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In Afghanistan girls are not even allowed to attend schools!
Prior to the Taliban’s seizing of power, women in Afghanistan held jobs in hospitals, schools and in the civil service. There was a certain degree of freedom for women and they could try to develop themselves.

BUt that short lived. It has been established that when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 1996 a decree was issued forbidding women to leave their homes. The future of women became dark and the entire society began to suffer the consequences. Without educating girls and empowering women there is no way a society can progress. No wonder during the fudamentalists rule the country regressed horribly.

Later on, with the foreign invasion, girls started going to schools again and dream of a life with financial independence.

But these days fundamentalists are poisoning dozens of girls who attend schools so as to scare them off. 61 girls of one school in the Northern Afghanistan alone complained of symptoms of poisoning. The high school where the incident happened are attended by both girls and boys. Co-education is a greater crime in their eyes!

Earlier, in Parwan, another Afghan area, there was mass hospitalization of another group of girls after inhaling poisonous gas.

Conservative Afghans still oppose the education of girls, they want them confined to the four walls of the house.
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