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by Jaiam
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Christian Poetic Verse about a fictional battle between good and evil.
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Mary's Land was a land named for one who herself was named for that holiest Mary, that mother of the SON of GOD.
Holy in hearts and hopes once lived the folk of that place, till with the passing of the generations, many of them lost their way.
In seeking of pleasure, many erred, and gave heed to demon doctrines, false creeds, ideologies, or anything, that meant them not denying
The things they felt were gratifying.

Some stayed faithful though, and others, in time returned again to the truth they once knew, and in their hearts still loved above all else.
These folk of faith looking on, were frightened and were stunned at what Mary’s Land had now become.
Knowing beyond doubt that doors left open, though barely so, may let in terrors unimaginable.
And so it was.

In time, all of Mary’s Land soon faced a horror most dared not name.
Many indeed had even stopped believing in such superstitious things.
But this horror was real, and though it worked in shadow, it sought to claim all Mary’s Land as its own.

Heralds had been sent from Heaven, to give warning of the peril, and with small, still voice, had spoke often of the dangers coming.
And in every generation, some gave heed, and so endured a remnant of those who still believed, throughout Mary’s Land.
Others though resisted, and as hardened hearts will do, scorned those who loved their GOD as fools, knowing not what they were doing.
And so - evil grew.

The faithful, at times, tried to share their fears of what would become of Mary’s Land, if sin was not contained.
And a few who had fallen away, fearing for their souls, repented and sought salvation, but most did not.
And so - evil grew.

Mary’s Land, once fair and holy, more and more became the haunt of foul things, base desires - and demons; many, many demons.
None felt safe, or clean, not even those who did not believe in anything.
And, all noted that even in the light, there lingered everywhere a little bit of darkness.
But few listened to the warnings, or the dangers facing Mary’s Land.
For most wanted only to experience what they believed was “living.”
Regardless of the cost, regardless of the price, and Mary’s Land by then, was no longer a place of faith, but the abode of sin, and
Declared by evil, as part of its dominion.

Yet, when all seemed lost, the remnant called upon their GOD to stir their faith anew, as in the days of old, and with the banner of their
Lord going on before, and resolved beyond all fear, marched the faithful out to War – for Mary’s Land.

At once they were assailed from every quarter.

Fiends of hell struck furious blows from beyond the shadows.
Plagues, and ills, and trials uncounted, were hurled upon the good, and the lovers of GOD, till none were free of suffering.
Yet the folk of faith would not turn back from this their task, for they fought for Mary’s Land, and for their GOD, and so, the battle raged on.

Then laws unwholesome were made to quell them, by those who had been their fellow men, but who now had come to hate
The faithful folk of Mary’s Land.
Holy words, and deeds, and doctrines sacred, were renamed as acts, and speech of hatred.
Even scripture was twisted and without fear, misrepresented by liars, and by the retched, who hoped to gain by siding with the powers of the day.
Who themselves were confused and led astray by that which they denied existed, and to what they had long since to, their very souls submitted.
But the good did not yield to these deceivers, or to the deceived.
Many, many others did though, and unwittingly, became allied with the enemy.

Others, who would not side openly with those of sin, spoke instead of open mindedness, and of a belief in a faith based on a god who forgave,
No matter what a sinner did.
And they questioned sin itself, saying “who am I to judge what another does, or to call it wrong.”
These spoke often of inclusion, of love, and that all believes were equal, and of living, and letting live.
While also speaking out against the faithful and the true, calling them intolerant.
And they hated all who would not bend with the winds of modern thinking, and they mocked the folk of faith and reveled in their suffering.
Yet, the folk of faith endured it all, and fought they on, for Mary’s Land.

But then that horror, long dismissed, came forth from out the shadows, arrayed for battle and for slaughter, it now walked openly about.
And with it came the hosts of hell, and worse, mortal minions, by the thousands rallied openly, to its side.
None now dared deny what should have never been denied, and every mortal chose with which side to make a stand, that of evil,
Or that of the faithful folk of Mary’s Land.

Began then the true fight, not just for life, but for salvation, and damnation, and life after what we call life.
Not with words now, nor laws, did the two camps strive, but battle open and fierce, with weapons deadly to both sides.

Against their foes, the folk of Mary’s Land stood strong.
Long they battled, and though they smote many of their enemies, many of the faithful also fell, slain by hurts that struck deep,
Far too deep to live still within this world.
Worse still, many of their wounds were struck by former friends, and so those wounds cut deepest, and in doing so, shattered all hope
That any from the other side might yet be saved.
Still, the faithful remnant battled on - for Mary’s Land.

Swelled were the ranks of sin by those who, though human, sided with the Fiend, and even called him king.
Numbered with them were those who cared no more for righteousness, or holiness, but only for what they thought to gain, i
If evil won the day.
And lastly stood with them, those who hated everyone and everything, especially GOD.
These most violently attacked the folk of faith, doing them great harm.
But the faithful stayed strong, and lifted prayers up for the fallen, and for Mary’s Land, and for aid from Heaven, and they fought on.

And the KING of Heaven heard their prayers!

Moved by their valor and their faith, HE deemed their penance paid, and so sent HE all the souls of every generation
Of the fallen faithful of Mary’s Land to their aid.
With that, a saintly host poured forth, marvelous and gleaming, and sped they down to help their brethren, and they fought with power,
Against the Hosts of hell.

The battle swayed to and fro, and none knew with any certainty, which side would win.
Till a simple child of faith, fought a way straight through to where the Fiend had made its stand, and crying,
“FOR GOD AND THE LAMB” - struck it down.

Named for the Angel Michael, had been this child.
And Michael, looking down from heaven, smiled, and said “Yes child – FOR GOD AND THE LAMB, now rally your folk,
And make safe all of MARY’s LAND.”
And with the fall of the Fiend, the child called for the faithful to strike boldly and the Host of Hell were routed utterly.
Evil was then slain wherever it was encountered, and Mary’s Land was saved, by the faithful, and the true, and the courage of a little child.

The halls of error, which had bred and spread evil’s deceiving doctrines, were torn down, and finding lurking there the last
Of the unwholesome things of Hell, the faithful drove those horrors out.
Then, built they anew all the ancient shrines and alters that had so long laid in ruin, in Mary’s Land.
And they rededicated these places and their lives to the LORD of Heaven, and their SAVIOR, the child of Mary.

In time, the word of what had happened in Mary’s Land spread.
Others, in other places, began to make a stand and to battle evil In their lands, and to restore their holy places.
But evil lingered on in others, and took root.
And for now It waits, knowing mortals will falter, and forget, and be drawn to the pleasures that they love.
Then it can strike anew.
As evil will, and can.
Yet, never again will it ever thrive in Mary’s Land.

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