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by Taizia
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Love from a Mother is never confined. Promt: Mother's Love
Warm arms enveloped me,
Gentle hands held me tight.
Tucked me in and kissed me,
As I went to bed each night.

Seldom were there harsh words,
More soft and full of praise.
With a glow in her eyes she looked
Upon the child she did raise.

Honored by the decisions I made,
And the choices I did weigh.
A relflection of her raising,
In her arms, she wished I'd stay.

Worries over shadow fear,
Disappointment comes in time.
The child that she had known,
Became a woman out of line.

Years passed and time spent.
Recalling days once known.
Shattered dreams were refocused,
To unveil the path I've sown.

I longed for gentlier moments,
In my mother arms so tight.
To keep me and protect me,
From indecisions, from fright.

To her voice in happiness,
Happier days I bequest.
With wisdom lost I discovered,
Inspiration to do my best.

Struggling with insecurities,
Overcoming sense of pride.
I look back to my mother,
And avoid the things I hide.

With openness she takes me,
Sorrowful weeping tears I cried.
Forgiveness just a reach away,
A Mother's love...never denied.

Lines: 36
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