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A look at the classified ads in a Newspaper reveals; as to how the society feels.

1. Our desires are the outcome of our thinking. Our needs also spring up from our mental makeup. Things which play on our mind speak up in our prayers. Then, there are some cleaver people, be it businessmen or men of God, come forward to offer their services.  They do it in a befitting style. With colorful ads in papers that are already full of ads. It appears that entire world is out to help us. Reading their pleas and apparent sincerity, you start feeling guilty of not being able to utilize their services.

2. Nevertheless, issue is how to judge the pulse of society on  the basis of  prevailing ads?

3. I know  of India, so; I will talk of India. The entire nation seems to be fighting with the following issues, ( in that order):-

          (a)  Marriage (When will I get married?)

          (b)  Jobs

          (c)  Promotions

          (d)  Pimples

          (e)  Hair loss

          (f )  Fairness (Skin Only)

          (g)  Knee pain

          (h)  Erectile dysfunction

          (j )  diabetes

          (k)  dandruff  and so on........

4. There is another segment dealing with entirely different problems of:-

          (a) Griha Dosa (planetary system)

          (b) Vastu Dosa,(Architectural faults)

          (c) Dristi Dosa  (Black/Grey magic) etc.....

5. Terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, human rights, national security and national pride take the back seat. Nobody talks of them. Nobody wants them. Our national political Heroes have only to sell:-

          (a) Free Ration

          (b) Job reservation

          (c) Reservation in higher studies.

          (d) Subsidies (without accountability) and so on..

6. Past 62 years of independence and post three generations of independent India; our political Heroes (No, they are not Leaders) have successfully cultivated a totally self-respect less breed of anti nationals (whose patriotism ceases, the moment subsidy subsides). And these Heroes have been able to sell their wares successfully in succession (generation to generation, without any generation gap; as their families are duty-bound to serve the Nation, in succession.).

7. Why our political Heroes don't try to sell some new wares?


          (a) Guaranteed marriage of all nationals.

          (b) Free insurance on hair loss.

          (c) Fair treatment to all (with fairness cream)

          (d) Non practicing allowance ( To the forced honest. Deprived of opportunities.)

          For guaranteed marriage of all Indians, import of spouse can be considered. Feminine famine nation, where even a prime minister like Mr Vajpayee remains single despite so many singularities floating around, duty free import of spouse has to be considered from "Population Unconscious" nations like Pakistan. After all Mr. Vajpayee got a proposal from Pakistan only. Can not it be a reason to grant MFN status to Pak?

8. They say India has freedom of speech. Will a Nation, which is still being prompted to be Bindas; ever demand anything for itself?

The present stock of national Heroes is old and worn out. Can this nation have a scheme; something like 'foreign Direct investment' ; allowing up to 49% of imported politicians in the parliament?

We are already at it anyway.

9. Why we, as a nation, can not say:-

          - give us opportunities rather than reservations.

          - Stop subsidy, remove disparities.

          - Stop prostitution of terms like SECULARISM,MINORITY,DALITS....

THEY ARE THERE BY NAME, BECAUSE YOU WANT INDIA TO BE LIKE THAT. FRAGMENTED WITH GAPS WHERE the POLITICIANS CAN WEDGE INTO AND THRIVE LIKE harmful WORMS. WHY COULD NOT THEY DEAL WITH THEM IN SIXTY YEARS. One party blames the other party of escorting terrorists to Kandhar and takes credit for sending in commandos in Mumbai. The other party is crying hoarse for Afjal's execution.

Who sees the logic? With two hundred lives at stake and a call for negotiation on one hand; and with almost similar number dead and no call for negotiation, on other; Can the things be treated as same? It is for USA,now, to tell us that we as a nation are weak in dealing with the terrorists. Are we destined to be mislead by these political Heroes (Zeroes)?


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