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Outline for Distracting Duncan
Planning to have her uncle for dinner, CASSI MALLOY, gets the shock of a lifetime when she arrives home to see a police officer waiting to inform her of his death. She learns that DETECTIVE DUNCAN WEIR will lead the investigation, which puts her on edge as thoughts of their previous stormy encounters flood her mind. After a visit to the morgue, Duncan goes to see Cassi and their previous animosity towards one another flares.

Together they head over to Quinn’s house and find it ransacked, but manage to share a brief moment of kinship. OFFICER MATT RYAN, Duncan’s demoted ex-partner, arrives to secure the scene and the acrimony between the two men resurfaces. When Matt shows more than a passing interest in Cassi, Duncan ushers Cassi out and takes her home. Duncan feels a growing attraction toward Cassi, but uses his job as a way to keep it at bay. At her uncle’s funeral, a mysterious stranger appears, and Duncan’s partner gives chase, but the figure escapes.

Two weeks later, Cassi has an erotic dream of Duncan and works hard to drive him out of her mind. After a shower, she spots a dark figure moving toward the house and calls 911. Duncan hears the call and races to scene, to discover the back door kicked in. He is thankful to find her unharmed hiding in the bedroom closet.

Duncan and Cassi argue over her safety and the connection to the killer. During the heated exchange, they share a smoldering kiss, interrupted by a repair crew. Duncan refuses to let her stay in the house alone and camps out. Hearing Cassi call out in her sleep brings Duncan to her doorway. He’s mesmerized, and can’t help but reach out and touch her. They make love and Duncan leaves without a word.

While driving home from work, two days later, a man shoots at Cassi. She calls Duncan in a panic, who tells her to get home where he is waiting. In hopes of making Duncan jealous, and a form of payback, Cassi flirts with a security installer. JACKSON DAVIS sits in the Governor’s mansion irritated by the fact that Cassi is still alive, knowing she has evidence against him. He waits for his henchmen to bring his prostitute for a rendezvous. Seeing the bruises on her face, he orders his men to find Matt Ryan. Jack shared a steamy encounter with is love and revealed his darker side.

Duncan joins Cassi in the shower. He asks if she wants to talk or finish what they started, with no reply, he leaves Cassi wanting more. He finds her the next morning in her office asleep. Cassi realizes Duncan has feelings for her and they make love.

Jackson waits in the warehouse for Matt, ready to dole out an order and punishment for abusing his possession. The henchmen give Matt a beating to remember. Jack orders Matt to obtain the disk and kill Cassi. A creepy man shows up at Cassi’s work. When she gets home, she finds the DVD Quinn sent her, watches it, and calls the station to report the evidence. Cassi heads to the police station, but is ran off the road. The police arrive on the scene in time to save Cassi.

Officer’s take Cassi to Duncan’s where she goes into shock. In her state of mind, she uses the ‘L’ word. He spends the night tending to Cassi’s needs, and in the morning, they make love. The next morning Duncan heads to the safe house bringing along burgers for three. He talks to the much alive QUINN MALLOY, and assures him that Cassidy is okay. Quinn is anxious to come out of hiding and see his niece. Cassidy heads for the comforts of home against Duncan’s wishes after hiding out for days. Matt follows the taxi to her home. When Duncan arrives right on her heels, she tells him about the forgotten DVD, but is stunned to learn he already knew.

Feeling used, Cassi orders Duncan to leave. He refuses and an argument ensues. Taking matters into his own hands, Duncan carries her off to bed, determined to make her admit her true feelings. Duncan’s radio goes off, stating trouble with Malloy at the safe house. Cassi is thrilled that Quinn is alive, and heartbroken that Duncan lied and used her.

They arrive at the safe house, and Cassi suddenly feels overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Duncan takes Cassi to Quinn’s room and leaves them alone. Quinn and Cassi share a heartwarming reunion. Duncan takes Cassi away, fearing a set up. Cassi watches Duncan’s partner with interest, and hates the tinge of jealousy that festers. Duncan is attacked from behind exiting the building.

Matt knocks Duncan out and kidnaps Cassi, taking her to the warehouse, where he takes great pleasure in torturing Cassi, even telling her of Duncan having sex with is partner. Matt can’t help but taunt her, before speaking of his plans for Duncan. Matt advances on Cassi with a knife. Cassi manages to keep her cool, though trembling at Matt’s touch. She gets him talking, but it backfires and he backhands her. Matt calls Duncan and sets his plan in motion. Jackson arrives at the warehouse giving Cassi an opportunity to find an escape.

Duncan and his partner head to the warehouse and manage to get inside undetected. Duncan creates a disturbance to buy Cassi some time. Jackson smells a double cross from Matt, and goes after Duncan, shooting him in the shoulder. Before he can finish the job, Matt shoots Jackson. Officers arrive on the scene.

Cassi breaks free, but before she can escape, Matt comes back into the office. He spares her life, climbs up into the rafters and disappears. The chief of police orders Duncan to see a paramedic. Two weeks later, Duncan is at Cassi’s recovering. They go for a swim, and both are finally ready to admit their true feelings toward one another.
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