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by Bruce.
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Tales of long ago. Rhyme.
The Wizard.

Oh listen child, the wizard tells, of times whereon my memory dwells.
Of days gone by, so long ago, and places where I used to go.
Sun always shone, sky always blue, love and joy were breaking through.
But sometimes love would turn away, and wickedness would come our way.

The evil knights, up to no good, had to be dealt with, like they should.
With battles fought and victories gained, to make sure that the peace remained.
And dragons that were swiftly slain, so folks could roam the land again.
To drink some liquid at the inns, where joy was rife, but so were sins.

And minstrels sang their happy songs, to rid the world of all its wrongs.
And pirate ships were on the seas, sending music on the breeze.
And maidens danced so merrily, so many came to dance with me.
But I’m no wizard that’s the truth, these are but stories from my youth.
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