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The final act of my play. Read the entire thing for better understanding.
Scene Eight: Rising Epiphany

Curtain: A Textoverdian street scene, midmorning. (Set of Scene One) Victoria stumbles out, looking exhausted; Clairesse follows, well rested and ready for the day. Robert escorts them with a secretive smile.

Clairesse: That was some party, Victoria! You stayed up even later than I did…. And I was up until sunrise. Do you do things like this normally, Robert?

Robert: No, not in the least. That was the first party I’ve attended… well, since my post-graduation bash a few years ago.

*Victoria stumbles and falls*

Clairesse: Are you alright?

Victoria: Just sleepy… I need to up my caffeine intake. I could sure do with a coffee right now.

Robert: You should have told me before we left. Cyra always brews a cup or two in the morning. But, I suppose we’ve already been kicked out.

Clairesse: Yes. I’m surprised we stayed as long as we did. Mrs. Alabaster seemed a bit too respectable to keep up shop all night like she did for us.


Clairesse: Isn’t that right, Victoria?

Victoria: *yawn* Oh, what? Yes, it was. I mean… she did seem to be quite a pleasant person. However, she seemed a bit suspicious to me.

Clairesse: What do you mean?

Victoria: Didn’t you see the children there?

Clairesse: Yes.

Robert: Ah… no.

Victoria: Well, they all seemed to look like the Turquoise Salamanders. Heard of them, darlings?

Clairesse: Yes, you told me about them yesterday. I don’t have the memory span of a gold-fish, you know.

Victoria: Well, I not being entirely stupid have made a revelation. Cyra, quaint though she may be, is harboring the Turquoise Salamanders after they killed Gregory yesterday. Ergo, we could get quite a bit of change if we turned them in.

Robert: What!?!?! No, they’re just children! Spare them. Spare Cyra—she’s old and feeble. They can’t do you any harm.

Victoria: Well, neither could the Aurums I’ll receive in reward. And what of the rest of your friends, Robert? Those bratty kids’ plans couldn’t have been quite so successful on their own. They must be crime bosses! I bet you’re one of them too! See, Clairesse, I told you I wasn’t stupid.

Clairesse: But… they were so nice to us! Surely the Council must be wrong. You couldn’t abuse those children and make them steal from others, could you, dear Robert?

Robert: Verily, I couldn’t… In fact, I’d take a few in if my college would let me. I may be guilty of many things Victoria, but none of which you have spoken.

Victoria: Really? We shall let the Council decide. GUARDS!!!

*enter troop of the Council’s guard, followed by Eithne*

Guard One: Sir, yes…. mam?

Eithne: Victoria, so you found them. I’m quite proud of you. Where are the traitors?

*Victoria points to Robert*

Victoria: Well, he’s one of them. Also, Clairesse is definitely a sympathizer.

Clairesse: What? I’m innocent!

Eithne: Really? We shall see. Come.

*troop of guards surround Clairesse and Robert, the latter fighting, the former stunned*
*Eithne tosses bag of coins to Victoria*

Eithne: Enjoy it Victoria…. It will be your final paycheck. *cackles*

Victoria: Yay! *opens bag* *snake slithers out and bites her* Aaagh! This won’t buy a new pair of shoes! *falls down, dead*

Eithne: *picks up bag* True, but I hope you like my heels. *exit entire cast of characters*
Scene Nine: Betrayal of Senses

Curtain: Garden where Juliet and Christopher met, day. CHRISTOPHER sits on the bench, in deep contemplation.

Christopher: I wonder what everyone’s so worked up about. Also, my memory of last night is rather garbled. I remember something about a rather nice girl waiting for her grandmother…. But I had some suspicions about the child. What were they? Who was she? Does this have anything to do with the critical alarm that has been pulled over the complex? Ugh… Why is my head so fuzzy?

*enter FIRE LORD*

Fire Lord: Ah, Christopher… I see you have been in deep meditation. May I interrupt you?

Christopher: *bows deeply* My lord, forgive me for my informality. I had not the slightest idea that you were coming. What may I do to serve you?

Fire Lord: Nothing. Sit. *both sit* Now, my boy, sources have informed me that something unusual happened to you last night. Something.... out of the ordinary, you might say.

Christopher: No, sir. I was on the graveyard shift as usual as it was a Thursday, and I did my job. Not a soul came along.

Fire Lord: Not even… a child? Younger that you, perhaps eleven? I believe she had long brown hair, braided back, with hazel eyes.

Christopher: No… well, yes, but I don’t know how to explain it.  My memory is fading in and out, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Her name was Annaa Graham, sir. She seemed quite sensible.

Fir Lord: Well, I can tell you this. Her name wasn’t Annaa Graham. It was Juliet Rhodes, and she is working to overthrow the Council and replace the order which has stood for thousands of years with absolute mayhem and chaos.

Christopher: But why? She seemed to be rather nice, even though she didn’t like the Council so much, but surely, she is misguided. Annaa—err Juliet—can’t be a bad person. She just seemed too pure and innocent.

Fire Lord: Yes, she might have seemed that way, but if you shall kindly pause and remember how she drugged you, perhaps your outlook may not be the same.

Christopher: She…. she drugged me?

Fire Lord: Yes, boy! That is why you can’t remember what happened! She overloaded your senses with some magical concoction so now you cannot tell fact from fiction. But, I assure you, Juliet Rhodes did come, and she did mean trouble.

Christopher: You mean she was not as kind and giving as I remember her to be? Or as philosophical and wise?

Fire Lord: No she is simply a dangerous revolutionary. Nothing more, and perhaps quite a bit less.

*enter Eithne, guards Clairesse, and Robert*

Fire Lord: Hello Eithne! Back so soon?

*Christopher stammers, then faints*

Eithne: That is who you had on duty last night? That useless whelp! If it didn’t cause so many mistakes it would very well be amusing.

Fire Lord: Well, they all have to take a turn sometime. It was simple miserable luck that rendered this boy useless against the New Moon Society. Who, might I ask, are the prisoners?

Eithne: Here we have Robert. *motions to Robert*

Robert: Nice to meet you. Please burn for eternity.

Eithne: -- a member of the New Moon Society, and Clairesse-- *points*

Clairesse: …is all a dream….. this is all a dream…. this is all a dream….

Eithne: -- a possible affiliate. We might be able to use her to gain information of him, but we should start with injury to the actual criminal first.

Fire Lord: Fair enough. Did you hear that, Clairesse? If he complies now, you get to go free.

Eithne: I don’t think so. She still knows too much.

Fire Lord: Very well. I concur. If young master Robert agrees now, you will be kept captive, but wholly alive, and relatively unharmed.

Robert: That isn’t worth it. One life for so many? You surely jest.

Fire Lord: Two lives. You forgot your own, traitor.

Eithne: *moves closer to Robert* You know, darling, that we’ll find them eventually. What difference will a few days make for them? And, my dear, the swifter you grant us the information we require, the better off you shall be.

Robert: If ‘better off’ has anything to do with you, I’d gladly be dead any day.

Eithne: Fine, have it your way. Luis, commence the common procedures.

Luis: Most certainly, Eithne. *snaps fingers*

*other guard wheel in an examination table with restraints used to keep the examinee in place*

*they force Robert on to the table and, though he resists, the strap him in*

Robert: *bitterly* What next? A medical exam?

Fire Lord: Not exactly…. *raises hand*

*hand glows red*

*Fire Lord places his hand on Robert’s chest*

*much screaming from Robert*

*after about one minute of this, Eithne steps into Robert’s line of vision, and the Fire Lord backs off*

Eithne: I can make this all better. Just tell me that you want it to stop.

Robert: I’ll never betray the New Moon Society! I am not ashamed of my fight for freedom. I would rather die than let a culture perish of my doings.

Eithne: *to Fire Lord* We are making progress. He is admitting to the existence of the New Moon Society. Please continue.

Fire Lord: Of course.

*torture continues for a few more minutes*

Eithne: *sigh* I believe I was mistaken. This is not working. Take him off.

*Luis moves Robert off the table*

Robert: What shall we do next? Dare we sit down for tea?

Eithne: If you share your vast wealth of knowledge with us, possibly.

Robert: And if I don’t?

Fire Lord: You’ll soon find out. *nods to Luis* It is her turn.

*Luis lifts Clairesse on to the table*

Clairesse: Let go of me, you black bellied beasts! You are supposed to be on my side! I’m an innocent civilian. Robert—do something! Save me!

Robert: I can’t tell them what they want to know, Clairesse. It would doom the New Moon Society and everything we know as just and good.

Christopher: *still unconscious* Just and good….  Annaa Graham…. Turquoise Salamanders…. BETRAYAL.

Luis: He’s waking up.

Eithne: Thank you, most esteemed Lord of the Obvious. Shut him up again, please.

Fire Lord: No, I believe we have some use for him. *bends down* Christopher—would you wake up now? There is something I need for you to do.

Christopher: *fuzzily* What do I need to do, sir?

Fire Lord: Well, you see, this woman, Clairesse, has been opposing the will of the Council—

Clairesse: Have not! Let me go.

Fire Lord: --and thusly deserves to be punished. Though your failure last night was, under the circumstances, acceptable, I still would like for you to prove your loyalty.

Christopher: Anything! What do I need to do, sir!

Fire Lord: Beat this woman until her companion breaks. Then, once again, you will be redeemed. Here, take my staff.

Christopher: But… I should not. It would not be proper.

Eithne: Of course it would be proper! She is a traitor—a rebel if you will.

Fire Lord: See? She deserves to be punished.

Christopher: OK. I’ll do my best… *raises staff*
Robert: Kid—Christopher—wait! Can’t you see what they’re asking is wrong? Hitting innocents with a glorified stick in not exactly what Miss Manners would suggest for you to do in this situation. What would your parents think of this—

Christopher: My parents didn’t want me! The Council has cared for me my entire life. This may be the only chance I ever receive to try to repay their kindness that they have shown to me.

Robert: Kindness?!? That is what you call people ruthlessly manipulating you to their will, and then mopping up your very essence with the last of their bread crumbs? Come --out side with me! See the world as it really is—please.

*Fire Lord hits Robert with the end of his cane*

Fire Lord: Do not listen to him, Christopher. He is attempting to sway you from the one and only true way. Punish them now. I command you.

Christopher: *sobbing* I can’t! They remind me too much of myself. I cannot harm a defenseless person!

Fire Lord: Very well, Robert. I shall make a deal with you. Tell me everything you know or I’ll kill the whelp.

Christopher: What—You’re supposed to be good.

Fire Lord: No. I am what I am. And you are simply a slave. Your parents didn’t abandon you. They sold you. And you know—you weren’t even expensive. I paid more for my cloak than I did for you. Though, I’ll admit, you have been far more useful than my cape. Ah… never mind. The point is, you are mine to expose of as you wish. *tosses Christopher to the floor* *steps on his throat* So, Robert, which will it be? Your precious ideals, or the boy’s life. An innocent, I might add. If you talk now, you might even prevent the young lady from coming to too much harm. Use your tongue or the boy loses his.

Christopher: Please…

*Fire Lord presses harder*

Robert: Alright, alright. They’re at Cyra Alabaster’s Soup Parlor. She is the leader. The Turquoise Salamanders are there too. What else do you want to know?

Fire Lord: Nothing of now. Luis, take them away.

*guards march off, taking Clairesse and Robert with them*

Fire Lord:  See, Christopher? Your life was never in danger. The revolutionary was too soft-hearted to let your death be on his conscious. Not, of course, that I would have ever harmed you.

Christopher: I’m so reassured. You seem to value me so much.

Fire Lord: Actually, I do care about you. I was just pretending to not in order to get Robert to confess.

Christopher: I still don’t believe you.

Fire Lord: Fair enough. I suppose I’ll take the assignment I had for you and give it to someone else…. Someone more senior, perhaps.

Christopher: *Eager, despite himself* What is the job?

Fire Lord: Agree to accomplish it first. Then I shall tell you.

Christopher: Very well. I-- agree. What is it?

Fire Lord: I need for you to go and kill about half of the New Moon Society. Bring the rest back to my compound, and we shall see what fun they can get into here.

Christopher: What if I don’t want to?

Fire Lord: Then you are banished forever from Textoverdi and will be put to death.

Christopher: When will this be put into effect?

Fire Lord: Tomorrow, at noon.

Christopher: Very well—I’ll do it. May I have some people to work with—a team of some sort?

Fire Lord: Of course. I’m glad you see it my way. You can have Luis and his group. Be sure to kill Mrs. Alabaster and the Rhodes girl, however. I’m afraid they will be quite useless to us alive.

Christopher: Yes…Yes sir. I’ll do as you wish.

Fire Lord: Good, very good. *exit Fire Lord*

Christopher: What have I done? *sinks to knees, sobbing gently*

*dim out*

Scene Ten: Unbecoming Curses

Curtain:  Cyra’s shop, day. The Turquoise Salamanders sit in a semi-circle around the counter, watching as Cyra prepares lunch. Juliet sits on a stool, talking with the Turquoise Salamanders.

Diego: So, you guys are plotting to over throw the government? I am…. vaguely impressed.

Geb: Of course you are, numb-skull. That was the wickedest story I have ever heard. So, what was up with last night?

Juliet: We went on a raid, and I was left outside to distract the guards.

Diego: Did any come?

Juliet: One. His name was Christopher Moldov. He was quite nice.

Jaz: Really? You sure he wasn’t, like, sizing you up for his next meal or something?

Juliet: Oh, no. I am sure he wasn’t. Christopher seemed just as nervous as I am.

Diego: Looks can be deceiving. I mean, take Lexie for example. She may look sweet and innocent, but she bites like a Demon.

Lexie: Hey!

Joye: Don’t swear, Diego. It doesn’t become you. Also, Lexie only bit you after you tried to take her stuffed teddy.

Lexie: I love Mr. Huggles. *hugs bear*

Juliet: Hey, Cyra, where’s Robert? He should be here by now.

Cyra: I don’t know—I was starting to worry myself….

Scene Eleven: Deadly Compliance

Curtain: Clairesse and Robert are tied up, back to back, in separate chairs that are located in a dismal, grimy room. Luis sits nearby, reading an old newspaper.

Robert: Hey, Luis! Mind giving us dinner?

Luis: Shut up, convict. You don’t eat until Eithne says you do. And that particular event may take a while to occur.

Clairesse: But we’ve been compliant!

Luis: Yes. And, for that, you are still living.

Clairesse: But we told you everything!

Luis: I dunno, lady. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. I’m just a guard so just shut up and—

*enter Christopher Moldov*

Christopher: Luis. I need you and your men. We are on a mission to undermine the New Moon Society’s doings.

Luis: Are we, kid? Who sent you?

Christopher: The Fire Lord himself. Now, stand aside. *walks over to Robert* Robert, your services are needed as well.

Clairesse: No!

Robert: What ever you want, I’m not doing it.

Christopher: Not even if it would pay for your lady’s freedom?

Robert: First, she is not ‘my lady,’ second, no.

Christopher: What if I promised you a free life in the palaces of the Council?

Robert: Listen, kid, I like you, but that doesn’t make me change my mind. No-- would you do us all a favor and scram?

Christopher: *deeper, darker* You know we’ll get them eventually. My life is on the line here. I’ll only kill those I have to, and I’ll spare the rest.

Robert: And, pray tell, who are those you have to kill?

Christopher: Just Cyra and Juliet—

Robert: Just the two most vulnerable people. A grandmother and a child no more than a decade old. Yes, I see bravery in you young master Moldov.

Christopher: Oh, be quiet! I have to kill them, or I shall be executed.

Clairesse: I know where the Soup Parlor is. I’ll lead you there, if you promise to spare the children, except Juliet.

Robert: Their lives for yours! How could you!

Clairesse: It is either them or us, and Cyra seemed to have lived a rather full life, and for Juliet’s short years, they have been miserable, and I am only seven years older then she.

Robert: Well, both of their lives are worth more than yours, because of their bravery, skill and dedication. If I ever get the chance, I’ll—

Christopher: There is no need to argue as it is Robert, and Robert’s help alone that I require.

Robert: What are you, kid, and aristocrat? You are a slave, stop talking like you own the place!

Christopher: I am an apprentice, not a slave, and you are my prisoner. Hold your tongue, or lose it!

Robert: Very well. *sticks out tongue* *holds it*

Christopher: That wasn’t what I meant…

Robert: *lets go of tongue* Obviously, I knew.

Clairesse: Robert, we could….

Robert: I’m not helping the slimy little weasel.

Christopher: Listen. You gave away your friends for me before. If they kill me now, that betrayal will be in vain. Savvy?

Clairesse: Please?

Robert: Oh, very well, I’ll do it.

Christopher: Good. *slashes away ropes* Now, you will lead me and Luis’s troop of guards to…. *dim out*

Scene Twelve: Issues of Danger

Curtain: Cyra Alabaster’s Soup Parlor. Same as before, only everyone looks a bit more worried.

Miranda: Robert should be back by now. It has been hours!

Cyra: I fear fowl play has become an issue.

Juliet: No. Robert will be fine—I mean he is strong. What could happen to him?

Cyra: I don’t know, but I’m putting my bets on ‘nasty’

Diego: You’re so… optimistic.

Geb: And I’m Captain Obvious?

Juliet: Yes, you are. Now—

*door knock*

Cyra: Who is it?

Robert *off stage*: Me, Robert. Can I come in?

Cyra: Of course. We have a bowl of soup with your name on it.

Robert: Good, thank you. *enter Robert, bruised and bloody*

Miranda: Robert! What happened?

Robert: No time for that. The Council got me to lead them here—go—leave!

*enter Christopher & guards*

Christopher: Well, I suppose we couldn’t trust you after all. The question is, what should we do about that?

Luis: Sir—

Christopher: QUIET! Ah, yes, I’ve got it. *raises hand dramatically* What do you fear most in the world…. *shuts eyes*

*long, tense pause*

Christopher: Hmmm…. That’s interesting. Well, fears are meant to be put to use. Tell them Robert. Tell them everything.

Robert: Please—I can’t—don’t make me….

Christopher: Tell them Robert. Tell them now.

Robert: OK—OK—I am sorry, I really am, but I have betrayed the New Moon Society more times than I can count. I’ve been keeping all our plans in a journal which I’ve been planning to give to Cresselda for the longest time. I—just got too scared to do it. That’s why I broke so easily. That’s why I so willingly betrayed you.

Cyra: But why?

Robert: Because I wanted to gain my father’s trust. In fact, I only joined the New Moon Society so I could turn you into the Council to make my father happy.

Christopher: Tell us. What else do you need to admit to them?

Robert: I—I killed my baby brother when I was three. I smothered him with a pillow when he wouldn’t stop crying. My parents didn’t notice until two days had passed. It was horrible. Terrible! All I want is to be forgiven for my crimes.

Christopher: Why? They are not crimes. You did the right thing by leading us here. If your parents did not notice your brother’s passing, then what of it?

Robert: *stands up* *wipes away tears* Damn you. Damn you and your kind. Long may you suffer in Hades. A life is a life, and I have murdered so many directly and indirectly that I should have let the Fire Lord kill me. It was for you, you and your kind’s sake alone that I betrayed the location of out base. Do not cross me.

Cyra: Please, can we work this out diplomatically?

Christopher: Silence, prisoner! You are under my charge and are not to speak until I say so.

Diego: You just said ‘so.’ Can I talk?

Luis: No, you dimwit!

Christopher:*laughs* I like it. The boy has wit. What do you want to say?

Diego: Nothing. I was just testing your reaction.

Christopher: …Not very wise, but very bold. For that, I spare you. Come everyone—to the garden. There, your judgment shall begin

Scene Thirteen: An Impromptu Court

Curtain: Same garden as where Christopher and Juliet met. The Turquoise Salamanders and the remnants of the New Moon Society stand in a line, blindfolded, while the guards restrain Diego, Robert, and Clairesse. Christopher Moldov and the Fire Lord stand, surveying the prisoners.

Fire Lord: Good job, my boy. Now all that is left is the trial, and the executions.

Christopher: Yes. We should commence soon. We dare not keep our guests in the dark for long.

Fire Lord: Good—you are learning swiftly. *louder* Now, prisoners, your judgment is to be swift and unbaist. They are to be carried out by the young Christopher Moldov, who has promised to be fair and riotous. Now, let the trials begin!

Diego: How… climactic.

Robert: Agreed.

Christopher: I wasn’t expecting such a big opening. I don’t really know how to do this, so forgive me if the procedure is broken.

Robert: What “procedure”? BAM! BAM!  ….and done. Though I would gladly help you deter from such orders. How about we start with a game of Scrabble?

Fire Lord: Shut up! I promised you life for the moment, but said nothing of preventing misery. Stay quiet, cretin.

*30 seconds silence*

Christopher: May I begin?

Fire Lord: Please do.

Christopher: Very well. Alessandra, may we start with you?

Lexie: I don’t know. What am I supposed to say?

Christopher: Just tell us what you’ve been doing over the past few days. It is not terribly difficult.

Lexie: OK. Well, everything was going fine with it being a tourist season and all, so we stayed inside for most of the day. I was just playing with Mr. Cuddles. *hugs teddy bear* Then Jaz said she smelled some smoke, and make us all leave. Then we went to Cyra’s at Juliet’s request, and hid there until you came.
Christopher: Very well, you seem innocent, and not to mention your youth. And, even though you are a thief, I spare you.

Fire Lord: But, if you disobey anymore, I’ll have you taken to the gallows. *glares at Christopher*

Christopher: *oblivious* Here you go, Alessandra. *unties blindfold*

Lexie: Robert! *runs over and hugs Robert*

Robert: Thanks, kid. It is nice to see you too.

Christopher: Miss… Miranda, is it? Tell us of your defenses.

Miranda: Well, I suppose fabricating a story won’t do me any good, so I will tell you the truth. I am Cyra’s goddaughter, brought with her to this city. I have no recollections of my homeland, I was far too young, but ever since I could remember, I recall stories of a better place and it is for those recollections, those freedoms, for which I fight. I simply wish to be liberated, and to see the lands from whence I came. I want adventure, and I don’t agree with the Council’s policies. I believe life is cheap here, and wish to go somewhere where creation is highly valued. I simply wish to see the world, and that dream was denied me. I fight for a liberty I once valued, and tossed away—

Christopher: So you admit to plotting against the Council, and, ergo, to treason?

Miranda: I do admit, and admit proudly, though it be my doom. I am not ashamed.

Christopher: I know I should…. But I just can’t kill her.

Fire Lord: Perhaps…. *turns do Miranda* Do you believe in an afterlife?

Miranda: Yes. I also know it to be far more pleasing than this.

Fire Lord: An eternity imprisoned would be far crueler. Luis, take her to the thirty-second tower, on the sixteenth floor, would you please.

Luis: Of course. *leads a strangely dignified Miranda offstage*

Christopher: Well, Cyra, I do not mean to interrupt your time here, but I believe it is your turn to testify.

Cyra: *snapping back into reality* Is it? Now, what do you want?

Christopher: Your reasoning behind your crimes. We’ve already judged you guilty.

Cyra: Lovely. What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ Also, I am criminal. That word implies a misdemeanor or wrong doing, neither of which I have committed. I have only sought to bring justice to the poor, and to grant life back to a culture which is dead and gone, it’s life blood cut away brutally by the Council. I may not be innocent, I am no angel, but I can say, and say truthfully, that I have claimed the moral high ground, and if you kill me now, I shall be glad to have died in the light. I am willing to do anything to revive Textoverdi, which you have repressed and destroyed. It would be a mighty failure on my part to beg for mercy, as I have a younger generation to stand for. So die! Die, I tell you! I’ll be laughing in my grave when the Council falls. *spits in Fire Lord’s face*

Fire Lord: *raises hand* Enough. *nods to Christopher*

*Christopher shoots blow dart at Cyra*

*Cyra crumples, dead*

Fire: Lord. Good. You learn quickly. Now, let’s hurry this up. Who is the leader of the Turquoise Salamanders?

Geb: Geb. Or rather…. me.

Fire Lord: And the Jaz mentioned by Alessandra?

Jaz: I am here.

Fire Lord: Good. Your pleas will account for the entire fate of your little band. Please proceed.

Joye: That isn’t fair!

Fire Lord: I never said it was.

Joye: You-- *is knocked out by random guard*

Fire Lord: Jaz, begin.

Jaz: I have the right to remain silent. My doings and choices are not within your realm of concerns.

Fire Lord: Ah, but they are.

Juliet: Please, Jaz! I don’t want them to be any angrier than they already are.

Jaz: I’m not telling these goons a thing. Try me!

Christopher: Geb, your confessions?
Geb: Well, we all live on the streets because we were either kicked out of government orphanages, or we escaped. Many of us are lucky to not remember our days at the state homes, but I am not one of them. We were beaten, underfed, and generally treated worse than fleas. Not, of course, that ‘your majesty’ would know what a flea is. The care provided for us was simply not enough to sustain the growing children that we were. So, we escaped, and stole off the rich to keep our selves alive. I don’t think any of us, “plotted against you” as we were so dramatically charged, but given the chance, we would have. So what? Shoot me. If you had taken proper care of us, we never would have been a problem.

Christopher: May I suggest something?

Fire Lord: Yes, go on…

Christopher: Well, I believe that we should take these Salamanders in, and teach them the arts and sciences. It would be suitable evidence to the world that we are fair and kind.

Fire Lord: I was thinking we should kill them all, but whatever works for you.

Christopher: Thank you. *removes blindfolds of everyone but Juliet* That means you, Juliet, are the only one left to state their claims. Is it true that you have been working to overthrow the Council? Have betrayed my trust, tricked me into helping your cause, lied to me, and then finally worked your awful magic on me so I could no longer remember such atrocities as you have committed? Are you truly guilty of treason?

Juliet: I did so, all of pure spirit and mind, which is more than most can say. I am guilty of all the measures you charge me with, but yet am more innocent than the youngest of babes. Kill me if it would please you, but know that my last breaths will be forever etched in for memory, and they will surely haunt you until the end of time.

*Christopher looks to Fire Lord*

Fire Lord: Go ahead. Kill her. She literally asked for it.

Christopher: But this is wrong!

Fire Lord: I don’t want to listen to your insolent groveling. Get on with it!

*Christopher sighs, places his hand over Juliet’s heart, and gently closes his eyes*

Christopher: You are young, but your life is so steeped in these conspiracies that the only way out is to die. I’m sorry it has to be like this.

Juliet: Don’t be. I was destined to die for my people, to become a martyr for the ages. I shall live on in memory far after these marble walls have crumbled to dust. I shall become the eternal, heroic, and renowned goddess of this world, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I only wish for you, dear Christopher, is that you do not become entangled within these spider-webbing plots. Your nature is too benign, your character too kind, for you to ever truly be one of them. Listen to your heart, for you cannot lead yourself astray from the path which you have chosen. Everything will fall into place, I assure you. In fact, I perceive for thee nothing but peace and happiness in your upcoming years, but only if you search for it.


Juliet: I shall not, have not, died in vain. *crumples*

*dim out*

Scene Fourteen: Midnight Wishes

Curtain: Purple sky over a bleak cemetery. A whiter casket, embellished with Celtic knots, sits to the side, with JULIET enclosed. Clairesse and Robert stand on a nearby hill, looking down at the body. Christopher Moldov kneels by the coffin, weeping.

Robert: Hail, the forlorn criminal—for once he mourns his actions. May Juliet be happy, where ever she has wandered.

Clairesse: Quiet! Cannot you see that the boy is in obvious distress? He needs comforting, not scolding for his remorse.

Robert: Remorse! Hah—REMORSE. Like one so cruel could ever feel such an emotion. Merry jest, Clairesse.

Clairesse: You forget that you too play a role in her death. Had you not led them to Cyra’s shop, she might have lived.

Robert: *sigh* I suppose that is true, but I wish it was not. I place blame on others in order to save myself from such.

Clairesse: It is understandable, that.


Robert: Thank you, Clairesse, for forgiving me, at least for my previous commentary.

Clairesse: I forgive you for your actions as is proper. You tried to do the right thing, by sparing the child’s life. You had no clue it would come to this.

Robert: Again, I thank you.

Clairesse: Shall we leave this somber place of death and return to the beginning of our lives, together?

Robert: Not quite yet. I have some things I need to take care of first.

*Robert turns away from Clairesse, and makes his way over to Christopher*

Christopher: What are you here for? To taunt me for my crimes? If so, take your leave quickly. I need no more sorrow on this wretched day.

Robert: No. I am here to discuss a peace treaty between the New Moon Society, and the Council.

Christopher: What New Moon Society? I destroyed their leader, if you recall. The New Moon Society no longer exists.

Robert: But it does. I am their new leader, scorned and mocked though my decision be.

Christopher: So you have not learned your lesson?

Robert: Oh yes, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve learned that the Council must be stopped at all costs, no matter what lives and riches are in the way.

Christopher: The Council is the one true path to enlightenment! Surely you must know that. We will never bow to the whims of others, and our reign shall never cease.

Robert: What do you mean by “we”? You are a pawn, nothing more, nothing less. You won’t gain anything if the Council succeeds, just a pat on the back and a request for another boot-licking routine. How can you not see that?

Christopher: I am valued by the Council, and perhaps one of the select few that is, but I am precious—

Robert: A precious slave perhaps, but still a slave.

Christopher: Get out of here before I call the guards!

Robert: I will. The Council will fall. Juliet shall be avenged.

*exit Robert*

*exit Clairesse*

Christopher: Oh, these dreary midnight wishes! How I yearn for the moments to cause, so I may reflect on the atrocities that I have committed. I pray for the blue roses to once again bloom in this world, for the impossible to still be attained. But—alas! What am I save a terrible, terrible dream?

*dim out*

Epilogue: Invictus

Curtain: A fantastic jeweled room, void of furniture, save a giant, massive CALLIOPE. Juliet sits at said instrument, playing a slow, mournful tune. Gradually, more musicians appear in the house, making the song more and more uplifting, and all the more powerful. The music reaches a crescendo, and then immediately stops. Juliet stands up.

Juliet:  *recites “Invictus,” written by William Earnest Henley

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