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by Owi
Rated: E · Critique · Philosophy · #1555233
A piece on Jakie Arklöv, a black Swedish neo-nazi
Weep child and dry your eyes only when you want to see. Morn because our mother cries for me, but she wails for you ... A blessed soul now so lost ... The alternative end to the tragedy of the mental gypsy ... The ending where the gypsy never finds his Atlantis, never finds a place to call home ... The ending where the gypsy is forced to accept the inferior mentality of the superficial city ...

Weep child for as much as you might not like it, the truth is you are an integral part of it and instead of hailing Hitler, you are better off Hailing HIM Selassie. Our mother had sons and daughters of great achievement, but she still worries more about the the renegade elements within her offspring ... The kids that left home and just never came back ... Home is home blood ... And your home will always be there for you ... I call my struggle a complex tragedy which i try to document in order to make sense out of a seemingly senseless situation ... However, the complexity of your struggle dwarfs my tragedy for yours is a tragedy left unchecked ... It is a catastrophe

As i reflect on events from the past to present, I see the tribulations of man have very common characteristics. The response of men on the other hand is very very different. A tragedy, when discovered early can probably be contained with a significant amount of determination. If we however let the tragedy of any situation to get out of hand, we will be left to the mercy of our inner demons who are determined to destroy us at all cost ... Yes, we are determined to destroy our own selves and If we are left to the mercy of our own selves then the end is inevitably destruction ... Weep child, for that is the Jackie Arklöv story ... The death of a tragedy and the birth of a catastrophe ... :-C
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