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Shortcut thru Angel Magic

According to all the research that IV done regarding Angel magic including “Kabala” -Much to what IV discovered is that Kabala has a solid Duck-tail in psychology regarding “Color” and the colors effect on the Psyche. Take the color “blue” for example. Blue is a Universal color for Peace and tranquility- yet, for many people, the color of blue is often Related with “depression” and despair. In other words the psychology Behind color magic must be related to what your personal Correspondences to any given color represent to you…

If you use color magic in any format- you are encouraged to surround yourself with the Color you wish to work with and even suggested that You wear the color you desire that represent the desired results such As “passion” which has a wide interpretation to “red”. If “black is an Uplifting color according to you’re psyche- then wear black and surround Yourself Personal room with the same color. To many folks “white” is the Color of purity & holiness

-But according to all my Rabbi friends; “black” is the most holy color and Black is the only color from which any other color may be born from. Black cannot be born from white -But white can be extracted from black According to the color spectrum… Black can be Shaded into a gray and Then “gray” can then be diluted into an eggshell white & then be diluted into a finer white. Most Rabbis agree that “black” represents (beginnings) like The Fetus inside a “womb” has no light but just a watery darkness… and the” Darkness” or (face of the deep) represents (potential) beginnings…

The Judaic tradition teaches that the age of “accountability” differ from child To child and Most of them will tell you; if you need anything engraved into Stone to show you the difference between “right & wrong” and Require a “burning-bush” to read it by- then the reader Is more Hopeless than a “mindless cow”…with that much aside and Knowing that  (sin) is only found within the eyes of it’s victims- let us Continue in our faith without wavering; regardless of what our faith consist Of…

Pick a color- “any color” you wish to associate with the outcome of yourRequest. Choose a Short question regarding the color…i.e. “what do I Ask yourself; what do I need to do to receive more of_____???” Bathe your surroundings with the same color or pictures of the symbol you can best remember when you are not among your surroundings. Every 30-minute to one hour, ask Out loud the same question noted above and “ad-lib” without changing Or rather (adding) to your question. Talk to yourself more often. Winston Churchill was very famous for gazing in his mirror & asking

His self questions and even barking “orders” to his sub-consciousness to Perform in certain Ways regarding the order of his own body. Winston Already knew that; in the beginning was the word- but prior to any word, There first must be a thought, yet prior to any thought- there must first be a Thinker… Many folks would call his personal tradition; The Magic Mirror… Winston was known to sometimes burn different color candles during these “Self pep talks” And since my early child hood IV used the same methods. IV noticed when I don’t talk to myself

-Thing’s begin to become chaotic and eventually near out of control, but one Thing Iv learned the Hard way is; talk nice to yourself & glorify yourself every Chance you get because without that Self confidence of which you need, you Will eventually find you slipping and becoming a Worse wreck & despot To not only yourself but also a nuisance to family and friends… I’m not Saying, “Over do it” in the mirror- but what I am saying is “be reasonable”…But also be nice.

The bottom line to any magic is; “Self Transformation”…If you change your self talks into a Desirable dialog & stop condemning yourself for Temporary (incompetence) of which we all suffer with at given times Throughout life- you will eventually start to “see” the magic that you Desire. It’s a well-known joke in psychology that you can only see pink Elephants & little green Men only if you believe in them first but this does Not make them (unreal). What makes them Unreal is… “Disbelief”. Would you like to become the world’s greatest wizard? Then keep Telling your mirror image that you (already are) and keep doing it until you Believe it yourself… That’s when the magic begins…

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