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My life as a physics student.
... I'm a physicist...

Thanks for not laughing.

Yes, I really am a physicist. At least this is what I did study in college, indeed.
I don't want to go on with my story as a physics student, it is not a pleasant memory I tell you. Girls in college greet you wherever you go "oooh hey boy..." and then suddenly you find out one girl whispers to the others... and everyone goes EWW!
The hardest part was to know whether this EW was dedicated to my looks or my major...

The life of a science student is tough indeed. Teachers and professors are merciless when it comes to marks. I really couldn't and can't understand those people... and as a physics student, you are supposed to be born with a book and a chalk and a blackboard in your hands, if not, why do you study physics? Or let's discuss the roots of evil here, how did you even learn about this word even?
On the other hand, people will not have mercy upon you as a physics student, I tell you. The hardest part in my life was to convince people that I am a human being in the first place, secondly I had to convince them that I attend my classes in a class like they do... you really don't want one of your friends coming to your side and greet you like he did not see you 3 hours ago and say "where is your next sanitarium?" or "what is your next session?." However, I failed in my mission for the first cause, but maybe succeed somehow in my second cause. Yes, succeeded. I made everyone believe I was a psychiatric for my own professors.

After graduation from college and getting a B.Sc. degree after spending 7 years in the sani... in the college of sciences, I felt myself being so special. like "Whoa! who's like me?." Soon I discovered that I should've said "Whoa! Who the hell want to be like me even?"
I am fascinated by Drew Carey show, "Whose line is it anyway?." Specifically, the line where he says in the beginning of the show: the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter, that's right, the points are just like...., and then he goes on mocking something. I wonder how Drew Carey missed this point ever! "... and the points don't matter just like a physicist in Kuwait... ."

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