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This is a story idea I have had in my head.There will be alot of changes to this.
Prologue – Draft 1

My life has always been a little complicated. Though it didn't start out that way. My life was once simple. I was a happy young child with wonderful parents. Of course this is all in past tense. What 'was' never will be again. In order to tell you about my present life I must tell you about my past. First you must understand what kind of world I live in. I live in the water realm, the realm of angels. There are five different realms. The water realm as I said is the realm in which the angels live in. The Earth Realm is where the mortals live, the humans. The Fire realm is where the Demons live. The Air Realm is where the Vampires dwell. Four different realms for the four most dominate species. There are over twenty different species in this world, thanks to science, and genetic mutation. Most is natural, but alot of the human based species are a result of humans trying to be better than all other species, its always been human nature to be dominate, above of everyone else. Now the last realm is the Spirit realm. The Spirit realm is where the four realms connect. There is a place in the spirit realm called 'The Four Mirrors' that is how you can go to different realms. If you need to go to another realm that is the place to go.

Each realm has a council. A council of four people who are expected to be able to represent their species well. One person out of that council is appointed to be a member of 'The Council of the Races' Four people are in the council. This council are the ones who make the world changing decisions, they keep the world spinning, whatever you want to call it. They deal out death if necessary. Death often attends their meetings to report to them who of importance has died. My father, John Irving Ethmmirirt was in this council, he represented the Angels. All the council members he worked with then have left, shortly after he left.

My family was very powerful. We were looked up upon as the ideal family. Life was bliss then. I have a brother, Sergei Cordell Ethmmirirt. We were close. My name is Asarael Elizabeth Ethmmirirt, and my parents disappeared fifteen years ago. When I was fifteen years old. They were gone for weeks. Those were the three most frightening weeks of my life. The fear of the unknown is the worst kind of fear you can face. An scientific organization that call themselves 'The Angels' had taken then. One thing you have to understand about my family is we were powerful, not just in the water realm but our blood. As angels we have predilections for something. My father had a predilection for all four elements. Often called an Elemental Angel, which is one of the most rare powers. My mother on the other hand had a predilection of light. Combining those things can make anyone powerful. 'The Angels' saw that and decided to use that as their advantage. After a few weeks their bodies was left on my porch, I buried them a mile away from my house. This was the one single event that changed my life. I remember silence, and shock, and being abandoned by everyone.

My brother felt nothing but pain after that happened, so he dealt with their death by following in his father's footsteps. He took his place in the council. The Council of the Angels, and The Council of the Races. He never returned home after that, I knew he never would. Me on the other hand, I didn't leave home for two years. I feared seeing the people I would knew, I didn't want to remember the way things were. The Angel realm put a blind eye to it. They pretended nothing happened. Typical. I still had a few friends for those few years. Sabriel Michelle Bylia with predilection of Guidance. Sabriel got married and she started her own life. Which I understand. Sabriel had such a nurturing aura about her, she always knew exactly what to say and when to say it. Willow Alexandra Zuline, with a predilection for Humanity was someone I loved dearly. She was an amazing person. She had insight, and this intuition that I cant describe to you in words. Gearwin Edwin Shikya was very shy, he always had a crush on Willow, I know their meant to be together. Their both madly in love with each other but neither of them seem to have the will to actually get together. Kurt on the other hand, Kurt Hayden Tanile. He really was the comic relief in any situation. Kurt was rather unique. He wasn't a full blood angel. He is only 3/4 angel and he is 1/4 shape-shifter. He can turn into a flea, which can be rather annoying. I wouldn't trade Kurt for the world. He will make anyone laugh not matter who you are.

Fifteen years after my parents died, the same organization that killed my parents attacked the water realm. Attacking an Angel of Light, he survived but the Angel Council felt that they should start striking back. So they form a group of 'Well Trained' Angels to serve some justice to 'The Angels.' I remember that day quite clearly. When we reached 'The Angels' headquarters we were way out numbered but by then it was too late. We had to fight. A part of me wished I had never volunteered to go with them, but I wanted to deal out my own personal revenge. One of those, scientist recognized me. He wanted me dead. After that the last thing I remember was a sharp pain in my side and alot of blood, I remember seeing too much blood. I remember how unbearable the pain was. A man picked me up and began dragging me. I remember the smell of alcohol, I had been taken to a bar. I remember the name 'Nyx' being screamed. By that time I was too injured to even care. I wanted to be dead. "you brought someone who was fighting the angels?" I clearly heard that being yelled, by some woman. Everything began to fade, Id lost too much blood. It was too late. I shouldn't have gone. It was too late.

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