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Women and men are equal intellectually & otherwise, treat her equally
Women have always been oppressed and looked down upon as second class citizen by men everywhere. She has been made to suffer in all societies throughout the centuries.

Even though she enjoys equal status with man in the developed countries now, there is a lot of domestic violence there and she is beaten up and even killed by the ‘stronger’ man.

In the developing countries, her life is miserable. Parents abort a female fetus or practice female infanticide. Boys are preferentially treated and given proper education. Only about 50 per cent of girls are literate and they have to work from dawn to late in the night without payment or recognition. She has no say even in her own sexuality or in the number of children she has to conceive and deliver. She is subjected to physical torture, burning, beating to death, and all sorts of mental oppressions.

In the Middle East and in North Africa, young girls are subjected to the horrendous practice of female genital mutilation. When they grow up they may be kidnapped and raped to force them into marriage. Or, they may be killed to safeguard the honor of the family. Or still, she may be surrendered as a sex slave to patch up with an enemy family. Bride burning, stoning her to death, acid attacks (to disfigure them) and divorces at the will of the husband are all very common. She is confined to the four walls of the house attending to her husband, bearing, delivering and bringing up children.. She has to cover herself head to foot in a dark cloak and share the nuptial bed with a number of other women.

Men and women are created equal by nature-- their intelligence levels are the same. Man is physically superior but women generally are more patient and they have a better EQ. In the evolutionary history, men and women have been assigned different and distinct roles vital for the survival of the species and accordingly they evolved-- and women deserve a dignified life with self respect.

Is it not then fair to strive to make the life of women less painful and more dignified than what it is today? A society can progresses only with the empowerment of women. All of us are, in one way or other, involved with this cause.

Why not we take the solemn pledge now that;

1. Men and women are equal in all respects and that boys and girls are to be treated at par.
2. We will strive to stop the abortion of female fetus and female infanticide.
3. Boys and girls will be given equal opportunity for education and employment.
4. Dowry will not be given or taken for marriage (girls will have the right for equal share of the parents’ wealth)
5. We will fight against female genital mutilation, bride kidnapping, bride burning, acid attacks, honor killing, wife-bashing or stoning and domestic violence.
6. A divorce can be allowed only with the consent of both the partners through a legal institution.
7. A woman cannot be atoned for the sin of her family.
8. A woman has the right for divorce just like a man.
9. The husband and in-laws should treat her as a human being worthy of respect and love
10. We will try to stop to all kinds of eve-teasing and make our society safe for women at any time of the day or night.
11. Women can dress herself the way she wants and do a work of her liking.
12. The household chores will be shared if both are employed.
If you want to sign up, send your name and address to my email (professorpavarghese@yahoo.co.uk). Also mention how you can associate with this cause.
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