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Excerpt from The Day Keeper
“The universe is open and; my mind surges  through it.  I sail through the rivers of space and time, I can see its ebbs and flow I can feel its currents, they run through and over me: Saturating me, as i navigate its course through countless aeons,

I am not alone there are others.  They are the ancient, the guardians of the physical, and my guides through this place, my teachers as I experience this existence.  They guard over me and not only now, it has always been so.  When it began I was a child. I had a mother who loved me. I had friends and I went to school. I laughed and I played.I was human. I didn’t know then  there where evil men  watching me.That even before I was born that they had set events in motion, that would lead me here. They  began with my mother.”

September 1970:  “ I do understand how important these test are; But she’s my daughter.” His lab coat rustled as the scientist walks toward, Johnathan Liam putting his hand on his shoulder.  “John every things going to be fine, I’m going to personally do the gene graph; our guest say that, if this succeeds we could jump start nothing less than the next step in human evolution.  She will not even remember this happening, thats why we agreed  to use such a young child.” John’s throat tightened as he forced the words to come out  “alright do it, please don’t let anything happen to her.” Her eyes fluttered open as her father smiling looks down at her, “hi daddy.” she whispers.  gently stroking her red hair  “hi baby, I love you Kimberly.”

Stumbling for the light in the darkened room, The scientist rushes to reach the ringing phone. “how did it go?” The voice on the line ask his impatience evident in his dusky tone.  “As expected, the graph was successful now we just have to wait and see.” the scientist says as he reaches for the coffee pot on the counter “keep a close watch on her, and make sure she is brought into the group, when the time is right.  We can’t afford any mistakes; theres too much at stake. we are now prepared to start phase two; the construction of the new base is almost finished, soon S5 will be operational.

December 1975:  Kim gazed at the craft as it silently floated over ; stoping directly over her.she as if she was floating as the light surrounded her.She could feel the beam pulling at her tickling her sides as she was lifted into the craft; “the changes have been stopped, but not removed, we must wait, and observe, but this one is not the Keeper of Days.” She heard a voice say ,as her vision dimmed and she found herself  in her room.

December 1997:  “lieutenant, Liam Report to colonel Hatfield immediately you have new orders.”The voice on the intercom said grumpily.  “Yes sir I’m on my way” lieutenant Liam responds smartly.

Her mind filled with thoughts of what this new assignment would be and why she was being transferred so close to her due date.  The Sargent stood saluting sharply “Ma’am the colonel is expecting you please go in.” the office was paneled in dark mahogany the huge high back leather chair looked like a throne where a king would sit and hold court. The walls lined with bookcases and awards; the colonel was built like and Athlete his auburn hair cut tight to his scalp, which gave him freighting appearance. He stood looking out the window turning as lieutenant Liam walked in “Sir lieutenant Liam reporting as ordered” she said snapping to attention.  “Ah lieutenant good your here.

You have been requested for a special project. I don’t know all the details but it is a big opportunity I suggest you take it.  I need you to sign this security form before we can discuss it further, Feel free to read it. basically it says you are not to discuss this assignment with anyone, it takes effect immediately and is enforceable for twenty years.” The colonel explains “Its pretty standard with Grey operations.” “Yes sir I understand Sir.” lieutenant Liam says as she signs.  “one more thing, stand up lieutenant.”  jumping to her feet.  “Yes sir” reaching into his desk the colonel picks up a small black box “as required for minimum rank to participate in your new assignment I hereby promote you to captain with all rights and responsibility of the rank, congratulations.” a small smile crossed the colonels face as he removed the silver lieutenants bar from her epaulet and replaced them with the double silver bar of a Captain “now down to business you are to report to the commander at

Nellis Air force base Nevada in one week.  Thats all I can tell you captain. Good luck and its been a pleasure serving with you.” “you are dismissed” Capitan Liam stood saluted and allowed a smile to cross her face as she walked out the door.  The large yellow envelope lay on her desk it was addressed to Captain Kimberly Liam U.S.A.F. And in red letters printed across the envelope the words Top secret.

February 1998 :  Captain Liam stopped her car at the door of the base hospital, just as the contraction began the pain sent waves of nausea streaming through her body, Struggling from the car to the door of the emergency room.  “Help I’m in labor” she shouts as she collapses on the floor.  Quickly she is picked up and placed in a wheelchair and taken to maternity.  “Congratulation captain it’s a healthy baby boy.  Any idea what you will name him?” the nurse ask as she hands the baby to Captain Liam” yes I am going to name after his father Ben.” “where is his father ?” the nurse says Checking the captains vital signs.  “turning away as a tear begins rolling down her cheek, “he was killed, in the war.” “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked” the nurse says softly “Its OK.  Now ill always have part of him with me”Captain Liam says looking down at the baby in her arms.

February 1998:  It stuttered and stalled, its lights strobed white, to yellow, then green as the ship was again struck by the light beam, the craft creaked and buckled falling headlong from the sky, crashing in the toiyabe forest cracking and erupting as it tumbled across the ground, at last coming to rest its once cylindrical shape now unrecognizable, its silver outer shell turning black, as a deep wailing ripples from the wreckage as if the ship itself were dying, The rumble of the trucks engines cut through the night as they raced headlong towards the crash site, men jumping from the trucks, forming perimeters around the crash, he stepped from the truck his perfectly chiseled features apparent even in the darkness, his suit black and exactingly tailored, “OK lets get this cleaned up leave nothing”, he shouts walking towards the craft, the cube that lay amongst the wreckage, called to him pulling him to it, its engraved side filled with symbols and yellow glow, transfixed him, he reaches for the cube as a dull humming begins in his mind and grows to a crescendo making his bones vibrate painfully.  “This is not for you the voice cut through his mind, you are not the Keeper of Days.” The tall man pushed the thought from him, standing just as the flash of light cut through him, searing pain assaulted his body like waves of the sea ebbing then returning at greater strength, his jaw and cheek exploded as his world went dark.  He awoke to find himself broken and his face ruined, A man stood over him.”I’m General Hampton, and we need to discuss what happened out there.  I have seven dead bodies I have to explain.” ‘The cube did they get the cube?” the tall man whispered.


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