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Assignment: sit outside and watch the sunset; describe your experience using imagery
At about 6:30, my stomach still full from dinner, I climbed the stairs to my roof deck, hoping to catch a glimpse of the setting sun before it ducked out of sight. Sitting myself down on the tacky shingles, I was barely level with the crowns of the lofty trees that surround the house and had trouble getting a clear view of the sky. Certainly it would have been nearly impossible to see anything from the ground. The green leaves have faded, a harbinger of autumn and all its accompanying colors, and the sun’s reflection painted them with golden hues.

Through the clusters of tree trunks I could see the neighbors jumping on their trampoline, laughing and yelling out. A dog barked in the distance, and I could make out the faint hum of a lawnmower carrying out what I assumed would be the last cut of the season.  As the minutes passed and the sun crept closer to the horizon, its color deepened to a rich orange, illuminating the sky encircling it.

Before long the blue sky darkened, and only sliver of fiery light could be seen. The once-white clouds now donned shades of violet and rose, creating a subtle contrast with the weakening backdrop. The birds’ chirping quieted, making way for the nocturnal crickets’. Along with the sun went its gentle warmth, leaving me with a chill and a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  A glance at my cell-phone revealed that it was already 7:15. I couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone, but knowing there was much left to do before the night was up, I took one last glance at the skyline and went back inside.

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