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by Dave
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...in the springtime.
In springtime, Mother Nature starts to play
with colors, replacing the dreary gray
in the sky with a much more vibrant blue.
She soaks the grass in an emerald hue,
celebrating spring in her special way.

She splashes pigments across the landscape
with a grand flourish that leaves me agape.
They’re in the gorgeous sunrise when I wake;
they’re in the water lilies on the lake
and the redolent honeysuckle cape.

April showers bring rainbow refractions,
and May flowers are always attractions.
A peacock, proudly strutting for his mate,
joins others in their quest to propagate
through a round of colorful interactions.

Majestic Monarch butterflies, flitting
over a golden meadow befitting
royalty, soon attract my attention,
taking me to another dimension
with imagination interknitting.

The colors of spring are everywhere.
The spirit of springtime is in the air,
bringing a very welcome infusion
of vitality, like a transfusion
of lifeblood required for the soul’s repair.

It’s in the sunset at the end of day;
it’s in my bowl of crawfish etouffe’e
and the slice of key lime pie on my plate,
leaving my dampened spirits in a state
of exuberance by the end of May.

A Poem a Day Trophy
February 17, 2012

30 lines

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