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by kartik
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Adbullah is on a quest to solve a mystery which plagues his Kingdom
                                                                      Chapter  1

King Mustafa and Queen Adixa, of the desert, were proud that they were exceptionally beautiful with fine features. They believed that everyone should be exceptionally fit and agile in everything they do.

Mustafa was the King of Utayza, which was very big. He was old but handsome, clever, and lived in a comfortable Palace. He was of happy disposition, and had ruled for nearly forty years in the kingdom of Utayza with little to be troubled about, for he ruled with an iron grip over his subjects. He was graceful and smooth in everything he did. He was admired for his heroic temperament. His hair fell down in white curls, and his head was covered with a golden yellow crown at all times. The queen, Adixa, was very elegant, remarkably graceful; and she had herself the highest value for beauty. Her long black hair, cascaded over her shoulders. The Queen laughed just about everything and when she was interested in something, her eyes grew wide, glowing like emerald green. Though the King and the Queen were married for many years, they still had mutual respect and trusted one another.

The royal couple had everything they wished for, but the King had a secret fear and a dark fantasy, he hoped that his fear would be overcome and his fantasy be fulfilled someday. He didn't think he could bear it if anybody ventured out of their kingdom and got hold of the Book of Maya.

King Mustafa feigned ignorance of anything beyond his kingdom and the vast desert which surrounded the kingdom. Sometimes the king would shiver in fear, wondering what his people would do if they got hold of the Book of Maya. It was rumored that the Book of Maya was far beyond the Kingdom and the desert, and that it was guarded by a Dragon and a witch. The last thing the king wanted was to incite the wrath of creatures such as Dragons and witches on his peaceful kingdom. It was of the utmost importance for the king to make sure that his people's heads were not muddled up with crazy ideas of happiness beyond the confines of his Kingdom.

When the King sat down for lunch one day, he did not notice anything unusual to suggest that something special was going to happen in his Palace. He drummed his fingers on his belly lightly as he took his seat and after being served, began his usual routine of eating breakfast very quickly. When he was finished, it dawned on him that his wife had not eaten with him.

The Queen was still in her chamber and the King failed to notice that the Queen was uneasy the whole time. He proceeded towards the Queen's chamber, and kissed the Queen. He then walked slowly to the stable, got on his horse and rode to survey his Kingdom.

It was a peculiar sight, the sky which was usually blue with patches of white, now turned purple and the clouds changed into red color.

"What is going on?" the King wondered as he galloped away, looking at the sky completely bewildered.

Quickly the sky turned back into light blue and the clouds turned white. The King was shaken, but did not doubt himself. He did not think that he hallucinated, for he was of the firm opinion that only the weak mind suffered from diseased imaginations.

As he rode on, he could see a black witch, flying on a broomstick looking steadfastly at him. And she was coming from the opposite direction. Before the King could react, he collided with the witch and she was knocked down from her broom. His fears prevailed, he put spurs to his horse, and rode away at full speed, pursued by the shouts and laughter of the witch.

He returned to his palace and had his guards secure the palace walls from outside intrusion. Perspiration formed across his forehead and dripped onto the white granite floor.

He did not mention these unusual occurrences to anybody in his palace, for he knew they would not understand.

" Gomarah should know the meaning of these strange events. It is better to discuss with him," the King thought.

" Guards! Go find Gomarah!" the King bellowed and then after he regained his breath, he continued, "tell him that the King wishes to see him. Take leave immediately!"

Quick as the wind, some of the guards left in search of Gomarah.

The King put down his purple cloak and planned to rest, when he heard the Queen groaning in agony.

When the Queen screamed in agony, her servants rushed to attend on her.

" Hashib, call the physician," the King ordered his body guard.

Meanwhile, another guard stood before the King, out of breath.
" We found Gomarah, your Majesty!"

" Don't keeping him waiting. Send him inside," the King said as he tried to wipe away the great beads of perspiration that had gathered on his brow.

Sure enough, Gomarah came and bowed to the King. Gomarah was a dwarf.He had a long, shaggy beard which extended to the floor. His sharp golden eyes, which shone like fireflies in the night, richly contrasted with the whiteness of his facial hair.

A loud wail from outside was heard. The King excused himself from Gomarah and rushed towards the gates, along with a group of his body guards.

He found a old woman crying pitifully.
"Why are you crying, woman? What ails you?"

"I have two sons, eighteen and twenty years of age. Both of them slipped away in the night, to the desert, "
she said and burst into fresh sobs.

The King frowned and said, "Well! what do you want me to do about it?"
The woman fell to her knees and said, "your Majesty, have mercy, send your guards in search of my sons. Help me!"

"What? you lost your two sons and now you want me to lose my guards as well? Go now, you wretch! You should have taught your children how to live a contented life. Now it's too late."

"Be gone!" the king shouted, closed the Gates and headed back to the palace.

The King annoyingly dismissed his guards. He then explained to Gomarah, who was still waiting in the King's Palace, the strange sights he encountered early in the morning.

"Your Ma-ajesty, " Gomarah stuttered.

"It surely is not a good omen" he said, much to the apprehension of the King.

"Your Majesty! it's a boy!" Ambu, the Queen's favorite servant interjected.

The King hurried to the Queen's room to have a glimpse of the baby. Much to the horror of the King, the baby's skin was blue in color.

The King was disgusted. The baby wriggled and cried most horribly. The Queen woke up and when she saw the baby, she too cried.

The King regained his composure and went back to talk with Gomarah.
" After a long time, a son is born. Alas, he is cursed!" sighed the King.

Gomarah advised the King to take care of the Prince.
"Do you think, Gomarah, that the witch cursed the baby?"

Gomarah was silent for a while.

"There are things which are in our control, my King, and there are things beyond our control. We should not worry about those things which are beyond our control."

"I have nothing more to say," Gomarah uttered dispassionately and then left the palace hurriedly.

The King increased the security of his Palace and made sure that there were guards with the Prince at all times.

A few years quickly passed. Nothing untoward had happened.

The King named the Prince, Abdullah. From a young age, the Prince had insatiable hunger for meat. He ate twice as much as the King and grew overwhelmingly obese. The blue color of his skin did not go away, much to the disappointment of the King. He had a natural inclination to taking rest than doing work. The King never tolerated laziness in anybody.

When Abdullah was ten years old, the King said,

" why don't you learn something of the arts? You only eat all the time!"

The Prince replied, " Father, I am the prince! Why should I learn anything. There is nothing I desire which I cannot get. Others study, work hard because they have to fill their belly. "

The King was displeased with the Prince's attitude.

"Enough now, Abdullah! I will be sending you away from the Palace. You will return only when you learn the arts."

"I am tired of seeing you waste away."

Abdullah disagreed and threw up a tantrum. The King thought within himself, "the moment he was born, I knew he would be good for nothing."

The King covered Abdullah with cloth from head to foot for he was terribly ashamed of the color of his son's skin and then said,

" Son, take this with you."

"What is it father?"

"That is a royal amulet, show it to Gomarah and he will take you in."

"Guards!" the king shouted and he clapped his hands.

All the guards rushed towards the King.

"Take my son to Gomarah."

The guards overpowered the young Prince who then begged the King to reconsider his decision. He promised to mend his ways.

The King, however, was adamant. And so the young Prince was thrown out of the Palace.
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