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I tell the story of my own birth date!
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The 17th of August. A day, just like any other day... but let's think about it again please.
It is my birthday! Thus, do not be surprised to have bad luck in it. No I'm not exaggerating, it is indeed a bad day for myself even. You know, I never celebrated my birthday... well maybe a little bit when I was a kid like... like... nevermind.
If you want some clues on how it is a bad luck day, here you go:
1. I was born! (DUH!).
2. My sister was born (double DUH!).
3. My little nephew was born (triple DUH DUH!).

Seems my father and the rest of the family did not hear of an invention called a calendar, so you can see the consequences here!
Some of the bad events that happened on this day: my friend's car accident, my sister's car accident, the airport went on fire, I had to live one day without a TV!! and my friend had to take one day off from his work just to fix his car... all of that happened in several years in the same day, the 17th of August.

Well, you might say "well Robert de Niro is born on this day! It is obvious that he is a lucky man!" Well let me tell you, no, he is not. The man is rich but his life is hard, so hard... he doesn't know what to do with his money!
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