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Love and Me.

you are everything to me,

I love it when you say sweet things to me!

you became my world in a blink of an eye,

and I am grateful to GOD,

for I am very bless to have you in my life!

when I see the messages you left me,

it makes me happy,

it makes me smile so much!

every word you say makes me blush,

they make my heart beat fast!

all I know is my heart beats fast because of you,

and no one else!

I love you...

and all I know is you are my boo,

the one who cares for me so much!

you take my breath away,

and when I talk to you,

I can forget everything else.

I say things that doesn't make sense sometimes,

but that's your effect on me!

right now,

I can say my heart beats only for you.

you said I am your world,

you also said that you'll love me forever more,

all I hope is it's the truth!

I feel like everything falls into place with you,

someday I really wish that I'll be able to be with you!

My boo,

I love you way to much to ever let you go!

everywhere I look,

everywhere I turn,

all I can think about is you

everything reminds me of you...

You are clouding up my mind,

it's hard to think about something else,

cause I always long for you,

my boo...

I miss you when we are apart,

and no matter how long it takes,

I always wait for you to come back!

the moment you return to me,

I want to whisper I love you into your ears,

I also want to say how much I missed you!

I want to know everything about you,

you made me head over heels in love with you!

I am so crazy about you,

and now I am sure that you are everything to me,

please my boo...

I begged you please,

don't ever let go of me!
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