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Scientific explanation of Reincarnation
The ABC’s of reincarnation

As a freelance microbiologist, I have finally found the reason that flesh and Blood exist at all. When the flesh & blood finally putrefy into mulch- the nutrients of which are found in the mulch are used to nitrify the green life and the vegetation. For without That mulch of flesh & blood- old Mother Earth would eventually dry up & die. This also Explains why the wrath of old Mother is stirring up violent earthquakes & tsunamis; Bodies That have been embalmed with formaldehydes kill and starve the vegetation and when One is in the middle of hunger, then one often becomes agitated prior to meal time.

Old Mother Earth is no different, because “earth” is a (living) organism… just like you!  On a bland basis- we are all “CELLS” and within every cell there are more cells, which are even smaller, and every cell has a “memory cell” for each cell. You too have the capacity of (memory), memory is nothing but pure energy…, and energy cannot be destroyed. It can be stretched, it can be compressed- but it CANNOT BE Destroyed. Now you know why all we biologic creatures have sensual desires…  It’s simply hypnosis by Mother Nature to force all of her creatures into mating, (why?)

To create more cells!
Just like you and all the other animals… More flesh & blood to keep feeding this giant cell we Call “Mother Earth”… Love & romance are (hypnotic) Tricks that Old Mother Nature  Uses in order to control all the smaller cells via her own power… just like the power which you often use to get yourself where you wish to be- unless you are a slave to chains, weather Those chains be mental or literal in application…? So, just think- all the vegetation you’ve been eating up until now will finally one day get a chance to eat you…! Some would call this “poetic-justice”, but where is the justice in being born against one’s own will...?

What is (consciousness?)  Consciousness is created thru (experience) & it is attached to (memory) and since memory is “pure energy” it cannot be destroyed. What happens to “consciousness” after the death of the physical body?

The energy is eventually (transmigrated) or transferred, if you will, back Into its place of origin where it is reprocessed to reenter another “cell” where Eventually it causes (rebirth) of “other cells” which in turn eventually becomes someone else’s little “love child” so that one day- that little love child will be able to continue on with “Feeding” Old Mother Earth… This is why the historical Jesus taught; ye must be born again! “WHY?” because it’s your duty by nature- “Not by religious mandates!”  All a matter of simple biology & nothing else…

And in the words of the ancient Cabala Rabbi’s; I say unto you” WELCOME TO Hades” and May your Stay here be Most Heavenly until your next trip here…One footnote of caution; if Mother Nature cannot get you to mate thru her hypnosis of love or lust …She will then use violence and disease to get the job done… including war’s, & rumors thereof, plus; mud-slides, earthquakes, tsunamis, creepy storms and; exploding volcanoes.

Just off the cuff; did you know that the word (Allah) only means; {ALL in One?} That sounds pretty much like a “cell” …doesn’t it…? How many of you already knew that all plant-life have their own equivalent of (male) & (female) hormones…?

By; Lonnie W Craig/PhD
310 West Bell Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76140


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