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by Jaiam
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A Religious Poem about the symbolic meaning of events (past and future) on Hill Golgotha.
Digital image of three crosses on a hill, done in high illumination.



There, up on that Hill Golgotha,
Hangs JESUS CHRIST and two thieves.
The thieves - in punishment for sin.
CHRIST - in punishment for men!

One thief asks in deepest anguish,
“Pardon MASTER, for I have faith.”
The other - angry; vain; and prideful;
Rejects the gifts of CHRIST that day.

It is as if mankind was present
And, by these thieves, represented.
There, upon that Hill Golgotha.
There, on one side or the other.


Time has passed on into ages.
As have all the generations.
Again, upon that Hill Golgotha,
Is this JESUS, SON of Man.

Now, all sons of Adam and Eve’s daughters,
Stand before this LORD divine.
HE knows all truth and each soul’s story.
HE reads each heart and what’s inside.

Some cry out, some beg for pardon.
But, even now, some still defy.
Then, in twinkle of an eye most holy,
All stand judged - for all of time.

Yet, also flow grace, hope and pity,
Forgiveness and redeeming love.
Flow they all like Heaven’s mercy,
Streaming from the side of CHRIST.

Any wishing, may embrace HIM,
GOD’s great gift to all mankind.
Any wishing may reject HIM,
Truly, all must now – DECIDE!


Long have Earth and Heaven waited.
Long has justice been restrained.
But no longer, for Golgotha,
Has become man’s judgment place.

JESUS CHRIST, this Lamb and Lion,
Man and Savior, Priest and King.
Has judged all with rod of iron,
Perfect justice, Heaven sent.

Some depart to joys eternal
To inherit crowns of gold,
Saved by faith and love celestial
And by grace from Heaven’s throne.

Others - angry, vain, and prideful,
Reject CHRIST at the greatest cost.
Depart they to torment eternal,
Forever damned, forever lost.

Yes, there upon that Hill Golgotha,
Three empty crosses; symbols to man.
One stands for faith; one for rejection;
And one - for Sacrificial LAMB!

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