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Pyrrhus vents his frustration
The Exasperation of Pyrrhus

Tonight, there’s a great deal I could have told you,
But your outrageous emotions would betray us all.
I should be grateful that your discontent awakens me.
That your speech leaves reason stupefied in disbelief.
That your malice, tortures to death ,the tiding of all truth.
I pity your blindness, still groping those terrible times;
Filled with the pain of memories that need no reminder.
But how you do revel in your self pity and half truth!
I concede that it’s a dark brew of recollections,.
but they are as counterfeit on one hand as real on the other;
and not half so bad as you forever keep reminding yourself.
Believe me, that there’s no evil, imagination can’t promote
and no fear greater than the counsel we serve ourselves.
So, having taken vent of your self-righteous malice.
And felt hostility’s breath, upon the brow of convenience;
Allow me to introduce you, to the most dreadful wonder.
To liberate your spirit from the shackles of conscience
And rescue hopelessness from the chains of despair.
Behold, that beneath your unending specter of gloom
lies the wonder of things, you never thought possible
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