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What I think women find important in a man.
Women are funny creatures, and I'm afraid I have to apologize for the puzzling mindset that we so often display.  The great thing about getting dating advice from someone like me is that I have nothing to hide, all my tricks worked!  I'm a happily married woman who wants to share her insight into the female mind with men who are serious about attracting a woman.  What do women want in a man?  Well, it's easier to figure out than you think, and I can help you.

The single most important thing a man needs to get a girls attention is confidence.  A woman wants to know that she is with a man that's strong and self-assured.  Make no mistake though; cockiness is not the same thing as confidence.  A great way to show confidence is to not be afraid to talk to a woman.  Let your personality come out, and never hide yourself from a woman you're trying to meet.  I still find it sexy that my husband is an open, approachable person it makes me feel relaxed around him, and keeps the attraction strong.  All the girls I've ever talked to love confidence in a man.

Strength is a major attraction for most women, but I'm not talking about the physical kind.  A strong man believes in himself, and has confidence in his actions.  Women are attracted to men that cast a positive vibe, if a man complains too much it's a major turn off because it makes them look weak.  Everybody has insecurities, but what defines the strong from the weak is the ability to overcome.  This doesn't mean that you can't open up to a women about insecurities you may have, but that comes later in the relationship.  One of the biggest mistakes a man can make on the first few dates is to complain about his life.

To be sexually attractive to a woman you don't have to be a male model, no worries!  Sex appeal is something that comes from within.  If the hottest man alive is a complete jerk he's going to be single forever!  A man that takes care of himself is sexy, and a man that takes pride in his appearance is a gem.  Men that appear strong and confident exude a presence when they walk into a room, it's comforting to women and that's why it's so sexy. 

If you feel like you're not attractive physically I have a few tips that will help you out.  Every time that you go out of the house take a shower, even if you haven't done anything physical all day.  A man that's recently gotten out of the shower smells fresh and has radiant skin, trust me women love this.  Take good care to wash your hands a few times a day and keep the dirt out from under your nails.  Using a simple tooth whitening system can really brighten your smile, which is one of the first things a woman will notice.  Try using cologne in moderation, just enough so that you can smell it, but not so much as to chase people away.

Clothes don't make the man, but the way he wears them does.  Honestly, women don't care if your shirt cost twenty dollars or two-hundred.  It's how you wear it that counts.  Does your outfit match?  And by match I mean look nice all together, an outfit never needs to be all the same color.  Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and you can look in the mirror and point out some positive things.  Pumping yourself up with a positive attitude goes further than expensive clothes will ever get you.

I hope that my advice has helped you.  I'm so tired of hearing my friends complain about men that they've met that could be great guys, but they just need a little guidance.  Everybody has to start somewhere, and I hope that after reading this you start with your self-esteem and confidence in talking to women.  I'm in the process of finishing my book, and I've got some videos up as well.  Take a minute and tell me what you think!  You're no longer going to be asking yourself, "What do women want in a man?"


My boss has given me the reins to start writing a book about relationships.  I'd love any criticism!  I'm still new at this and I want to be sure and do a good job.
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