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My Digressive Mind
Discontentedly I stand with this enriched knowledge, no return for redemption.

There's nothing there, and there's nothing left, but I don't mind...I don't mind...

Here I am again, dying today, dying "tomrow".

Envoking revenge, motive by moment.

No one was there,so I live alone.

Withstanding years of devastation, I struggle on bequeath them.

These humans interact to create and react.

Personalize this pain, loathing the mirror.

Truly alone and peacefully opaque.

Living this angry, dwelling past has passed.

Still I denounce this in her, still I engorge this pain.

You're living life now, I'm living in the already known.

I want to write about you, despite the infection within.

Chalking up another, lets blame our mothers.

Breathing in fumes we reduce and reuse.

Searching for alchemy, awaiting resilient bravery.

Love left lies, vow by vow I am breaking down.

This terra imbued with our cadaver, awaiting its exhaustion.

Who's exigence has prodigal need for this final sanctified memorialized resting place?
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