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My basic setting ideas for a horror.
The small, quiet and uneventful town of ….. lies in the desolate region of the Lake District. The people of this town live in the ways of a simple life; they live without certain new technologies such as computers. Although every family had a phone only a handful of citizens possess mobiles, mainly as the reception was terrible nearly everywhere in the town, only having a few spots where minimum signal was available. Most of the residents owned a family car, not any new makes of vehicles, mostly just simple, older makes which can be easily fixed and maintained by the local mechanic. Whom is the closest thing to a professional mechanic they have.

When the founders of this now almost barren town first settled, their first, now the towns’ oldest, building was constructed so that its residents and their future generations could forever look out over the lake. Now known as Oak-Rivers Lake; the founders of the town were captured by its beauty the moment it came into their view. It was named Oak-Rivers due to that the lake was naturally yet perfectly framed by beautiful and plentiful Oak trees and the petite brooks and the fresh water springs that ran down from the surrounding valleys into it. As far as the town’s history goes back has the lake has never flooded badly, occasionally it has burst it banks, like with any large lake when theirs been heavy rainfall. Apart from those rare occasions, the lake has managed to keep up equilibrium with itself. As the decades passed, more building were erected and the hamlet soon became a village. The process of expansion of this hamlet took many years, decades even. Before the gradual growth, the hamlet did not have a name as it was seen by the founding families as their land, their settlement, their little slice of heaven on earth therefore it didn’t need a name. But when other travellers stumbled upon this bliss and too wanted to share this amazing place, it was mutually decided by the founders that a name was needed to be given and a sort of hierarchy needed to be put in place. It was at this point the first town records were written, when the town became inhabited by others

Im really looking for any feedback on my ideas: ways to improve, where i could go with it.

Thanks in advance


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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1555345