes Brian aware that the war is a lot worse than he thought. Brian is pushed to the limit and his demonic power begins to take over and in doing so, releases Majestic from his prison. Majestic kills Brian while celebrating his escape, but is cut short as Brian is brought back to life from his power and defeats Majestic. Na’thal and Angel arrive to help Brian escape with Patricia, but Majestic, who has now become a demon spirit, tries to bring everyone to hell with him. Brian sacrifices himself in order to save his friends and at the last scene shows Brian overlooking the city acknowledging what has to be done as he senses demons throughout the streets.

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