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by Jaiam
Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #1559673
A Poem about internal choices.

What can save me,
From what I have become?
From what I now am?

No woman; no man;
No gift; no promise;
No threat; no tears;
No pains; no lie;
Only truth!

No trials; no tribulations;
No joys; no dreams;
No revelations; no words;
No victories; no defeats;
Only truth!

For I have come
To the ultimate abyss,
And am looking
Downward into it.

Deciding now and
For all eternity,
Shall I enter in,
Or, renounce it utterly,
To embrace the truth!

O Holy, Holy ONE,
These fools have said
That there is - no GOD!
And, I gave them time
To reason why.

Now, upon this great rock
Am I now breaking, and
Upon their great lie,
Do I stand gazing.

Hating all that I am.
Hating all that I see.
Hating all that lie can do,
And, what it has done to me.

To such an ending
Has arrogance brought me.
Thinking I could drink
From their deadly brew
And, not be undone.

Thinking to at least listen
To their reasoning
And yet, not myself
Be overcome.

So, here stand I,
Looking in; risking all.
I must either fall, or
Turn back forever to YOU
Oh GOD, and YOUR truth!

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