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by Isreal
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Should we have gay marrage?
                                        Gay Marriage

  I have been hearing a lot about gay marriage in the press lately, and there has been a lot of Christians on one side, and gay s on the other, and the one question that keeps coming up is, “ What harm does it do to you if your neighbor is gay, how does that harm you? But no one seems to have the answer. Well that’s not me, I have it straight in my head. So I will spell it out for you, but before I go into that you must understand this. “I am not against gay marriage, in fact I want you to flaunt it in the streets, I want you to make it a law, have gay day, get proud, mock God, spit in his face, say to yourselves God will do nothing be it good or bad.” Why you say?  Because this is what will bring on the wrath of God, and when the destruction comes you will claim that it did not come from God. But that’s ok because it will be your destruction non the less.

  Now how does that effect me? Because when God sends the rain, he sends it on the righteous and the unrighteous alike, and the reverse is true, if he withholds the rain we all do without the rain together. Like wise if God sends war upon the land, we all suffer the same fate, Gods people die right be side those who claim not to believe in God. In other words if you live in my town and God says, “ That town is to be destroyed,” then there is nothing I can do to save even my own home, I may escape with my life, but I will most likely lose everything thing I have.

  Surely there where Christians living in New Orleans when it was destroyed, this is just the facts. But I am more like Lot, and this nation is more like Sodom and Gomorrah, and I’m just waiting for him to say leave. So let us bring on the wickedness, bring on the madness, let us call good bad and bad good. I’m getting ready my little twisted sisters!   

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