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Janie had no idea that her father would come.
I never really thought about my father after he went to jail. Mom had always told us that daddy had to go away for a little while, but she told us both the truth on my fourteenth birthday. He was a serial killer, and was put in jail so he couldn't kill any more people. I took the news with a blank face, while my sister, Leila, went into hysterics. I guess it never came as a surprise, I had heard the rumors that were running around Whethersfield. He had been gone since I was five, so I never really knew him. Leila was four, so I didn't get why she took it so hard. I found out later that her friend's mom had been killed by dad, so Leila felt that it was all her fault. It took mom three days to get her calmed down.
I don't have any friends. I have always been a loner, mainly because kids tended to avoid me. I always thought that I looked funny, but now that I know the truth, it was really all because of who my father was. I suppose that in the end, your family is all that matters. He is the reason I am where I am, and it is hard not to be furious with him. After all he did to us, taking away Leila and mom, I want to kill him. But I will never be like him. Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me explain to you what I meant by him taking away Leila and mom.
It was a beautiful day in Whethersfield, and mom had Leila in the backyard, playing on the swingset. I was inside, working on a report for science. When the doorbell rang, I figured it was somebody coming to see mom. She was always very popular with the men. I ran to the door, overwhelmed with joy at the distraction, and wasn't surprised when I saw a man standing on the doorstep.
"Is your mother home?" the stranger asked. "I would like a word with her."
"Uh, she's out back. Do you want me to go get-" I stopped. The man was holding a gun, pointing it behind me. I turned around, and mom was standing there. She looked like she was about to pass out, but she managed to move her body so that she was standing in front of Leila. She didn't have time to get to me. The man grabbed me and held me in front of him, with the gun pointing at my temple. I didn't know what to do, so I stood and said a silent prayer to God, mostly praying for mom and Leila to get away. Then mom spoke.
"Tom, you really don't have to do this. If you must, just take me. But please, spare the girls. They're your daughters, too. Shoot me, but leave them. God, if I could have anything in this world, let them live." Her voice rose a couple of octaves during her speech, and I could tell that she was frightened, too. I knew that it was dad that was holding me, yet it didn't make this any more of a dream. He wanted to kill us. All of us, including Leila. She was the one I wanted to save the most. At least let her have a life.
All to slowly, the gun was pointed at mom, and his finger caressed the trigger, yearning to pull it. Then, with what was sure to be a split-second decision, his finger went down on the trigger and a deafening roar was in my ear, making my head spin. Before I was completely sure of my surroundings again, another shot rang out, and my body slumped, to dizzy and confused to hold myself up anymore. I heard a few screams, but couldn't place them. I hit the floor, and tried to get up. It did no use. I was kicked back down, and when the sirens came, I got another kick, heard another shot, and footsteps.
When I woke up, I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but I was still on the floor. I looked up, and almost fainted again. Mom and Leila were lying next to each other, covered and blood. I was in no position to tell if they were dead, but I managed to choke out an, 'I love you', before I went down again.
Mom and Leila had been alive to hear my last words to them, but they died in the ambulence. I hate my father, but I will not tell this to anybody. I figure that if I can have anything in the world, it will be this secret. That was when the came here.
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