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A co-worker had decided to try his talents elsewhere. I would miss him terribly. 7/31/98
This was written on the fly as we did not have enough time to give this extraordinary employee the "Going Away Party" that he deserved. I think he planned it that way.

He sits right next to me all day
Hard at work or hard at play.
He talks his own style of cool,
No one makes this man a fool.

He's low profile, smart and hip,
This dude is a professional trip.
He never gets rattled or bent out of shape,
His style should be caught on video tape.

Unbelievably understanding and sweet within
And all because of where he's been,
He knows and appreciates his fellow man,
All things are possible, with His will, Frank can

He made us laugh and ladies blush,
But no one wanted him to hush.
We embraced his good nature, humor and love,
For me, the co-worker from up above.

Always there to assist and teach,
This old transplanted Georgia peach.
I'll miss you intensely, always wishin'
Inter-Tel had a more dynamic vision.

They've cut our Olympic Team of Gold,
Collecting monies before they're old.
It's only their loss and they will see,
No one can ever replace Frank Kinney!

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