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About two of my pups.
The first sounds upon entering my home are the heavy thumps and thuds of four full grown paws followed closely by the soft pit-pat of four puppy paws. The two sounds intertwine and harmonize to become the song of my home coming each day. Jumping up and placing two full-grown paws directly on my chest I am greeted by the huge, wet, pink tongue of my male American Bulldog and Pit Bull mix, Rocky Balboa, lapping at my face. Pushing him down, I finally make it to the sofa for some much-needed relaxation, only to hear the quick pit-pat on the floor coming closer. Just as I turn and look my female Pit Bull, Sasha, slides around the sofa and bounds into my lap, eagerly greeting me. Happy to see me Sahsa’ s whole body wags with excitement.
Sometimes after the welcoming party is over and the atmosphere is calm, I’ll lay my head back, close my eyes, and simply listen to the music the sound of the pair of paws make. The large, heavy thumps and thuds of Rocky remind me that I’m both safe and secure. Just as the soft and quite pit pat of Sahsa’s paws remind me that I’m needed. These two creatures’ paws are the first thing I hear in the morning and the last sounds I hear before I fall asleep each night.
Sitting back on the sofa I watch the pair as they roll around the living room. Pouncing and Pinning are there favorite games. Tug of war with a sock or shirt gets them in trouble. The sounds of the rambunctious, rapid eight paws form a quick jig. A heavy thud and a creak confirm my suspicions, the pair of pups is in my bed!

Scolding the pair I decide they need a little fresh air. I yell the magic word, “OUTSIDE!” and as it echo’s through the house you hear a large thud of four grown paws followed by a second set of paws landing softly with a small thump as if announcing that the music is about to begin.
  A moment before the pair of pups emerges from my bedroom the song begins. The large thuds and thumps of four grown paws landing heavily on the floor make up the main background music, while the small pit-pat of four puppy paws make up the melody. The fill in sound could be found between the pup’s nails and the wood floor. Gentle tapping from the pair’s nails help keep the pace up. As the two race across the living room the song plays on. The two different sounds of paws mix together making up the chorus to their song. Laying my head back I close my eyes simply listening to the sound of the eight paws crossing over the wood floor. Going out the door the song begins to fade. When they leap down the stairs the music is dying out. Just as the pair of pups hits the dirt the music is gone.
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