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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1552468
A boy and three of his friends go and fight the ultimate evil.
“MOM! Have you seen my math notebook anywhere lately.” Harris Morton yelled across the hall to his mom who was doing laundry. “I’m sorry honey I haven’t seen it at all today.” “Okay, thanks. Where could that stupid thing be?” Harris looked in his room, in his parent’s room, in the den. “ Harris have you found your textbook yet?” “No.” He replied. “Did you look in your desk yet?” “Ah-h-h, I feel so stupid!” Then he ran up to his room and looked in the top drawer and for sure, it was there.
“Mom what’s for dinner tonight.” He asked his mom when he was finished his home work.” Mrs. Morton replied “Curry rice, egg rolls, and stir fry pork.” “When will it be finished?” “Right about” BOOM! There was a giant explosion and before the smoked cleared, Mrs. Morton knew who it was. “Harris get in the car NOW!” “Bu-t” “No questions just go!’ then Harris and his mom ran for the 2009 black Camero that was parked in front of the house. As soon as Harris and his mom got in the car he could finally see what was chasing them, it was a giant Cerberus except instead of three dog heads it had one dog head, one wolf head and one panther head. “Mom, what is that thing?” “It’s the Jadeema it was created by Hades himself to terrorize all of the heroes that it can pursue.” As soon as she finished the sentence Mrs. Morton put the Camero into drive and slammed the brakes.
Every single time Harris looked back, he thought in the next two minutes they were going to be the Jadeema’s lunch but through a lot of defensive driving (you never would’ve thought that Harris’s mom failed her drivers ed test twelve times) they actually made it from San Diego (their home town) to Seattle. “Mom, where are we going?” Harris asked his mom. “We’re almost there. We’ll be there in about two minutes, five tops.” They were following the speed limit now because the Jadeema had gone left when they kept going straight somewhere in Sacramento. Neither Harris nor his mom fell asleep and neither of them was even tired.
“We’re here.” Mrs. Morton said as the car slowed to a halt. “Where are we Mom?” Harris said his voice quivering. His mom had partially opened the door when she noticed that Harris was just sitting in the passenger seat quivering. “Come on Harris we’ll be safe here. I grew up here, this is your father’s dojo for demigods, that’s why he never comes for holidays he has to always be here teaching the demigods and he’s ... he’s um how do I say this, your grandfather... is Zeus.” For the next hour or so they just sat down in the car and Mrs. Morton (Carrie) explained to Harris how his real name was Harristus based on the god of the forges Hephaestus who was also his father, that the reason that his dad always leaves when winter starts is because of the Council of the Gods is held at the winter solstice, that all the hate mail coming from Greece was Hephaestus’ ex-wife Aphrodite complaining talking about he’s a two-timing jerk even though the reason he divorced her was because she was getting infatuated with Ares, and a whole lot of crazy stuff. When she started, Harris had barely believed her like this was some lame excuse to go to his grandfather’s house (which he hated to do because it was always thunder storming) but as she went more into detail he knew that even his mom could not make all that stuff up. When she finished they, both got out of the car and walked towards the dojo.
When they were about five yards away from entering the dojo an average sized man in a white tank top with bermuda shorts and sandals. “Carrie, how’re you doing you usually call before you come, I was rushing to clean up the house-“ Right then Carrie cut Zeus off and said, “Zeus, he knows the reason that we came up here was because we were running from the Jadeema, it just bounded through the wall of my kitchen while I was making dinner.” The look on Zeus’s face was surprise mixed in with anger and fear. Without saying a word he ran into his “house” and he heard some bustling, crashing, and yelling and when all went quiet there was a kind of a swirling in the air and the house turned into a three story high dojo with twelve smaller dojo in a half-circle around the back of the main dojo. “Whoa!” Harris said in complete and utter amazement. Then Zeus walked up to Harris and said, “Come with me I’m going to show you where you are going to stay, Carrie you know where to stay.” “I’ll see you later honey follow Grandpa, he’s going to take you to your cabin, that’s where you’re going to stay while we’re here.” Grandpa led me to a dojo with a symbol above the door that has a circular backdrop with a hammer striking down on a sword that is on an anvil. “This is where you’re going to be staying during your time here Harris. I know that this all may be very strange for you to be in this situation, and I hope that our accommodations are to your liking dinner will be in two hours by then I hope that you would’ve met all of the people in your cabin or at least of made some friends, well I’m off, I’ve got to go make sure that dinner is being made at the correct pace if you have any questions ask your cabin mates.” “Hey! Whoa are you? I’ve never seen you around here,” said a kid who was standing in front of a cabin with a lightning bolt above the door. “Are you new here or something” the person said as Harris walked past the cabin. “Well, huh are you I have some power over lightning and I’m not afraid to shock you.” The kid ran up in front of Harris getting in his way. “ I’m Zeus’s first demigod child so you really should show me some respect, and if you don’t show me some respect then I’ll show you my fist.”
“How bout you get out of my way before I make you move.” The other child had a surprised look on his face like no one had stood up to him before (because no one ever had). After a few seconds of them staring at each other on face surprised the other determined Harris pushed the “Zeus child” (which he just realized must then be his uncle) and walked into the cabin. When he opened the door to his cabin he expected to see big muscle bound dudes that could turn him into mulch in about two seconds and could bench-press five-hundred lbs. and lift a school bus with there legs at the same time but when he looked in on them he saw that they have the same build as him small, and scrawny.

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