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Based on a true happening in Louisianna
He will not be part of a price slashing sale,
Norman the Nutria with his long rat-like tail.
Down in Abbeville, Norman lived in Wal-Mart,
where he made panhandling somewhat of an art.
The pet rodent lived in the grocery storeroom,
where leftover vegetables he would consume.

On that faithful day Ms. W came to shop,
Crazy old Norman began to run and hop.
The poor lady, choosing some cabbage
and mistook the rat's playfulness for rage.
Her panic attack made her trip and fall down,
upsetting her buggy, scattering produce around.

A call of rage once again went out far and wide.
"Clean up Wal-Mart! Get rid of the rat!" they decried.
"Send the beast back to the swamps and Bayou,
then give us some money, we are going to sue!"
Alas Norman should never have visited the store,
because nutria aren't welcomed anywhere anymore.
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