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Regardless of your species, some lessons are universal! (Adult Humor)
A Husband's Lament

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I saw her standing there and thought "What is that thing?
Could it be a tampon tail?  How embarrassing!"

But as I looked I thought, perhaps, "a lady with some class?
Could the latest fashion be flossing of one's ass?"

It was then she turned around. It was my wife standing there!
She said "What do you think of my fashion underwear?

It's the latest haute couture and it's called a thong."
My first mistake was mumbling "I think it's just plain wrong!"

Suddenly I felt a stare, like a thousand hostile eyes,
and what followed next should not have come as a surprise.

Her eyes got small and hard, not difficult for her,
and my horny angel charged; the world began to blur.

Luckily the waterhole was soft and broke my fall.
Funny, that's the last thing that I can recall.

Learn from my mistake. Never refer to a woman's waist.
And no matter what's she's wearing, it's always in good taste.

I guess there is a bright side. I see this as a boon.
I've added to my knowledge...
                                          ...and I should recover soon.


My April entry for "INSPIRATIONS [E]
Prompt: 6. a thousand hostile eyes
Form: Couplets

I saw this picture online and couldn't resist... Hmmm seems to be a theme *Laugh*

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