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You can indoctrinate some gullible people to believe in terrorism. But, who equips them?
Terrorism: " An aftermath of cold war"

Have you ever wondered why there is terrorism on this earth? Where does it come from? Who equips the terrorists?

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. Earlier it was at 'SURA-ASURA'  level. God used  to; come on to this earth in human form or used to send his own son or some faithful; to deal with the situation. Now it is for the super- powers to come 'to the aid of the party'. Apart from running their own countries it is mandatory for them to manage the affairs of other countries. If the other countries are somehow running smoothly, Super Powers are duty-bound to create a job for themselves.

There are, always.some people in all the societies who are made to think by religious leaders or politicians that there is 'someone' else responsible for their miseries. So,

these miserable people are led to return-back the miseries to so called 'responsible' ones..

Yes. You can  indoctrinate some gullible people into terrorism. But who will equip them? Naturally, the big brother. It is for the big brother to see that we all have a, level, ground. It is more tempting and enjoyable, for the big brother, if the people being helped belong to some other nation. This tactics is termed as COLD WAR.

So, we have someone equipping these gullible people with munitions of war against their own state. Till this stage, these gullible people are called Insurgents.

If later at some stage the big brother wants to 'pull-out'  leaving those gullible people high and dry, they may not like it. So, they will turn their barrels against the big brother itself. From now on these gullible ones will be labelled as 'Terrorists'.

And the big bother, in order to save his own skin, joins the global effort to tackle the terrorism. This game is going on for ages.

If  nations are truly interested in dealing with the terrorism, they have to be honest to themselves, first.

The guns, bombs,grenades,rocket launchers,radio sets and money the terrorist are using belong to big nations. It is produced in their ordnance factories. Can not they plug it?  Are these nations so stupid and incompetent that they do not know what is happening to the equipment produced in their own factories?

This hypocrisy must stop. Everything else will set itself right at its own.

Any takers????????
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