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A song-etry about Rhonda
You Make Me Happy
by Steve Cope
A Beautiful Wonder Song-etry

"Beautiful Wonder',"With This Kiss" 
we sealed the deal. 
We said “I Can Love You Like That” forever more.
When I first met you way back then, I heard Him say,

there is your wife and you know
I'll"Keep on Lovin' You"
until we meet again in heaven.

I was wondering how am I
going to "Make Her Love Me"? 
Then it came to me,
"Love Will Get A Hold Of You"

That's when I knew
Don't have to worry about you,
Because it was in God's hand
and I know one thing for true.

I' m gonna "Be Where You Are".
Someone once said
"Love Is In The Details"
And in His hands all things
Work out to His glory.

When I asked you to marry me
"You Gave Me The Answer"
I was hoping so to hear. 
“Write This Down" because
there's only one word; YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nothing's Going To Change" "Ooh la la"
I can say without pause
It's going to be you and me
in the marriage clause.

I'm "Losing Myself" in you
You, me, our love is always new. 
I'm "Lost" without you
In so many ways, only a shell

You complete me, this is true
Whether I wear green or blue
Your heart will forever beat in my chart.
You're the top of the charts!

A number one and primo Love
I'm going to play on the piano,
or maybe the Magnus chord organ. 
A"Love So Right" with all my might
I'll sing a new song for you

And to our love stay true.
When it seems like
we are walking “Against the Wind”
A prayer to the Lord we will send

And in an instant
His answer is Yea and amen.
The “Angel” will alight
And set things aright.

On this we all can depend
There is a “A Song The World Can Sing”
and a hope to which we can cling.
You can "Believe in Love"

When it fits so like a glove
The evidence is in and
No deliberation is needed.
With you and me there is love

“Forever Young” we will be
For we can so clearly see
God is in this LOVE and
His grace is "Coming Down" to lead  us"Evermore"

"Like a Child"
Your love makes me wild.
“My Sweet Lord" I will say
"This Is My Promise" to not stray

"Do You Believe in Magic?" 
There is no need,
for you see Jesus is the Holy One,
no seed needed. 

Lord Rhonda
“I Just Want to Be Your Everything”
"I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
and on there place a band.

I want to "Fly Like an Eagle"
and touch the sky
for you make me so happy!

There comes a time in the reading of my fellow author's reviews of my pieces, that I am blown away by the quality of them.  This is one example.  Witchy woman ; one of the Sly Foxes in the House of Florent did a review that she has allowed me to reproduce here.  Read and know that Lyn is an excellent author and a wonderful reviewer as well.  Thank you Lyn!

Hi Steve,

My name is Lyn, I am one of the sly foxes.

Title: You Make Me So Happy

First Impression: I recognize a lot of these song titles and then it made me wonder did I not see those in the last poem. I knew when Doves Cry but I can't say another title really stuck. This poem on the other hand I know the titles and they are jumping right out at me.

What needs your attention: In the title are you meaning entry or did you intend to spell it songetry.

What part I liked best: All the different love songs that contributed to your loving tribute to Rhonda. Losing Myself and Love is in The Details and Against the Wind are some of my favorites. Nothing is going to change stanza really stood out to me, marriage vows to me are indeed the greatest gift we can give our beloved ones. It took me almost a month to write mine for Vic, I wanted every word to be perfect.

Overall impression: The poem is really cool and the use of song titles adds to the readers entertainment and encourages her to linger, in fact I played several of the songs as I reviewed your poem just because I hadn't thought of them in a while. Thank you for taking me down memory lane. Again each stanza contributes to the next one making a beautiful poetic tribute to Rhonda.

Thank you for allowing me to read your work and to Fly Like an Eagle for a brief time. It has been my pleasure.

What does the Fox say????? A Song the World Can Sing *Heart*

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