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Lucifer's Hammer
        Katya was just in her flowers and quite queerisom. She had taken the
    full length oval mirror, standing in her parents bedroom and laid it on the floor.
    Katya stared down at the mirror, straddling either side. She had removed her
    garments to see her secrets. This is what her mother called it. It did not look
    like it was part of her. She thought it strange and ugly, like a wound that
    would not heal.
        But, this was her secret place that could give her pleasure. Katya took
    her right hand and rubbed it. She felt warmth in her face and tingling
    over her body. Her nipples grew harder. She was excited and forgetfull of
    the open bay window behind her. A breeze over her back reminded her of the
    exposure. Katya turned flushed faced. There were boys accross the alley
    watching her from the flat roof of a tenament house. The boys were laughing.
        She ran from the room to the bathroom and locked the door.
    She was dripping wet with nectar. It tasted bitter sweet.
    How stupid she felt and filthy. She hated those boys.
    Katya would never expose herself to anyone again unless.
    If only she had shut the window.

    Chapter II

        That night Katya had a terrible dream. The boys stood around her bed
    stroking their cocks. Katya tried to pray to Jesus to make them go away.
    But, the ugliness would not leave her. She fell out of bed in a cold sweat.
    Katya was a honor student . She had already recieved her matriculation
    to Lenin's University. She study her texts.
        Outside their was a noise of breaking bottles. Katya looked through her
    drapes to see the boys drinking in the parking lot behind her apartment.
    She would never be rid of them. The boys urinated in the parking area
    onto her parents car. Katya was fearfull what would happen tomorrow,
    when her mother drove her to school. Should she tell her father what had
    happened? He would beat her and kill the boys.
        Katya put her mathmatics text asside and stared into her mirror.
    She made a clown face with her lipstick. "I will be a doctor." she whispered.
    Her mother entered and asked what all the noise out back was? Then, she
    stopped and stared at Katya's clown face. "What is wrong?" mother asked.
    Katya explained, telling only that the boys had seen her naked. Her mother's
    face was fierce as she threw open the window and threatened the boys with
    the police. They ran quickly from the parking lot.

    Chapter III

        Katya was fearfull to go to school. Her mother called her school to tell them
    Katya would not be attending class. Oksana, Katya's older sister, had come to
    visit. Mother had asked Oksana to visit to help Katya. Katya sat by her window.
    She was watching a pair of robins build a nest. Oksana sat down on the bed next
    to Katya. "Being good is not enough." Oksana said. Katya smiled. "There are two
    blue eggs in the nest." Katya replied and pointed to the nest extending her arm
    outside the window.
        Oksana said she could see the eggs and rubbed her sister's back. "Sometimes
    nothing can be solved. That is the trap. You must be carefull and live in the world."
    Oksana spoke softly and looked directly into her little sister's blue eyes. Tears
    ran down Katya's face, "But, the boys will catch me." The sisters embraced.
    "Do whatever you can to survive. Do not live in a cage." Oksana whispered into
    katya's left ear.
      Mother and father were proud of Oksana's service in the People's Army.
    Oksana was an officer and had married a commander. She had a son. Oksana
    had promised their parents that her friends in the police would speak with
    the boys. Katya was more confident after hearing this and promised to attend
    school tomorrow. Everyone was happy.

    Chapter IV

        Katya was nervous walking in the hallways to class. She had her girl friend
    Alana with her. Alana said she would hit the boys with her books if they started
    trouble, then Katya could run for help. But, the boys were quite. "Oh, Katya
    could you come to the blackboard and solve this equation?" the teacher asked.
    Katya could feel the boys watching her. She blushed as she solved the equation.
    "Do it with a mirror Katya!" a boy shouted. The class laughed at her.
        Katya was red faced. She cried and the teacher held her and told the class
    to be silent. Katya returned to her desk shaken. Alana told the boys to shut up.
    Alana was seated next to Katya and held her hand. "Katya! Will you marry Alana?"
    another boy shouted. The class laughed. The teacher ordered the two boys, who
    had shouted at Katya to the School Master's office. The class room was silent.
    The boys walked away smirking.
        Katya was fearfull what would happen when school was let out. She
    hoped her mother could get out of work on time to pick her up. Alana told
    Katya to use the School Master's phone to call Katya's mother at the factory.
    Katya's mother had already left work and could not be reached by phone.
    Alana and Katya stood behind the large glass doors at the front of the school,
    waiting for Katya's mother.
        The boys were accross the street, throwing a rubber ball around to each other.
    The car arrived for Katya. Alana and Katya ran inside to the back seat and told
    Katya mother to drive away quickly. The rubber ball bounced off the trunk of their
    car. Katya's mother beat her horn and shouted at the taunting boys. Her mother
    looked at Katya in the rearview mirror as she drove away, "Don't let them break you."

    Chapter V

        It was a long night for Katya. She could not sleep. Katya went to her bedroom
    window and climbed down to her friends balcony. It was easy for her. She had
    slipped out of her father's home this way many times. Alana was sleeping when
    she heard Katya tap on the window. "Do you want to play cards?" Katya asked smiling.
    Alana openned the window. The two girls sat on the floor with a deck of cards
    and some candle light.
        Alana broke the deck. Katya lay the first card down. It was the Empress.
    "You will be fruitfull." Katya smiled at Alana. The second card would tell the
    fate of the Empress. It was the Emperor. Katya lay this card accross the Empress.
    "A man of wisdom will protect you." Alana answered and kissed Katya on her lips.
    The cards were all favorable. The two girls lay in bed staring at each other.
        "When I lie with my husband. I will keep one eye open. So he does not suprise
    me in the night." Alana whispered looking into Katya's eyes. Katya laughed:
    "A wife cannot deny her husband anything." Alana roled over and stared at the
    shadows the trees made from the street lights: "I hope my children are boys.
    Daughters live in the shadows of men." Katya felt angry, "I will be a doctor. My
    husband will not stop me." Alana smiled at Katya and whispered, "He will spend
    all your money."
        The time had past. Katya climbed back up to her bedroom. She thought about
    the school and her reputation. She would not be driven away. Perhaps, she could
    find a boy to protect her. Egor was her favorite. He might help her. Katya felt
    confident and determined.

    Chapter Vl

          Katya walked to the Peoples Bank with her friends Alana and Katrina.
    She had her money from her job at the bakery. Katya waited to make her deposit
    at Egor's window. "Hello. I would like to make a deposit." she said. Egor smiled
    and took her bank book and money. "There. Would you like a checking account?"
    Egor asked and handed Katya her updated bank book.
          Katya giggled, "I would like to take you to the dance." Katya's friends were
    standing around her giggling too. There was a school dance scheduled. Egor was
    nervous and rubbed his blond hair with his left hand quickly. "Hah! Katya you are
    very fast. Yes! I will pick you up at 3:00?" Egor snorted. The girls squeeled and
    looked at Katya with toothy smiles. "I will be waiting in my apartment. Don't be late."
    Katya spoke with confidence.
        Katya turned and walked staight back from the teller's window. Her girl
    friends pounced on her and tickled her outside the bank. "Katya I could never be
    so bold." Alana laughed. Katya stood up and dusted off her pants, "Boys are like
    children. You must be firm with them." The girls followed Katya all day long.
    They were in awe of her.
        Katya's mother was not happy about the date with Egor: "What do you know
    about this boy?" Katrina step forward and said she knew Egor's family and he
    was a good boy and the dance would be chaperoned at the school. Alana said
    Egor was very bright and the captain of the boxing team. Katya's mother shook
    her head, "A girl should not ask boys for dates. Do you want the boys to think
    you are fast?" Katya was startled to hear the word "fast." It was the same word
    Egor had used. Would Egor take advantage of her?

    Chapter Vll

        Egor was a wonderfull dancer. Katya felt his strong hand behind her back
    as they spun about the dance floor. She was falling in love. The room was
    decorated with brightly colored ribbons and balloons. It all seemed to sparkle
    like a dream. They sat at a table with Alana and her date Yuri and Katrina's
    boy friend Aleksei. "Your hand is so cold Katya. Do you need my jacket."
    Egor rubbed Katya's hands and kissed her on her right cheek. Katya blushed
    and her girl friends smiled toothy smiles.
        The record player played "Paper Moon". It was at that moment Katya could
    not resist kissing Egor. She put her hand behind his head. Alana and Katrina
    followed Katya's lead and kissed their boy friends. Miss Vicky tapped on her
    glass of punch with her pen, "Just a kiss. No more." Miss Vicky was a
    chaparone and had walked over when the kissing started.
        Egor sat back in his chair with his right arm over the back. "It is getting
    late. We should get some rest for exams tomorrow." he smirked. Katya
    smiled and it was late for her. Her father would be coming soon to pick her
    and her friends up in his truck. "Katya would you like to ride with me?" he
    asked. He had his own car. Alana and Katrina shook their heads no.
    Katya wanted to go with Egor, but she still did not trust him. "I will wait for
    my father." she smiled.
        Egor kissed Katya, "You are still a girl. When will you be a woman?"
    Katya did not know how to answer. She did not want to spoil this wonderfull
    evening. "I want to see you again. Could we get together this weekend?"
    Egor pressed on. "Yes! But, I must get permission from my parents."
    her answer caught in her throat. She was still a girl and not an independent
    woman. Egor smiled, "I hope your parents like me. I am
    going to dog your every step." Then he kissed Katya's throat and cheek
    and lips. She was feeling dizzy and worried about her knew desire to please
    Egor and her parents.

    Chapter Vlll

        Egor was true to his word. Wherever Katya went she would meet Egor.
    Egor would walk with Katya back from her job at the bakery. Egor would talk
    with Katya at her locker in school and walk with her in the hallways. Egor
    was a senior and didn't attend Katya's freshman classes accept for the
    leactures on the "Ideals of Capitalism." Every student had to attend
    in the auditorium.
        Professor Sowell began the lecture with a question, "What is the function
    of goverment?" Katya was seated next to Egor and leapt to her feat, "To
    protect the welfare of the people and the sovereignty of the state!" The professor
    smiled and nodded his head slowly. "That is correct Katya. Capitalism unchecked
    will undermine our country and our people. The irony of capitalism turns everything
    upside down. And if we are not so crazy as to be driven by greed, there will be
    enough for every worker to own. The government is for the people; built by the people.
    It is our hope for peace and prosperity."
        The auditorium filled with applause. Katya could not smile any wider. Egor looked
    at Katya and slid a gold ring on her finger. Katya was breathless and wrapped
    her arms about Egor's neck and they kissed. "Free people do not break with the
    law and fight in the streets. There is a process within the laws of government to
    bring justice for everyone. You are the people. You are your country!" the
    professor hollered and the auditorium filled with cheers.
        Katya left the auditorium with Egor. Her friends Alana and Katrina had gone
    home. This was the first time she was alone with Egor. "I will drive you home?"
    Egor asked. "My mother is late from work. Do you truely want to marry me?"
    Katya voice was weak and high. "Yes. I know you will be wife. You are a good
    woman." Egor answered looking directly into Katya's blue eyes. Katya looked
    down the road in  front of the school for her mother's car. She could not see it.
    "I will go with you Egor. We will go directly to my home." she tried to be firm,
    but her voice wavered.

    Chapter Vlll

        Egor drove Katya to her apartment building. Her mother was not happy to
    see Katya with Egor at her front door. "Katya! I thought you were dead! That
    those boys had killed you!" her mother shouted. Her father came foward at
    Egor and gave him a killer look. "This is my daughter. I decide who she will
    spend her time with." her father said in a growl.
        Katya smiled nervously, "Egor gave me a ring. We are engaged." Her
    mother turned pale, "She is a child! I will speak to your parents; Egor."
    "I do not need permission from parents. I live on my own." Egor answered
    calmly. He was not intimated by Katya's father or mother. "We will go to
    the registration department and make our application for marriage." Egor
    continued in a very calm manner.
        Katya's father shook his head, "Katya do you wish to live here?"
    Katya ran to her father and hugged him, "Yes! Until I marry Egor." Egor smiled.
    Her mother was very angry. "I will leave my fiancie with you. I will drive her
    to school tomorrow." Egor statement was like a command. "You do not
    tell me what to do!" Katya's mother shouted; "I drive my daughter!"
    Egor smiled, "I will allow this until I marry your daughter."
        The battle over Katya had begun. Katya wondered how she could continue
    her studies to be a doctor and be Egor's wife. She was thinking about the
    children they would have and her career. When Egor left; Katya's mother
    and father tried to pursuade her not marry until she had matriculated to
    the university. They wanted a better life for their daughter then the lives they
    had. Katya could not put asside her love for Egor.

    Chapter X

        A family meeting was arranged. Egor's father had been killed in the war.
  His mother Hannah had raised him. Hannah worked at the supermarket as a
  manager. She was very proud of Egor and suspicious of Katya. "Do not tell
  me you are innocent Katya. You asked Egor to the dance. You are fast."
  Hannah said. "My daughter is a child. She does not know what she is in for.
  Egor should know better than to play with little girls." Katya's mother's voice
  was breaking with tears.
      "Ha. Katya is old enough to marry. She knows what she is doing." Hannah
  pinched Katya's face. Katya pushed back her chair and ran to Egor's embrace.
  "Mother stop it. This is the woman I love." Egor was firm. Hannah curled her lips
  and looked away. There was a knock at the door. Katya's mother smiled and
  went to answer the door.
      "Ah. Please come and join us." Katya's mother voice was coy as she escorted
  a young woman into the dining room. Egor looked at her in amazement. "Sasha?"
  he queeried. "Hello Egor. Did you forget me?" "No. No. I thought we would never
  meet again." Egor was shaken. "It was two years ago we met during your studies
  at Oxford." Sasha answered with a tired expression; "You promised to marry me."
  Katya broke free of Egor, "You what? There is another.. how-how many women
  have you had?" "Oh. He's a lover boy." Sasha motioned to the door and a boy
  ran over to embrace her; "This is our son Nicholai."
      Katya grabbed the decanter of peach schnapps and poured a glass. Her hands
  were shaking as the decanter tapped on the lip of the glass. "Katya you should
  not drink this." Katya's mother took the glass and swallowed the contents.
  Katya's father laughed and poured himself a drink. "So what?" Hannah poured
  a glass of schnapps for herself and sipped it; savoring it.  "My son is a handsome
  young man. Women throw themselves at him. She should have been more
  carefull." Hannah sat down at the dining room table and ate some potatoe chips.
      Katya sat in the corner of the room in a french chair. She had been decieved.
  "I will not marry Egor!" she anounced with tears. Egor rubbed his head with both
  hands. "Katya. I did not know. I was foolish, but I love you. Please do not let
  me go." Egor face was pale and his eyes hollow. Sasha picked up Nicholai and
  smiled, "Do you love your son?" Egor looked desperately about the room and
  finally at his son, "Yes. I will always be his father."  Sasha slapped Egor accross
  his face, "Why didn't you answer my letters?!"

  Chapter Xl

      The family meeting was over. Katya's hope for a man to protect her had ended.
  Will I ever feel safe? Can I ever sleep with both eyes shut? Katya's doubted she
  could ever trust men. "They are too fast", she thought. But, she wanted to be
  a mother to have a family. How could she? The pressure of this day drove Katya
  to her bed. "I will grow old and ugly and no one will care when I die." she wept
  into her pillow.
      There was a tapping at her window. It was Egor. Katya stared at him, then
  slowly rose from her bed and unlocked the window. "Please understand. I did not
  love Sasha. I love you Katya." Egor kissed Katya. "How will your son Nicholai
  feel about this?" Katya asked. Egor sighed, "I love my son and will be his father."
  "I am not stupid. Sasha wants you back." Katya fell back into her bed.
  "I cannot do everything!" Egor paced by the window, "She lives in England.
  We can visit Nicholai and raise a family here." Katya looked at Egor and then
  rolled under her covers, "Go away. You are too much trouble." She took off
  her ring and tossed it onto the floor infront of him.
      "You are still a child." Egor said and put the ring into his pocket. "Yeah!
  Now, get lost!" Katya was finished with Egor. But, she knew she could find
  another young man. She was still in her flowers and a prize for any man.
  It was a scientific process that she formulated in her keen femine intuition.
  She would solve this like an equation. And she would win. Egor crawled
  back out the widow. Katya locked it behind him.

  Chapter Xll

      Katya began her study, "Only a man of God can be complete to do
  good works." Timothy 3:16-17 and then,  "For a female the most important
  activity is to avoid squandering her limited supply of eggs. For a male his
  most important task is to find a female capable of bearing healthy offspring.
  Physical appearance suggesting fertility are the cues to sexual attraction."
  Charles Darwin (The Descent of Man). Religion was discouraged at school.
  It was consider superstious and counter cultural to the dialectical process.
  Katya still believed in God. She would try to combine the two ideologies
      Kira was a single woman and an important member of the politburo.
  Katya knocked on her door. Kira was happy to see Katya and answer her
  questions. "It is foolish to look for a man to provide for you. You must be
  ready to live on your own. What will you do if your husband leaves you?
  Become a Doctor first and then a wife." Katya sat quitely and looked
  through Kira's photo album. "Is this your sister's wedding photos?
  Are these her children?" Katya passed the album over to Kira.
      Kira ran her fingers about the pages, "Yes my sister is very happy.
  She is lucky. I chose to put my service to the party above all other things.
  I serve the proletariot and decide the fate of hundreds of families. I am
  married to our country. I could not have achieved this with a husband
  and child to please." Katya thought this was too harsh a life, but did
  not dare offend Kira. She could stop Katya's career.

  Chapter Xlll

      Katya had saved her money for a new dress.  She stood infront of the
  dresses and admired their lovely fabric. "Katya! Have you come to buy one
  of my dresses?" It was Jaspher the tailor. Katya smiled a toothy smile and
  nodded nervously. "Well, try this one." Jaspher held out a red strapless full
  length gown. "Oh, no. I want something like this." she took a canary yellow
  dress off a rack. It had bell a shape skirt and square neckline with short sleves.
  "That is nice. Go and try it on." Jaspher pointed to the dressing room in the
  back of the shop.
      In a few minutes Katya was standing in the yellow bell dress. She spun
  about infront of the three full length mirrors. "You can't wear those boots."
  Jaspher smiled and handed Katya a pair of red strapped heels. Katya was
  ecstatic. She did a two step and waved her skirt. Katya looked at Jaspher
  folding skirts, "Jaspher. Why have you never married?" Jaspher looked
  over his spectacles, "I never felt that strongly about a woman."
      Katya looked puzzled, "Jaspher. Why are men always looking for trouble?"
  "Ha! You are growing wiser. For a man desire is a lot of pushing. For a woman
  it is a passion inside of her that she must take in and hold onto. Life is not
  fair. Men can walk away from their responsibilities. A woman is left with a baby
  to concider." Katya turned slightly back and forth infront of the mirrors.
  Jaspher was an unexpected source for her study.
      She spun about and leaned forward, "What was it like before the revolution?"
  Jaspher looked at Katya with tired eyes, "It was a time of great injustices and
  great achievements. Everyone worked for their own enrichment. No one cared
  about the poor or their country. Women were sold and used for selling anything
  for any purpose." Jaspher was upset by these memories and sat down to clean
  his glasses. Katya skipped over and hugged him, "You are the wisest man I  know."
  "They named this country after an explorer: Amerigo Vespucci. He was looking
  only for gold. Now the will of the people is the best law." Jaspher kissed Katya
  on her right cheek, "You will buy this dress?" "Oh, Yes!" she answered with a
  big smile.

  Chapter XlV

      Katya went home with her dress packaged. She was too shy to wear it
  out on the streets. Her parents thought it was a lovely dress. They told
  Katya that they were so concerned about her dating that they had arranged
  a meeting with the Rev. Powell. "How could you? We are not radicals!
  What if my school master hears about this? I could loose my scholarship."
  Katya shouted and clenched her teeth.
      Bing-bong! The front door bell rang. This was not a good time to entertain
  guess. It was the Rev. Powell. All of the churches had been closed for delinquent
  taxes. But, everyone knew it was because religion and politics don't mix.
  "Katya! The last time we met you were just a little girl. I baptized you. Now,
  what a beautiful lady you are." the Reverend embraced Katya and her parents.
  Katya had a frantic expression, "I am a loyal member of the party."
      The Reverend smiled and sat down at the dining room table with Katya's
  parents. Katya sat accross from her parents. The Reverend was at the head
  of the table. "Dating is a courtship that should lead to marriage. But, how do
  we know who is worth dating? Katya. Why did you choose Egor?" the Reverend
  was looking at his cracker as he put some cheese on it. Katya stared blankly
  at her parents, who looked back at her with smiles.
      "He had a good job. My friends told me he was a good boy and he is cute."
  Katya poured some beer into her glass. "Ahhhh. But, he has a son from a
  woman in England. You took the right steps. Why did you leave Egor?"
  Reverend Powell poured some beer. "What? I'm not looking for trouble.
  I want to be a doctor. I don't want unnecessary complications." katya was
  astonished at the Reverends question. But, she could not break her gaze
  with her parents.
      "If you truely love Egor, you would find a way to live with him and his
  family. Do you care more about your career?" the Reverend had some more
  crackers and cheese. Katya felt faint and could not answer. She looked
  plaintively at her parents. "Katya is a good girl. She was decieved by a
  play boy." Her mother spoke up. "I... will be a doctor." Katya's reply was
  weak. "You are not looking for a family. You are looking for a second
  income." The Reverend's voice was low and condemning.

  Chapter XV

        The next day at the bakery Katya felt dizzy. She tried to fold her bread and
  fainted. Her parents came to her bed at the hospital. "Katya. You have a baby inside you."
  her mother smiled and placed Katya's hand in her hand. There were tears in her
  mother's eyes. Katya could not believe it.+ "Katya. We will help you. You are a
  citizen and entitled to basic human rights." It was Kira. She had been standing behind
  Katya's parents. Katya sat up and smiled a toothy smile, "My scholarship?"
  "Every citizen has a right to higher learning and a family." said Kira and then she
  hugged and kissed Katya on both sides of the face. "Who is the father? Egor?"
  Katya's mother asked slowly.
        "Mama! I have only dated Egor for a month. I don't know how this happened.
  I thought I was a virgin." Katya looked honestly dismayed. "Well, this is not a miracle.
  Some man has violated you. Can you think of any opportunity a man might have had
  with you?" Her father's voice was harsh as he brushed back his hair from his forhead.
  It was obvious to Katya if she gave the name of the man she suspected; her father
  would kill him. "I don't know." her voice cracked. Kira rubbed the back of Katya head,
  "I will bring you the papers to sign for public assistance. The name of the father is not
  required." Kira smiled, "You will be a great doctor!" and left in a rush.
        Katya was ecstatic and laughed, "I have a career and a baby!" Katya's father leaned
  forward to his daughter, "I will question everyone you know." His eyes were red.
  Katya fell back into her pillow and pulled the cover up to her chin. "She could have been
  drugged." her mother replied and looked into her father's eyes; "You must take your
  blood preasure medication." Katya nodded and pulled the covers up to her nose.

  Chapter XVl

      Katya put on her yelow dress and red heels and walked down the hall from her
  parents apartment to the Wild' apartment. She rang the bell and Gunther answered,
  "Hello! Katya! That is a beautifull dress. Are you here to see Ethan?" She nodded
  with a big smile. Gunther's wife Rachael put out some sugar cookies and milk on
  the coffee table. "Ethan! Your friend Katya is here!" Rachael shouted. Ethan ran
  into the coffee table, "Katya! I have been calling you, but your mother says you have
  a new boy friend. Did you see me wave to you at the party meeting?"
      "Oh, I was so excited I did not notice." Katya replied with a toothy smile. Katya
  sat down slowly on the couch. She was feeling dizzy again. Ethan hopped up next to her.
  "Hey! No monkey bussiness on my couch!" Rachael laughed. Ethan and Gunther laughed.
  Katya took a gulp of milk and nibbled a cookie. "Ethan do you remember the long walk we took
  in the woods?" Katya asked smiling. "Oh. Yes. We were on a nature walk." Ethan looked
  nervously at his parents. "There was an open field of butter cups." Katya looked at her milk.
  Ethan began to turn red and quickly drank his milk. Gunther sat down on the chair to the
  right of Ethan. "Where are we going with this?" Gunther asked. Rachael stood with her
  arms folded. Her mouth openned and her eyes slowly widening.
      "I am carring Ethan's child." Katya stated. Gunther whistled and Rachael sat down on
the chair to the left of Katya. "Are you sure?" Rachael asked with her arms folded.
  "Yes." Katya looked Rachael directly into her eyes. "Kira is helping me fill out the papers
  for goverment assistence. I do not have to name the father. But, I wanted Ethan to know."
  Katya dipped half a sugar cookie in her milk and nibbled it. Gunther looked at Rachael
  and said, "Ethan will you marry Katya?" Ethan was frozen with one cookie in his right
  hand. Katya looked at Ethan, "I do need to marry. I want Ethan to be a part of his child's life."
  "How is Dimitri taking this?" Gunther asked. Dimitri was Katya's father. "He does not know."
  her replied was high pitched. "Dimitri does not like me." Ethan replied still holding his cookie
  and staring blankly at the pendulum clock on the opposite wall. Gunther rubbed
the back of Ethan's head, "Dimitri does not like Jews."


  Chapter XVll

      The Wild's door bell rang. It was Diana, Katya's mother. Katya stood
    up, "Mama! What are you doing here?" "Rachael called me. How did
    this happen? Have you lost your mind?" Diana arms waved about.
    "Ethan and I were playing in the woods. It just happened." Katya replied.
    "He's two years younger than you. He doesn't even have a job." Diana paced
    over to the manorah in the cupboard. "I have a paper route. And I have had
    my bar Mitsvah." Ethan voice cracked. Diana smiled on left side of her
    face, "You are a man.. now?"
        Gunther walked over to Diana, "There are other options. Let's talk in the
    kitchen." Katya kissed Ethan on his right cheek, "I will marry Ethan and
    we will have a family. Kira will help me with goverment assistance." Ethan
    hugged Katya and rubbed his face against hers. Diana sat down on the
    couch next to Katya, "Do you want to be a doctor?" "Yes. Kira said I will
    be a great doctor." Katya answered looking into her half empty glass
    of milk. "You don't have to do this. You can stop this. It's not too late."
    Gunther stood infront of the coffee table expressing his statement with
    his hands. Katya looked up at Gunther, "I know what I am doing."
      "I will bring your thiings over." Diana put both hands on her face; "Your
    father will never except this." Ethan put his arm around Katya, "I will
    ask the Rabbi to marry us." Katya smiled at Ethan, wiping tears off
    her face. Rachael was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the dripping
    fauset: "You will sleep in Ethan's room. Ethan. You will sleep on the
    couch." Diana hands were on her head and her elbows on her knees
    as she sat on the couch. "I... will tell.. Demitri tonight." Gunther
    motioned to Diana to join him and Rachael in the kitchen. They shut
    door behind them.+

    Chapter XVIII

        "I will keep the baby!" Katya stood against the refrigerator in the
    Wild's kitchen. "Katya. How can you explain this to the authorities?
    Ethan is only a boy. Do you want us all sworn to secrecy?" Gunther's
    words were gentle, but frightening to Katya. Ethan entered the kitchen
    and stood beside Katya. He took her hand. "I will be a good father.
    And will sign the papers to prove it." Ethan voice was stronger.
      There was a knock at the front door. Rachael went to answer it.
    Kira entered the kitchen, "We know who the father is." Rachael had
    telophoned Kira. "Well, this is truely a hardship case. The law will
    be lenient with you Katya, becuase of your young age. Do you wish
    to continue with the pregnancy?" Kira placed some papers on the
    kitchen table. Katya shuffled through them. One document asked
    for an abortion. The other family assistance. Katya signed the
    documents for family assistance. Diana broke down in tears.
      "What I don't understand is how could this happen? It was over so
    quickly. We roled around in the field and Katya wreastled with me
    and won." Ethan was talking very fast. "Oh.. God! Katya you raped
    my boy!" Rachael started wrapping and unwrapping a towel around
    her right hand. "It was not like that! I was having fun, but I couldn't
    pin Katya." Ethan shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "What matters
    now is that Katya and Ethan are given all the assistance that they need
    to raise a family." Kira responded and put the papers in her valise.
    "You said you were a virgin." Diana clenched the sink counter behind
    her as she stared at her daughter.
        "Mama. It wasn't sex. It was wreastling. I still feel like a virgin." Katya
    poured some more milk. She was feeling very thristy. "You will start to
    show after your finals. That is a blessing. The baby should be born
    before you enter the university." Kira was very calm and kissed Katya
    on her right cheek, then rushed out of the apartment. Ethan stepped
    up to the kitchen table where Katya was seated. "I will sleep with the
    mother of my child." He said with a firm voice. "You will sleep on the
    couch or I will make certain you never have children again." Rachael
    was serious and continued to wrap and unwrap the dish towel about her
    hand. Ethan sat down next to Katya and ate a bread stick.

    Chapter XVllll

        That night Katya sat in Ethan's bed and read her Bible. "And when he went
    to the Jordan to cut down wood to build a place to dwell." Katya whispered
    as she read; "the head of his axe fell into the water and God did make the
    iron swim upon the waters. God: said take it up. And Eliseus put out his hand
    and took it up. Eliseus sent to the king of Isreal saying: Beware that you not
    pass the river Jordan for the Syrians are there in ambush." Katya wondered
    why God loved the Jews more than his other children.+
          She worried about how to raise her child. There was a scratching
    noise at the bedroom window. It was Katrina and Alana. Katya ran to open
    the window. "How did you get to this side of the apartment?" Katya asked.
    "We climbed up the fire escape to the roof. And then, walked over to the
    fire escape outside your window." Katrina explained with a toothy smile.
    Alana put her hand on Katya's belly and then pressed her ear against the
    belly: "I don't feel anything moving." "It's too small." Katya smiled and
    pushed back onto the bed. Katrina looked at the Bible, "Katya are you
    feeling alright?" Katrina dropped the Bible on the floor and crawled onto
    the bed with Katya and Alana.
          "I like to read the Bible. It has many wise fables." Katya smiled and
    kissed Alana on the lips with her arms about her. Katrina squeezed
    Katya's breasts, "I think they're getting bigger." Alana reached up under
    Katrina's hands, "Yes. They are filling with milk." Katya giggled and
    fell back onto her pillows. "You must choose a name for a boy. That way
    you will have a boy." Alana said. "I will love a daughter as much as a
    son. I like Simone." Katya ran her right hand through her red hair.
    "Simone?" Katrina made a sour face, "Why call her a hooker? Tatyana
    is a proper name for a lady." "I've always liked Chekov." Alana picked
    up the Bible, "4 Kings 6:5-7?" Katya had booked marked the place she 
    was reading. Alana gave Katya a worried look. "Oh. I just pick chapters
    randomly." Katya took the Bible and placed it on the lamp table beside
    her bed, "A God, who is not bound by natural law is immoral and can
    not be measured in rational terms." Alana and Katrina looked confused,
    but snuggled up beside Katya.

    Chapter XVllll

        Katya dreamed about her daughter. Her daughter stood naked at
    the end of the bed. "Katya. May I lie with you?" the little girl asked.
    Katya squinted at her and saw she was aroused: "Ethan?" It was
    Ethan. He crawled up on the bed. "Ethan. Your mother has forbidden
    you to come to my bed." Katya whispered and put her right hand
    against his left shoulder. "This is my bed and you are my wife."
    Ethan pushed passed Katya's hands and hugged her.
        Katya could not deny what Ethan had said and in that moment
    of hesitation Ethan sliped under the covers. Katya could feel Ethan
    entering her; she twisted away, but he held her from behind.
    "You are a better wreastler in your bed." Katya whispered. Then, she
    squeezed Ethan's sack as hard as she could. Ethan coughed and
    fell out of bed. "Do...you love me?" Ethan mumbled as he crawled
    back under the covers. Ethan's whet could not be stopped. He came
    on Katya's thighs and back.
        Katya smiled and took some of Ethan's issue on her fingers and
    licked them. She mouthed him and suckled on his member. Ethan's
    eyes were filled with tears. "I love you... everything!" he exclaimed
    extending his arms out. Katya grabbed hold of his arms and flipped
    herself on top off him to rut. "Ethan! Get out of there!" Ethan's mother
    stood at the bedroom doorway. The two lovers jumped apart.
          Rachael held Ethan by his left arm and slapped him accross the
    face. "Do I have to lock her in?!" Rachael eyes were wild as she shook
    Ethan and glared at him. Ethan could not answer. He was too firghten
    and could barely stand. He was still whet and ejaculated accross
    Rachael's right leg. Katya laughed. Rachael lifted Ethan up on his toes
    by his left arm and spanked him. This made more issue burst from
    Ethan's trembling naked body. "You will take a cold shower!" Rachael
    shouted and dragged Ethan away and slambed the bedroom door.
    Katya wanted to shower too,  but thought it unwise to ask Rachael.
    There was a strong down pour outside. Katya giggled and stepped
    naked onto the fire escape outside the window.
          She had brought her favorite soap. Katya climbed up to the flat tar
    roof and soaped herself in the rain. She sat in a puddle and giggled.
    Had she lost her mind? Too many shocking events had driven her to
    this roof. Katya stood on the edge of the roof in the pouring rain. She
    looked down at the rain falling on the pavement below. It would not hurt
    too much to let herself fall. She could hear laughter. It was the mean boys
    who had seen her naked in her parents room. Katya turned quickly
    and almost lost her balance. "Hey! Be carefull!" one of the boys grabbed
    Katya by her right arm and pulled her back. They were standing in a
    circle around her.


          Katya stumbled through the bedroom window. She was stiff and sore.
    She could taste all the mean boys she had. It wasn't her fault.
    They would have beaten her; although they never threatened her and
    some of it was wickedly exciting. Katya put on her nightgown and
    walked bow legged down the hall to the shower. The hot shower
    soothed her aching back and throbing mound. "Mmmmmm. The water
    is sweet." she said in a low voice as she rinced her mouth.
          Katya heard a man urinating into the toilet. She peeked out through
    the curtain. It was Gunther. He had just returned from his night job.
    "Katya? What are you doing up so late?" Gunther asked. It was 3:00am.
    "I just wanted a hot shower... Poppa." she smiled. And then she
    motioned with her hand for her nightgown, hanging on the back of the
    door. Gunther handed the nightgown to her and smiled. He left with
    a bow of his head, shutting the door behind him.
          Katya was feeling man hungry. A door had openned in her and
    she knew it would only be trouble. It was a spirit of diligence that
    moved her to continue her study human sexuality. "Saint Nisibis wept
    for the slight sins commited in the thoughtlessness of his boyhood. He
    refused the dignity of the priesthood. 'I have fed the infernal fire in my
    issue and have wandered from the path of Heaven. O my father, have
    pity on a sinful wretch and lead me on a rightous path.' Humility is the
    path which leads to abiding peace and God."(359AD) Katya read and
    postulated that a life of cellibacy was not a full life. "Humans are sexual.
    To deny this is to live an unbalanced life." she reasoned. Images of
    all the cocks she had taken flooded her. Her body convulsed.
    There was too much to assimulate. She fainted in her bed.

    Chapter XXl

        The mean boys were nice to Katya now. They waved to her with
    big toothy smiles. Katya walked the halls of her school with no worries.
    Alana was amazed, "Those boys worship you. They all want to be your
    friend." Katya smiled. She was excelling in all her studies, especially
    in human sexuality. "Alana do you love me?" Katya queeried. "Yes,
    of course. Why do you ask?" Alana looked confused and raised her
    right eye brow. Katya kissed Alana with an open mouth. Alana step back:
    "What has come over you Katya? Have you lost your mind?"
          "What are you saying? Am I mad to indulge the pleasure of my
    body? Am I selfish to offer myself to another with gentle loving
    embrace? Perhaps you have lost yourself in dull pretence. Are you
    happy? Are you living a full life?" Katya words were harsh. Alana stepped
    up close to Katya face and stared into her blue eyes. "You will
    destroy yourself. You must not indulge the beast within you.
    We live in a civilized world with laws to keep us sane. Do you want
    to be a doctor? Then, you must focus on that." Alana spoke softly
    and then kissed Katya passionately on the mouth. "You were right.
    I do live a lie. But, I will survive." Alana eyes filled with tears, then she
    quickly turned away. Katya' mother picked the girls up after school.
    It was a quiet ride.
          Diana had Oksana with her. "I hear rumors about you Katya.
    Are you fast with any boy?" Okasana leaned over the back of her seat to
    look at Katya. Katya smiled, "I love Ethan. The other boys are jealous."
    "I will protect you. But, you must not lie to me." Oksana spoke very
    slowly with a steady gaze. Katya nodded, "I only wish to marry Ethan
    and become a doctor." Alana eyes were very wide as she pressed back
    into the corner of the back car seat. "If necessary I will personally
    elliminate anyone who threatens you. That is what I do." Oksana smiled
    and turned forward in her seat. Katya was now aware of the danger
    in her experiment. She would have to be more carefull.

    Chapter XXll

            "Hello Katya. Heh-heh. Would you like a brooch?" It was the old
      Jewess gypsy Kelia. She sold jewlery from her van. "What? Go away!
      Just disappear!" Katya did not like her. The gypsy had a strange black
      orb in her hand. "Come let me tell you your fortune. He-heh." Kelia
      always laughed. "I don't know what you want, but I want nothing from
      you." Katya looked at the orb. There was something stiring inside it.
      "Ahhhh! Look Katya! Can you see your son?" Kelia raised the orb in her
      left hand toward Katya. . Katya stared at the swirling black mist in the
      gypsy's hand.
            The boy was a cyclops. "Lucifer sees through the left eye. But,
      your son sees from the point of light within the mind of God; from the
      center where good and evil are divided. He will be a great judge over
      the race of men. Heh-heh. And will seal the doors of justice!" Kelia
      spoke and pointed at Katya belly with forked fingers. "You have
      lost your brains! Get away from me! You stink!" Katya ran back to
      the Wild's apartment.
            Rachael and Gunther were still at work. Katya took a glass of milk
      to her bedroom. "What the hell are you doing?!" she had surprised
      Ethan. He was wearing Katya tights and sniffing her panty. He quickly
      dropped the blue panty and slipped under the covers. "I will buy a
      pad lock for my dresser draws!" Katya sat down on the edge of the bed
      and took off her boots. "Would like a sniff?" Katya held out her left
      boot to Ethan. Ethan took the boot and sniffed it. Katya made a sour
      face, "That's gross!" and threw her other boot at Ethan. He ducked it.
      Katya took off her yellow panty and threw it at Ethan. He caught and
      sniffed the crotch, then tasted it with the tip of his tongue.
            Katya laughed, "I am marring a dog!" Ethan leaped forward on his
      hands and knees. "I will sniff and lick you now." he said with a bark.
      Katya giggled as Ethan licked over the lips of her mound.
      She was wet all over Ethan's mouth. His cock plunged into her.
      "Donkey boy!" Katya gasped in rapture as she pulled at his sack.
      He bit at her right breast, then suckled. Katya growled and spanked
      him with her right hand. Her eyes roled back and she could hear the
      old gypsy, "a cyclops."


            "Soooo Katya you are sixteen and Ethan is fourteen?" Kira asked
      with a steady gaze. "Yes. We are very much in love and want to marry."
      Katya spoke before Ethan could. "Hmmm, well you are old enough to
      marry Katya, but Ethan is still legally a child. We will have some red tape.
      Gunther, Rachael would concent to this marriage?" "I think they are too
      young." Gunther answered. Rachael glared at Katya.
              Ethan stood up, "I am a man. Katya is the mother of my child.
      We are already married." Then he sat down. "Ah, yes. But, legally you
      are a child and cannot be held to any contract. Without your parents
      consent there can be no marriage certificate. Rachael do you wish to file
      a complaint against Katya?" Kira said watching Rachael's glaring
      disapproval. "I know Ethan was raped. But, I know Katya is carring his
      child. I do not want him abused anymore. We should have a marriage
      certificate to protect my son's baby." Rachael spoke skaking her head
      side to side.
              Katya folded her arms and scowled, "He enjoys it." Kira smiled
      and presented consent forms to Ethan's parents. They signed. "Now
      Ethan will need a physiological evaluation, since he is under the age of
      consent." Kira said and presented the consent forms to his parents.
      They signed. "The Department of Human Developement will send a
      councilor to your home. Gunther what are the sleeping arrangements?"
      Kira looked around the appartment. "Ethan sleeps on the couch and
      Katya in Ethan's room." Gunther answered. "They should not be
      sexually active until the marriage contract has been approved. These
      sleeping arrangements must be strictly maintained." Kira stated and
      then folded up her valise. After Kira left Ethan rubbed his face against
      Katya and whimpered like a dog. Rachael pulled Ethan away by the
      back of his shirt collar. "You behave yourself." Rachael chided Ethan
      and glared at Katya. Katya roled her eyes and picked up her home
      work. "I have to study now. Keep Ethan off my back." Katya snapped
      and shut Ethan's bedroom door behind her.
              "I don't like her." Rachael said coldly to Gunther. Ethan sat down
      on the couch to do his algebra home work. He broke a pensile.
      "It's all about money. . If I was rich nobody would tell me what to do!"
      Ethan muttered as he scribbled algebra. "Money does not come easily.
      It can take a lifetime to raise a family. You must think about your child.
      What can you do for him?" Gunther smiled and kissed Ethan's face.
      Then, he corrected some of Ethan's algebra.


              Katya liked to sit on the bench infront the great fountain to the
      angel Winged Victory. The sound of running water soothed her troubled
      mind. "Let every obey the New World Order for there is no authority
      except the law and all authority that exists is established by the people."
      These words were carved into the base of the statue. Katya made the
      sign of the cross over her face and openned her Bible. "A woman must
      listen in silence and be completely submissive. I do not permit a woman
      to act as a teacher, or in any way to have authority over a man; she
      must be quiet. For Adam was created first, Eve afterward; moreover it
      was not Adam who was deceived but the woman. It was she who was
      led astray and fell into sin (Tim.2:11-14) she read and heard a woman
      giggle behind her.
              "My God. You don't believe that?" it was a prostitute. Katya could
      see her license to prostitute attached to her blouse with a safty pin.
      "Go away! Vanish!" Katya waved her left hand at the prostitute. The woman
      smiled and sat down next her. "I don't take orders from you." she said
      and took Katya's Bible. "Give that back!" Katya reached for it and was
      pushed back. The woman was older and stronger. "I am Aphra."
      when she smiled her teeth were very white against her black skin.
      "Do you want to be a slave to a man? I tell men what to do and they
      pay me for it." Aphra flipped through the pages. Some of the boys
      that Katya had met on the roof walked up to her and Katya.
              "Katya! Are you a working girl?" the boys had some money for
      Aphra and handed some to Katya. "What? Where is your lisence?"
      Aphra stared at Katya, looking for a lisence to prostitute. "Do not
      talk to me like that! And give me my Bible!" Katya tried to push past
      Aphra's arm, but she was too strong. "It is illegal to perform a sex act
      in public. We must go to my apartment." Aphra stated as she stood
      and handed Katya's Bible back to her. The boys were all excited.
      "katya will you be coming too?" one of the boys asked. "No! Go get
      crabs!" Katya shouted. Aphra turned about and looked deadly at Katya
      "I am examined monthly by the board of health. That is why I have a
      license. Where is yours.. Ka-Ka?!"


              "Well, it's very rare. But, it appears you are pregnant and still
      intact." Doctor Cassy explained, "Sometimes the hymen can heal.
      I can also say that you have no signs of venereal deseases." Katya
      beathed a sigh of relief. The doctor handed Katya a small laminated
      certificate of good health. "Carry this with you." Cassy said. Katya
      looked outraged, "What are you saying? I am not a prostitute!"
      Doctor Cassy smiled a toothy smile, "Of course not. But, it is good
      to be certified: if you are sexually active." Katya took the laminated
      license of good health and placed it in her wallet. Cassy sat down
      next to Diana at the dining room table and nibbled a bread stick.
            "Ceremonies are silly." Katya said. Ethan placed a laurel of
      daisies on her head, "This symbolizes the beautity of our love."
      Katya stepped on the glass Ethan had placed in a towel on the floor.
      "With the breaking on this glass, I take you for me wife." Ethan said
      and then they kissed. Rachael begain to cry and Gunther held her.
      Diana was drinking Voka. "Mamma. Where is Poppa?" Katya asked.
      "He is coming." Diana said and drank some more Voka. Demitri never
      came. "Mental reservation drive us into a corner, where we have no
      right to keep secrets. There is no escape from the truth." said Rabbi
      Muzzy: "Katya will your child be a Jew?"
              Diana belched and ate a potatoe chip. "I am a loyal member
      of the people's party. I am not religious." Katya answered. "Ethan
      can you raise a child with an athiest?" Rabbi Muzzy stated calmly
      pointing at Katya's party member button. "She is not an athiest.
      She does not know what to believe. I will teach her that life comes
      from God." Ethan stepped infront of Katya confronting the Rabbi.
      Muzzy smiled, "You have much to learn about women. They are soft
      on the outside and are iron in the inside."


            "Can anyone explain what is science?" Miss Vicki asked her
    class. Alana stood up, "Knowledge based on the observation and
    testing of facts." Alana sat down next to Katya. "That is correct.
    facts are based on an ordered system of natural reason." Katya raised
    her hand, "Since sience involves a study of awareness. Can the
    conscience bear witness to what is the law?" "Well, Katya this is
    not a philosophy class, but science can distiguinish between a
    healthy mind and mental illness. Good citzens are rewarded." Miss
    Vicky smiled.
              Katya stood up, "Is there a science to war? " Miss Vicky
    looked at Katya. There was a uneasy silence in the class room.
    "War is a not a subject for this class. Katya we are not debating
    politics. This is a study of science." "Natural law states that only the
    strong should survive. Is not war a part of natural law?" Katya pressed on.
    "It is. However, politics can be irrational and people can be mislead
    by their emotions. Katya; we will not talk about this here. Sit down."
    Katya sat and worried about the future of her child in a world at war.
    She could feel her child moving inside her.+


            Katya ate her slice of lemon pie. She was seated in front the fountain:
      Winged Victory. A man approached her. "May I sit with you?" he asked.
      "Yes. I am having my lunch. I wish to read my book." Katya answered politely.
      Katya was reading about the "Naked Ape" by C.G.Yung. "Hmmm. Do you
      believe in God?" the man asked. "Shhhh! I am reading." Katya took another
      bite of her pie that she was holding in her left hand. Then, she turned the page
      of the book in her right hand with her left: still holding the slice of pie.
      "Who is the father?" the man looked at her pot belly. "Maybe, I'm just fat!"
      Katya looked angrily at the man.
            "No. Your not. I am Omar from the Department of Human Developement."
      Omar smiled and tipped his fedora. "You are following me?" her voice rose.
      "Katya. Kira is a very important party member and she has requested an
      investigation of you and Ethan. Yes. We are watching you." Omar's voice was
      soft, but his eyes were cold. "Tell me when did you discover that Ethan is the
      father of your child?" he looked directly into her eyes. Katya put down her pie
      and took a sip out of the small glass bottle of milk she had rested to her right.
      "It happened when we were on a nature walk in a field of butter cups." her face
      was tence. "Just like that? Did you have a relationship with Ethan? Or, did you
      take him?" he smiled and wiped some lemon pie from the corner of her mouth
      with his hankerchief.
            "No. We were playing... rough and rolled around. It was not planned." Katya
      felt her answer was weak and foolish. "Listen. I don't have to explain everything.
      It was sex. OK?" now she was angry. "Well. Katya your statement could be
      taken as a confession to rape. Ethan is only 14 and you are older and stronger
      than him. Do you understand what could happen?" Omar's voice deepened.
      "Don't you threaten me! I am not stupid. Ethan's parents consented to our
      marriage. No one has made a charge!" Katya dropped her book and then
      quickly picked it up. "The state is the protector of the people.
      We can intervene on the behalf of a citizen, who we believe is being exploited."
      Omar stood up and tipped his hat, then walked slowly around the fountain.


        Ethan ran his hands around Katya's round belly, then he kissed her.
    Katya sat propped up in their bed as she slowly turned her head to
    Ethan: "Why don't you just beat me with a stick?" Ethan slid back to
    his corner of the bed. Katya stared at him with tired eyes, "Have I
    traumatized you?" Ethan said nothing. He was fearfull of another
    beating. Katya turned her gaze up to the ceiling fan. She remembered
    the field of butter cups.
        There was a warm breeze blowing through their bedroom.
    "Do you remember the petals blowing in the wind?" Katya asked Ethan.
    "The petals?" he aswered timidly. "Yes. They were brilliant. When we
    first made love.+" "Oh! Yes; in the forest in the field. It was fun." Ethan
    smiled a silly toothy smile. Katya rolled her eyes back to the cieling
    fan. "There were bees buzzing." she said softly. Ethan nodded his head slowly.
    "We slept there a while." he added. Katya felt a cold shiver, "Get me a
        She streached to reach her Bible: "That they may possess the needy
    for money, and the poor for a pair of shoes(Amos 8:6)." "Ethan put on
    my white tights and red heels." she commanded. Ethan complied.
    "Stand up on that stool and stroke your cock." Katya smirked and
    sipped her lemonade. Ethan complied. Alana crawled through the
    window, "What are you doing Ethan?" Ethan jumped down and ran into
    the hall. The two girls laughed. Rachael slammed the bedroom door
    shut as she stomped down the hall, grabbing Ethan by his arm.
    Alana and Katya could hear Rachael shouting and spanking Ethan.
    "Did you bring the cards?" Katya asked Alana.
        Alana kissed Katya full on her mouth and gave her the Tarot.
    Katya drew the Ace of Pentacles. "Hmmm. That can be good or
    disastrous." Katya said. Alana put the the five of Wands on top.
    "You will prosper." Alana said and ran her right hand from Katya's belly
    button to her mound and back. The two girls begain to kiss passionately.
    The bedroom door burst openned, "Take your husband and get out!"
    Rachael screamed. Ethan had a bloody nose. Rachael tossed him to
    the floor. Gunther walked slowly into the room and Rachael ran over
    to his embrace. "No one is leaving. This is just not a great offence.
    Katya and Ethan will be more discreet." Gunther smiled at Ethan and
    walked Rachael, slowly under his arm, out of the bedroom. Katya turned
    on the radio a new band was playing, "Let it be. Let it be. Simple words of
    wisdom.. Mother Mary comes to me speaking simple words of wisdom.
    Let it be."

    Reflections: Lavabo inter innocentes manus meas: et circumdabo
                      altare tuum, Domine.(Ps 25:6)


        Diana had asked Katya to meet with Rev. Powell about Baptism.
    "This is very important for the spiritual well being of your child." the
    Reverend pleaded with Katya. "I am not superstitious. People can believe
    anything. I will educate my child to be a good citizen. I do not need
    magic potions." Katya replied. The Reverend placed his hands on Katya's
    belly, "Chistian's believe in the Bible, because we love the Divine Jesus."
    "If Jesus said the moon was full of green cheese; would you believe it?"
    Katya answered. "Jesus never said that. Jesus said those who do not
    believe in him will not be saved. Hold my hand Katya and pray for grace."
    the Reverend said and reached out for Katya's hand.
        Katya could feel her child kicking. "No! I will not play this wishing game."
    she shouted and pushed away the Reverend's hands. Ethan stepped
    forward, "Do Jews go to Hell? They do not believe in Jesus." "It is sad.
    That so many are blinded by this world. Only those who have accepted
    Jesus as their Lord and Savior can enjoy the full love of God's Kingdom.
    The saddest words of all are what might have been." Reverend Powell spoke,
    looked at Diana and shook his head. Doctor Cassy smiled, "Well, the baby
    should be healthy. You could have a grandchild any day now." Doctor Cassy
    put her hand on Katya's wrist and measured Katya's pulse. "You have a
    strong heart." the doctor said with a Cheasure Cat smile. "My wife needs
    to rest." Ethan took Katya by the arm and walked her out into the hall and
    back to his parent's apartment. "Ethan. I think the baby is coming." Katya
    whispered. ...


        "Bongo awoke in the woods. 'That was a nice dream.
        I dreamed I was back in the circus. I was Bongo the circus
        bear. I danced on a big ball and balanced a ball on my nose.'
        He was hungry. The deer and rabbit were too swift. He walked
        to the happy brook. Bongo caught many fish, leaping up the
        brook." Ethan stopped reading and wiped Katya's forehead.
        "Push Katya!" Doctor Cassy said, "Push! Push! Push!"

        Doctor Cassy held a baby boy up to Katya and Ethan.
        Then, she placed the baby in Katya's arms. Katya smiled
        and wiped the boys face with a towel. "What is his name
        Ethan?" Gunther asked. "Jarrett." Ethan said, "He will rule
        with a spear." Demitri laughed. Diana elbowed her husband
        to be silent. Then, she took some water and poured it on
        Jarrett's head. Katya smiled and wiped his head.

        Reflections: A new downpour, sudden, impetuous, unexpected
                        shall hinder two armies.
                        Stone, Heaven, Fire, shall fall over the sea.
                        A spear shall rise from the throne of David.
                        The Arab Empire shall roll back.
                                                          (Nostradamus 75:22-26)


        Alana visited Katya that night in the hospital. Katya was sitting up
    in bed cradling Jarrett. Ethan had gone to get something to eat.
    Alana took the amulet she always wore off and pressed it to the babes
    head. It was a pentagram. "I told you it would be a boy." Alana said.
    "Sing to me. Your voice is so soft." Katya replied. Alana sang in a

        "Early this morning he came knocking on my door.
        I said early this morning he came knocking on my door.
        I rise before the dawn and cry for help.
        My eyes are full of night.
        I pray the Lord to to save my life.
        I said hello Satan I believe its time to go.
        The Devil is locked inside my soul.
        He wont let me go.
        He said I'm not going to be happy
        until I give him my soul.
        I told him you do with by body.
        Its only dust.
        My soul is the Lords!
        I said early this morning he came knocking at my door."

  Katya smiled and kissed Alana full on the mouth. Ethan returned with
  two sandwiches. "Oh? I'll get another." Ethan scurried off. Alana and
  Katya giggled and tickled Jarrett.


  Quotquot autem.

  Again and again........ ..


      Katya flip through record albums at the Bull Moose. She liked the new
  Rock&Roll from England. "That's a funny way to carry your child." It was
  Egor. He had stepped up next to her at the record bin. "It is the traditional
  serape of my people. We once lived on hoarse back." "A Hun?" Egor gave
  a toothy smile. "We came from the Caspian steppes." Katya narrowed her
  steel blue eyes at Egor. "Beatles? Listen to this." Egor took a 45LP and
  played it on the store record player:

          "If I make some way
          to your home.
          Just make me one solid
          bed on your floor.
          I'll grab me an arm full
          of the train.
          To make me one solid
          bed on your floor."

  "Who's that?" Katya asked. "Ethal Waters: Saint Louis Blues. I haven't
  heard these Beatles. Are they good?" Egor asked and rubbed Jarrett's
  serape. Katya gigled and played: "Love." "Hmmm. There's a some Blues
  in there. Snappier. Katya. Would you like to hear my collection?" Egor
  looked directly into her blue eyes. Katya paused and then kissed Egor.
  "Let's have some fun!" Katya took Egor by his hand. Egor stood in his
  spot and pulled Katya back; "Will you love me and forget your husband?"
      Katya looked angrily at Egor and tried to break his hold on her hand.
  "What do you want?" she shouted. Egor smiled and released her; "You
  threw my mother's ring at me. Your no better than me." Egor turned
  away from Katya and walked out the Bull Moose. "Go back to Sasha!"
  Katya shouted. Everyone in the store looked over at her and the baby
  crying in the serape. Katya grabbed her Beatles' album and tossed it
  front of the cashier. "We all make mistakes." the cashier smiled.
  Katya' face was red: "Do not push me."


      "Saint Blase devoted the earlier years of his life to the study of
phylosphy and afterwards became a physician. In the practice of his
profession he saw so much of the miseries of life and the holownes of
worldly pleasure that he resolved to spend the rest of his days in the service
of God, and from being a healer of the bodily ailements to become a physician
of souls. He was martyred by the Emperor Licinius in 316ad. His body was torn
by hooks and finally he was beheaded."
      Katya read the yellow paper of her mother's calendar of The Lives of Certain Saints.
She thought about her turbulant marriage and ambition to become a Doctor
of Phycology. Was she vain? There is no cure for suffering. Perhaps she could
be a teacher or an officer of Human Developement. The human condition seemed
so decadent. Katya walked about the apartment the state had provided for her and
Ethan. She pressed Jarrett to her breast. He suckled. "I will be a Doctor and I will
help people live better lives." she whispered to Jarrett.
    Ethan rolled his bicycle in from school, "I have brought ground beef and beer!"
Alana and Katrina walked in with bags full of vegetables. "Let's have a meal and
dance!" Katrina giggled. Katya put on her Beatles record and played Paper Back Writer.
Ethan swung Jarrett about in a circle. "Be carefull! He's not a toy!" shouted Alana.
It was a good meal.

  Two must follow one and there maybe three.+


            They were naked.

                                Ethan cradled Jarrett and said,
                                "Out of the mouths of infants   
                                and of sucklings, Thou hast
                                perfected praise, because of
                                Thine enemies.(Ps.8:3)"

        Alana narrowed her eyes and said,
        "Thy name is in the whole earth.
        No storm shall shake the serenity
        of your of heart."

                                                Katrina put her hands up over
                                                her head like a ballerina.
                                                She stepped about on her toes:
                                                "A little time for laughter,
                                                A little time to sing.
                                                A little time to kiss and cling,
                                                And no more dancing after."

        Katya took Jarrett from Ethan.
        She placed him gently in his crib.
        She drew a cricle in chalk about him:
        "Remember all things
        and consider nothing great
        but this: do what Nature
        bids you and suffer what
        Life brings.+"

              Alana reached out to Ethan and Katya and Katrina.
              The four held hands in a circle about Jarrett.
              Katya looked at Alana, "I am not superstitious."
              Alana looked back at Katya, "You are here."
              Katrina giggled, "God is chalk between my toes."
              Ethan became aroused. They laughed.

    By and by they slept in one bed.
    Katya dreamt about the mean boys
    and the promiss she had made to love
    only Ethan. She pondered her study of
    human sexuality. She would not loose
    her objectivity. She was a scientist.


        "What kind of calendar is this?" Ethan had found Diana's book on
    The Lives of Certain Saints. "Just leave it alone." Katya walked up to
    Ethan with Jarrett suckling to her. "You wrote in the back: "I will be
    a great success. I have known since I was a child I can have whatever
    I desire. I do not need anyone. I am what I believe in.'" Katya stared
    blankly at Ethan and extended her left hand for the book. "Katya.
    You are my wife. You made a vow. This book tells me a different story.
    Do you love me? Can you be my wife and a mother?"
        Ethan handed the book to Katya, who found a page. "I say unto you,
    all things whatsoever you asked when you pray, believe that you shall
    recieve: and they shall come unto you." Katya read aloud and handed
    the book back to Ethan. "Who are you? You say you are a scientist,
    but you quote Jesus? We will not raise our child Christian!" Ethan
    gasped in fustration as he read the book: "The Emperor Marcus Aurelius,
    upon the miraculous healing of his son by Saint Apollinaris, published
    an edict forbading any pursecution of Christians. By a strange coincidence
    many high Jewish officials were put to death for accusing Chistrians on
    account of their religion. The Emperor did not have the courage to abolish
    the laws against Christians and as a consequence many were martyred,
    but their accusers were put to death.(175ad)" Ethan put the book down
    on top of Katya's copy of Realpolitik.
        "I am a Jew. Do you know me? Your son is a Jew. Do you understand
    what that means?" Ethan's voice was cracking. He was so shakened he sat
    down on the couch. "Concider the advice from a caterpillar, 'Keep your temper.'"
    Katya answered and then put Jarrett in his cradle. Ethan put both his hands
    over his face and fell backward accross the couch. Katya knelt beside him
    and gently kissed his lips. "You are my puppy." she whispered. Ethan had
    a nervous smile. This marriage was more than he had imagined. Katya sat
    like a Buddha and read the basics of psychoanalysis: "A reorientation of one's
    philosophy of life is necessary to avoid the onset or recurrence of mental
    disorder." She stood up and slipped on her red sandles. "Now what?"
    Ethan asked staring at Katya.
        Katya left her apartment and walked to the park where the statue of
    Winged Victory stood. It was the afternoon. A man aproached her as she
    stood looking into the fountain's waters. "Are you working here?" he asked
    with a smile. Katya turned about with her health certificate pinned to her
    canary yellow dress. "I am licenced." she replied. He was balding and
    pudgy. They found a room and it was over in a few hours. Katya counted
    the money she had earned. She placed it her shoe box. After a hot shower
    she slipped into bed with Ethan. "Well, did you enjoy your walk?" Ethan
    asked. "It was a release." she replied with a Mona Lisa smile. Ethan sighed
    and snuggled up to Katya.


        It had been a long day at Lenin's University. Katya entered Jaspher's
    dress shop. "Hell-o! Katya!" Jaspher walked over and hugged her.
    "Look at you. Your such a lady." he continued. "Do you have any new
    dresses?" Katya smiled. "Oh? You have some money? Well, this is new
    from England." Jaspher held up a very short shirt. "That's a shirt?" Katya
    could not believe how short it was. "They call it a mini-shirt. Try it on and
    wear these." he held out some thin looking tights.
        Katya could not believe how soft and fresh the tights felt. But her shirt
    was too short: everyone would see her red panties. "We have new panties!"
    Jaspher passed the strange v-shaped panties to Katya. Katya walked
    about the room in her mini. The new panties slipped between her butt cheeks.
    There was a small pink patch visable from the front when she walked. The
    tights felt heavenly and were a neon blue. The mini was plaid. "What are
    these tights made of?" Katya giggled and spun about on her toes.
    "Nylon. It is from New York." Jaspher smiled and gazed at Katya's bare
    breasts. "Your breast are fuller. Try this white captain's blouse. Katya
    put on the blouse and pretended to be sword dueling. "Katya. You might
    consider a bra. I have some with comfortable shoulder straps." Jaspher
    handed her a pink lace bra. Kayta made a sour face.
        "I don't like them. They are to binding." she handed it back with a
    giggle. Then, she jumped about the room as if she were dueling with
    a dozen sailors. "If someone sees my breasts. So what? You have seen
    them. Do you like them?" Katya asked while spinning about a pole.
    "Yes. But, I am not looking for trouble." Jaspher laughed. Katya slipped
    on her red heels and walked out to the street. Her captain's blouse covered
    her breasts slightly. One woman sapped, "Button up!" Her husband walking
    beside her had a toothy smile. A limo slowed beside her and followed her.
    The window lowered in the rear, "Need a ride?" Katya could see a
    handsome man through the window, "Yes!" She sat on the leather bench
    seat beside the handsome man. "I'm on my way to Paradise." the man said.
    "Where?" she didn't understand. "It's a club. Would you like to see it?"
    Katya shook her head, "Yes! I like new things!"

    Reflections: It was far accross the sea the Devil got a hold of me.
                      Around the world in circles he did stray.
                      I did say I think your leading me a stray.
                      And I could see his evil eyes.
                      For in those evil eyes there is no place in Paradice.


        A woman stood at microphone on a stage. She screamed and whipped
  her hair. "Heaven have mercy! Mercy for the weak. Mercy for the meak!"
  the woman sang and thrust the microphone stand between her legs,
  panting and groaning into the heavy steel mike. Katya sat in an open
  back chair. Her mini-skirt had slipped up over her broad bottom. Katya
  tried to pull the mini down as she watched the singer lick the chrome mike.
  "What is your name?" the man asked, while seated accross from Katya.
  "Katya!" she could barely hear him.
          "Teach me to love! I have been blind waiting for a sign! Beat me!
  Hold me hard! Fill me with love!" the singer screamed, whipping her hair
  forward and backward. Katya pointed at the man and mouthed "your name?"
  He leaned forward to her right ear "Marcus!" Just then Kira sat down at
  the table, "You have met?" Katya was ashant. Kira motioned them to a
  booth. "Katya. Have you been looking for trouble?" Kira asked with a
  Mona Lisa smile. "I was just curious." Katya looked down at the table.
  Kira motioned with her right hand to a man across the room. He stood
  at the table. Katya could see he was the man she had met at the
  Winged Victory. "This is an agent of mine. Mr. Kinderman." Kira said
  The agent winked at Katya and walked away.
        "Katya. Do not test me. I have sponsored you. My reputation is all
  I have. I will not let you be a whore." Kira spoke slowly as she brushed
  Katya's hair back with the finger tips of her left hand. "Marcus is my
  boy friend." Kira kissed Marcus. Katya began to understand the power
  that Kira had. "Marcus is a minister of the Central Inteligence." Kira spoke
  proudly with her chin up. "I will not dissappoint you." Kira said.
  "There is a fire in your blood. Quadi. But, you must learn to be descrete."
  Marcus answered and smiled. "If the boy is not enough for you, then you
  may come to this club. There are many men who would want a taste."
  Marcus continued and sipped his wine. Kira smiled at Marcus.
  "And there are many who could further your career." Kira said. Katya
  sipped her wine. She was nearing the end of her sexual experiment.


  Quo Vadis?


      "Alana when will you marry?" Katya asked as she slipped her face
  between Alana's legs. Alana laughed, "And live happily like you?" Katya
  bit Alana's clit. "Ah! You are not happy? How long will you live this lie?"
  Alana gasped and sat up in her bed, then rubbed some olive oil over her
  mound. "Happiness is a fantasy. I choose to love Ethan and as many
  who will love me." Katya continued and then spanked Alana's left butt
  cheek. "I have an apprentice vetarian position at the Police horse stables.
  You may visit and ride the horses." Alana smiled. "You will marry a
  policeman?" Katya asked, and looked with disbelief at Alana.
  Alana laughed.
      When Katya came home, Ethan was curled up on the couch.
  His back was to her. Katya grabbed Ethan's shoulder. He turned to
  show his beaten face. "Who did this to you?!" Katya screamed.
  "The boys at school said you were a whore. So I got into a fight
  and loss." Ethan shrugged and sat up. "Are you?" he asked as he
  swallowed some asprine. "Do not ask me stupid questions!" her voice
  was quavering. "Did you know life comes from rocks?" Ethan queeried.
  "What?" she replied her mouth dropped open. "I learned that today in
  science class. If a rock melts it releases gasses that are the chemical
  basis of water and air and life." he smiled at Katya. She swallowed some
  asprine. "I was hit in the head with the rock of ages." Ethan pointed to
  the blood coming down the back of his head. "Oh! Jesus! Katya stumbled
  for the phone...
      "He'll be fine. He needed a few stiches." Doctor Sckeens smiled
  and rubbed Katya's shoulder. "You brought this on my son! Your not
  fit to be a wife or mother!" Rachael cried and put her face into Gunther's
  chest. "Can we see Ethan?" Gunther asked the doctor. Doctor Sckeens
  was a petite woman with golden hair and a pleasant smile. "Well, I gave
  him a sedative. He is having severe head aches. The x-rays show no
  fractures. Yes. But, be quiet." the doctor responded and lead the family
  to Ethan's room. There were six other beds each with a patient in Ethan's
  room. The hospital was over crowed and under staffed. Rachael ran to her
  son, kissing his face and holding his right hand with both her hands to her
  her lips. "God save my child." she said repeatedly. Katya looked about
  at the other patients. "This place is full of sickness. We should take
  Ethan home." she said. "Not to your bed! Ethan is coming with us."
  Rachael picked up Ethan. "Do not move him! He needs to remain still."
  Doctor Sckeens exclaimed with amazement. Rachael held Ethan close
  to her and walked out of the room. "Orderly!" the doctor shouted.
        Several orderlies appeared infront of Rachael. "Put him back."
  Gunther gentlely guided his wife to Ethan's bed. "When faced with an
  opposing force you should choose the path of least resistance." Katya
  whispered to Rachael and put the bed sheet back over Ethan. The
  orderlies left with Rachael and Gunther. Katya asked to sit beside Ethan.
  When the doctor had left Katya picked Ethan up and quickly placed him
  in a wheel chair. She wheeled Ethan out of the hospital to Rachael and
  Gunther's truck. "He is going to our apartment." Rachael stated firmly.
  "I must comply." Katya smiled.

  Reflections: The basic building blocks of life can self-assemble
                    through entirely natural processes.
                    In 1953 Stanley Miller zapped a mixture of
                    "chemical soup" with artificial lightning resulting in
                    spontaneous assembly of amino acids and sugars.

      In the beginning there was chaos. The rocks themselves were
      alive. Out of the lightning of Wisdom came the Tree of life.+
      And giants walked the land. The Sons of God did take wives
      and the Prophets were born. The Tree of Life has roots in
      all things even onto the mind of God. Just as the Serpent sheds
      its skin so shall there be a new Heaven and Earth.

      So be it.


      "That girls at puberty may find
      The first Adam in their thoughts,
      Shut the door of the Pope's chapel,
      Keep those children out.
      There on the scaffolding reclines
      Michael Angelo.
      With no more sound than the mice make
      His hand moves to and fro.
      Like a long-legged fly upon the stream
      His mind moves upon the silence."
      <Long-Legged Fly, W. B. Yeats>

            Alana read the poem aloud to Jarrett as he slept. Katya had returned
        from the Wild' apartment. And she studied with Alana on the couch.
        "You are my first love." Katya said. Alana smiled. "But, something
        overtook me in the woods with Ethan.. I can not remember what." Katya
        looked confused as she studied her anatomy text. Alana kissed her face.
        "Was it God?" Katya continued. "We are all insane." Alana answered.
        "But, I never stole your virginity!" she laughed and shoved Katya.
        For the first time, Katya felt married again. For as long as it lasted,
        she was going to enjoy it.



            The girl's determination was overwhelming. Ethan felt a paralyzing
        panic as she rutted on top of him. "Safe... Safe. Safe." The word had
        become a mantra in the depths of his dreams. Was this a dream?
        He could feel an icy chill as she hung her hair over his face. "We
        don't have a choice." she whispered. There was an aura about them.
        And something was watching.
            "Kat?... Ka-ahhhhhhhh." his words fell away. This was not a dream.
        He could feel it. A threshold. A release. The heat of her body and breath
        covered him. The girls fingers tightened on his shoulders. Words rose
        from his mind, "Who are you?" His seed entered her. Empty dead eyes
        fixed on him: "Kim." Ethan shuddered: "Not real!" "Your mother asked
        me to ... fuck you." Kim answered with a smile. She was a Chinese girl.
            Ethan felt his head throb and drank some red wine. He walked slowly
        down the hall from his bedroom holding himself up with his right hand
        against the wall. "Did Kim bring you some dinner?" Racheal asked as
        she sat with Gunther eating Chinese' food in the kitchen. Ethan slumped
        against the doorway. Gunther caught him and guided him to a seat at
        the table. Kim appeared with Ethan's plate of honey dipped chinken and
        broccoli. "Would you like some shrimp?" Kim giggled. Rachael stood up
        and placed Ethan's plate before him, then she gave Kim a large tip and
        lead the petite girl out of the apartment. "Sometimes it's good to try new
        things." Gunther winked at his son and bit an egg role.

        ?It's a long, long, way from here to there!

        Reflections: The God Shiva is represented in the phallus. It can be
                          seen in relicts of men and dogs. The woman can make
                          congress with the lingam of Shiva by kissing, rubbing,
                          suckling or pressing the phallus into the clutch between
                          the thighs. In the deer position the man mounts the ass,
                          while the woman forces the lingam into her for masturbation.
                          The woman is proud of her skill and the man is happy to
                          mount her ass. These are the healing arts of Shiva.



        "Very God." Ethan dreamed. "God is in the earth." his dream was
    filled with vibrant flowers. He tried to recite his alphabet. But, the hebrew
    letters turned to a hail of rocks, stiking at him. "Break the tenth and
    ten thousandth link alike." he thought, but could not wake himself. ..
    How alien the spirit is in a dream. It does not act apon the harmony
    of life. It rebels. Ethan could see Jarrett in his cradel. The closer he
    came to Jarrett; the further the cradel would move away. Ethan clawed
    at the floor in his dream and pulled the cradel closer. His son had turned
    to stone.
        He awoke shouting for Jarrett. Rachael ran to his side. "I have to
    see that he's alright." Ethan pleaded. Rachael and Gunther held Ethan
    as he walked to the elevator. "Ethan?" Katya cried and embraced him.
    "I was dreaming about you." Ethan smiled at Katya. He kissed her and
    slowly made his way to Jarrett. The babe was asleep. "Do you believe
    in God?" Gunther asked Katya. Katya watched Ethan as he slipped
    into bed, then closed the door. She stood facing Gunther. "People
    can believe anything." she answered and walked Gunther and Rachael
    to the outside hallway. "I don't trust you." Rachael looked at Katya with
        "Justice, virtue, charity are born in faith. You must accept this or go mad."
    Gunther whispered into Katya's left ear. "Should I be mad? I know what is
    real and who are my friends. Pumkins do not turn into carriages and mice
    into horses. There is an order to things. God is science." Katya's answer
    left Ethan's parents with an uneasiness. Katya smiled and waved, then
    shut her apartment door against them.


          "Nonsence! He's just a babe. You are not circumcing him." Katya held Jarrett
    close. "It is the tradition of my people." said Ethan. He placed his hand on Jarrett's
    head. "It is sinful to mutilate him for supersitious rituals. I will not allow it!" Katya
    moved away from Ethan, holding Jarrett tight against her breasts. The babe begain
    to cry. She rocked him gently in her arms. "Please. Understand that I want Jarrett
    to know he is a Jew." Ethan pleaded with his hands reaching out. "He can read about it!
    Would you like me to nail him to a cross?" Katya put Jarrett into his cradel.
          "Have you thought about an anulment?" asked Rabbi Muzzy. Ethan had asked
    the Rabbi to help him pursuade Katya. "What? I love my wife. I don't she understands
    how important this is." Ethan voice was wavering. "Heh. She knows everything. Don't You?
    You have an answer for everything. But, God will not be ignored!" said Rabbi Muzzy as
    he walked out the apartment. "Wait! Wait! There must be a reasonable solution." Ethan
    called after the Rabbi, who shut the door behind him. Katya smiled and sat down on the
    couch. "I'm circumcised. Don't you like it? It's cleaner." Ethan stood over Katya waving
    his hands about. Katya unzipped Ethan's pants and pulled out Ethan's cock. She held
    it flat on her hand and looked at it. "Hmmmm. Looks like a strawberry on a twig." she
    answered and let it drop. Ethan stuffed himself back into his pants.
            "My father told me this would happen. He told me I had to be firm." Ethan said.
    He took his belt off. Katya stood up with her fists. Ethan was smaller than Katya.
    "Your my wife! And you will do as I say!" shouted Ethan as he shook his belt at Katya.
    Katya grabbed the belt and tugged Ethan off his feet and onto the floor. Ethan sprung
    back grabbing Katya's knees. She feel back onto the couch and kicked Ethan in the
    nose. He fell back on his butt, holding his bloody nose. "Agh! You broke it!" Ethan shouted
    and jumped on Katya's lap. She grabbed him and flipped him over her lap. Katya spanked Ethan
    with his own belt. Jarrett cried. Ethan struggled and wiggled free. Katya had his pants.
    Ethan stomped up demanding his pants. Katya wipped Ethan with his belt about his legs
    and across his groin. Ethan ran backwards and fell backwards over the coffee table.
    It was clear that Katya would rule the roost. "Are you finished?" she asked with a smirk.
    Then, she stroked Ethan's cock, "I like your strawberry. Do not push me or I will cut it off."
    Katya had a wide toothy smile. Ethan was deeply troubled, "I will call my parents!"


          "I want Jarrett to be raised Jewish." Ethan was calm and firm.
    Katya smirked, "He can have all the fantasy he likes, but you are not
    cutting his dick." Kira had been called to moderate, "Ethan you need
    to understand the marriage contract. If Katya seperates from you.
    You will only be allowed to visit Jarrett. The Department of Human
    Developement does not recognize religious rituals. You have no legal
    right to force Jarrett to be circumcised." "She is a whore! She has a
    certificate to prove it!" Rachael screamed and Gunther held her close.
    Katya produced her certificate and handed it to Kira. "Yes. This gives
    Katya the legal right to prostitute. It does not violate the marriage contract.
    I know this seems wrong to you, but many mothers have to prostitute.
    Our country can only afford to do so much. If Ethan wishes to seperate
    from Katya, I can give him the paper work now." Kira made a sad face
    and handed Ethan the papers of seperation.
          "I want to be part of my sons life!" Ethan's voice was cracking.
    "You can visit him." Rachael handed her son a pen. "No. I will not."
    Ethan stood up and walked over to Jarrett. "I will sign them." said Katya.
    "What? You don't love me?" tears filled Ethan's eyes. "I don't trust you
    with Jarrett. You might circumcise him when I'm at school." Katya took
    deep breaths and signed the documents; "There. It is done." Ethan picked
    up Jarrett and produced a knife. "Son! Put that away!" Gunther walked
    slowly towards Ethan. "It is God's will!" Ethan exclaimed and raised the
    knife high. Kira shot Ethan. "Oh! My God!" Rachael ran over to Ethan,
    who was laying accross the cradel clutching Jarrett. Katya grabbed Jarrett.
    "Is he?" Katya asked. "No! He's shot in the shoulder." Rachael screamed.
    "The police will be here soon with an ambulance. Katya take Jarrett to
    the bedroom." Kira comands were calm as was her aim at Ethan's parrents;
    "Take Ethan to the couch and wait there for the police."

    Should I continue?


  Reflection: St Hyacinth teaches us to employ effort in the service of God,
                  but not to expect worldly rewards.


      Ethan was taken to the hospital. Katya refused to press charges against
  her exhusband. Kira had Ethan sign papers of commital to the Hagel Mental
  institution. There he would remain until he was deemed mentally compatent
  to be released. Kira assured Rachael and Gunther that they could visit Ethan.
  Alana moved in with Katya. "Do you think Ethan will ever be released?"
  asked Alana. "Not if he continues to preach. Religion is a delusion in the Hagel
  institute." Katya said these words and held the small knife Ethan had held.
  "I think this is a butter knife?" she queeried. Alana looked at it, "No. That
  is for a briss. I attended one."  Katya's eyes widened, "He wasn't trying to
  kill Jarrett. He was trying to circumcise him. We should tell the police."
  Alana knoded. Katya explained her discovery to Kira over the phone.
  Kira said that would reduce the charges from attempted homacide to
  child endangerment.
      Katya felt dizzy and lay down on the couch. She read her mother's
  calendar. "Of how many may it be said that 'they labor in vain,' since
  God is not the end purpose that inspires the labor?" it was a quote from
  Saint Hyacinth. Katya thought about the field of butter cups, where
  Ethan had slept with her. Was he Jarrett's father? She could not remember.
  There was buzzing and rose petals falling. Alana put a blanket over
  Katya as she slept. Alana read the legend of Saint Hyacinth walking
  on water as he carried a statute of the Virgin Mary. She wondered
  what Katya believed and put the calendar on the end table behind Katya's
      Ethan screamed for Katya. The nurses ignored him as he peed in
  the bed he was strapped to. It would be a long night for Ethan.
  He wished he had not been so rash. Perhaps it was wrong to try to
  circumsise his son. He was very sorry. But, no one would listen.

  Twinkle.. twinkle.. little star...


      "But, Ethan was with me in the forest." Katya sat on the examination
  table with her feet up in stirrups. Doctor Casie looked into her with an
  othroscoptic lense. "Hmmm. Ethan's blood type does not match Jarretts.
  You have no idea, who the father could be?" the doctor queeried as she
  pushed the lense further into the uterus. "Facinating. I believe I have
  discovered the source of your dizziness. Your pregnant." Casie sat up
  and smiled a toothy smile. "I? I always use contraception." Katya was not
  happy. "You have a unique problem." the doctor paused and took Katya
  out of her stirrups. "You are a hermaphordite." Casie spoke slowly and
  drew a picture, "It is very rare, but some women have male genatles inside
  them. This allows them to concieve without a man." the doctor showed
  her scetch of Katya's uterus with a small penis at the far end.
      "How many babies can I have?" Katya asked with both her hands on
  either side of her face. "I suppose one a month or more, depending on
  your menstration." Casie washed her hands and stretched. "I would like
  to document your condition for medical research. Perhaps, you were a
  twin, but your male half never fully developed." the doctor explained and
  handed Katya's yellow dress. "I am a vigin mother?" Katya's face
  contorted in confusion. Casie laughed, "Don't panic we can abort this.
  I would like to send it to the lab for study." Katya shook her head no.
  "You can't possibly bring to term every embryo you fertilize." Casie
  said staring directly into Katya's eyes. "It is God's will." Katya did not
  believe what she said. "Listen to me. Parenthood must be planned.
  Look at all the misserable people. Do you think you can raise a hundred
  children?" the doctor's logic was unescapable. Katya walked away slowly
  in her yellow dress with her black work boots on. She pinned her licence
  to prostitute on the right shoulder of her dress. "Don't be foolish! You
  can still have children with men." Casie stood infront of Katya and unpinned
  the licence and threw it in a waste basket.
      "You are going to behave like an adult woman and take responciblity
  for your health. This fetus is not viable. You are a single parent and
  pursuing a colledge degree. Who will take care of your children?" Casie
  was not taking no for an answer. Katya tightened her stance and narrowed
  her blue eyes, "Do not push me. I have a terrible temper." Katya was now
  18 and in her prime. She lifted the doctor off her feet and threw her against
  the wall. Katya smiled and placed her licence in her purse and walked
  quickly out of the examination room. It seemed to Katya funny that she
  would have such a miraculous conception. Now, her experiment in human
  sexuality would have grander importance of biblical proportions.



        "What is the origin of the turtle shell?" Doctor Hubert asked Ethan.
  "I don't know?" Ethan responded. The Doctor was standing behind Ethan,
  who was seated in a chair. "Should be say God did it? If we can not find
  the answer in natural causes, then God must be the answer." Hubert's
  voice had a thick mediterian accent. "Maybe. I don't know. I can't think
  about it." Ethan was heavily medicated. "Why not? You have nothing
  important to do. It is nonsense to aurgue from ignorance. God exist
  only if we are willing to except our ignorance of the natural world."
  Hubert sat down infront of Ethan with a bright light behind him. Ethan
  squinted to see the Doctor's face. "Now I should tell you that turtle shells
  are a part of adaptive evolution. Ethan, would like a glass of water?" Hubert
  motioned to the orderly behind Ethan. A glass of water was offered and
  Ethan drank it. "I must say I am concerned about your lack of learning.
  I have been debating with my colegues if it is safe to release you. Do you
  feel safe?" Hubert queeried. "Yes. I like science. It's these drugs; they make
  me feel stupid." Ethan begged. "That's good. I'm glad to hear that. John will
  take you to the whirlpool bath." Hubert smiled. The orderly lifted Ethan to
  his feet and walked him to the water therapy.
          Katya stared at Jarrett. Alana rubbed Katya's neck and between her
  shoulders. "I should visit Ethan." Katya murmered. "He hates you." Alana
  answered and kissed Katya on the left side of her face. "No. I must tell
  him the truth." Katya shook her head in her hands. "He will go mad.
  Just let him stay ignorant. Know one needs to know." Alana was firm
  and Katya believed her. "I don't believe it and it's happenning to me."
  Katya sobbed into Alana's bossom. "It will be our secret. The Doctor
  can't tell anyone without your permission." Alana gently ran her fingers
  through Katya's golden hair. "I don't know how many children I can have.
  It could be dozens." Katya sobbed. "Shhhhhhhhh. We will face this together."
  Alana put Katya to bed.

  Reflections: A dying Emperor went wandering for a way to Heaven.
                    He sent out science to find it and got nothing.
                    He sent analysis to look for it and got nothing.
                    He sent out logic and got nothing.
                    Then he asked Nothingness and Nothingness had it.




            Katya watched Alana brushing down one of the police horses. The musk of hay
        and dung filled her nostrils. "I hate everybody! I hate everybody!" Katya shouted.
        She ran up to the horse and leap onto its bare back, "Hiiiiiii-yah-yah!" Katya kicked
        the horse with the heels of her bare feet. The horse bolted. "Oh Jesus!" Alana shouted.
        A young police man trotted his horse into the stalls. "What? Is she stealing a horse?"
        the officer asked. "No no. She's upset. Please stop her." Alana face was wet with tears.
        The officer laughed: his teeth glissened against his olive skin, "I will catch her!"
        His horse galloped out of the stall into the fields behind.
            Katya held the mane of her mare and lept the fence of the coral. The officer followed
        gaining speed. Katya could hear him ordering her stop. She kicked harder the
        mare went full out. There was the forest ahead of her. She wanted to find the field
        of butter cups. Into the woods they rode, weaving and ducking trees and branches.
        Katya could see the path Ethan and she had taken. Her horse responded to the
        twists and turns of her hips. She put her arms around the mares neck. "There. Do you
        see it?" Katya whispered into the horse's ear. Her horse whinnied and galloped
        into the field of butter cups. Katya slipped off its back and held its mane.
            "Have you gone mad?" the officer asked.  He had dismounted a few yards behind
        Katya. "This is my bridal bed." Katya let go of her horse and walked slowly in
        a circle, removing her clothing. She sobbed and picked some butter cups.
        "Must be a full moon. Look miss. Just get dressed and we will take these horses
        home." the officer was tired and sweat can down his face. Katya looked up the
        valley and smiled, then pointed. A bright like was descending and coming their
        way. "What the hell?" he drew his gun and aimed at the bubble of light approaching.
        "Do not make her angry. She has a terrible temper." Katya smiled and knelt.
        A flash of radiance blinded the officer, who fell backwards and unconscious.
        "How many lovers do you need?" said the Lady of the Woods. The apparition
        floated above Katya in cloud of luminous rose petals.


          "Fair butter cups weap in with dew.
          And rise with the morning sun.
          Pearls in and endless field of tears.
          Never to be found again."

                      "Officer Scorel?" Katya shook him. They were naked
                      in a globe of light. "I am dreaming? Are we moving?"
                      he asked and stared down at the forest below. "She
                      is whispering to us. Can you hear?" Katya smiled and
                      rutted ontop of him. He was unable to rise.

          "Ah. The naked truth.
          It feels anew.
          So many ages of nudes.
          So many lovers .."

                        "Is that.. the woman?" Scorel was terrified, but
                        struggled to free himself. "Yes. The Lady. I remember."
                        Katya smiled a toothy smile. She kissed Scorel as
                        they humped. "We are leaving the planet!" Scorel
                        struggled, but could not free himself.

        "Katya? Are you finished?
      Hark! The Kingdom comes!
      The soul can not bear such beauty.
      Mankind with furious desire
      Cannot enchant your eyes."

                      The Lady of the Woods spoke and pointed to a massive
                  golden city. Katya stood up and looked as they descended
                  upon the floating city. The Lady picked Scorel up in her arms
                  and walked with Katya through a hallway. "His cock is still up
                  and pumping milk." Katya observered and giggled. Scorel
                  was placed under a tree. "This is a tree of a distant forest
                  and twisted dreams." the Lady spoke as the roots took Scorel.
                  Katya screamed, "It ate him!" The Lady placed her hands on
                  Katya's face, "He will return."  Blood red pears grew out of the
                  branches. The Lady handed Katya a pear. "Scorel?" she asked
                  timidly. "Eat." the Lady responded. Katya ate and felt its passion
                  fill her.

      "I will lay down to bleed a while.
      Then rise to taste some more a while."

                        Katya felt drunk and snatched more pears. The juice ran
                    dripping off her breasts. Bees begain to cover her and enter
                    her mouth and mound. "How do I stop?" Katya could barely
                    speak or see. "Wet and bath yourself in the fountain" the Lady
                    pointed to a great fountain. Katya stumbled and then threw
                    herself into the waters. She rose to the surface gasping.
                    " a turtle biting on my foot!" she shouted, then dropped
                    under the waters. The Lady smiled as Katya rose up ontop of
                    the turtle and came to shore. She had no scars. Katya's belly
                    was ready to burst. "The baby is coming!" she exclaimed.

                        A hand appeared, then another came out of Katya's
                    mound. A small girl wiggled and crawled out apon the birth.
                    Katya lay with her back against the giant turtle shell.
                    "This is my daughter?" Katya asked in disbelief.
                    "I am Titchaba. I will be the wife of Jarrett." the girl spoke with
                    gleaming emerald eyes. Katya tried to scream, but fainted.
                    "We will return to the world and make a heaven on earth."
                    the Lady spoke and all three appeared in the field of butter cups.
                    Katya woke a top her horse. She could see Titchaba riding back.
                    She followed. They were both naked and unashamed.

    "What madness makes us forget?
    Lest we remember and pull out our eyes."



        "What have you done?" Alana gasped. Katya stood naked covered
    in blood before her. She had returned to the stable with officer Scorel's
    horse and her mare. Alana got a bucket and soap and brushed down
    Katya. "Did you see Titchaba?" Katya asked. Alana shook her head
    no. She scarcely noticed Alana. The moonlight touched her shoulders
    and spilled across her hips. "I'll put the horses to rest. You put on these
    trousers and shirt." Alana murmered nervously. "I am Quadi. There is
    fire in my blood." Katya answered and slipped into the trousers.
          The two returned to the apartment in silence. Katya sat at the
    kitchen table and studied her text on psycology of psychosis.
    "I think I might have had a psychotic break." Katya stated calmly.
    "I have had many contributing traumatic events." she continued.
    Bing-bong! Their was someone ringing the doorbell. Alana held the
    dish she was drying, "Could it be the police?" Katya stood and walked
    to the front door. There was a slender girl standing in the hall.
    "Eh. I'm a stranger, but stranger no longer; now that we have met."
    the girl offered her hand to shake. Katya stared. The girl reminded her
    of Titchaba. "What is your name?" Katya queeried. "Zindel. But, most
    call me Z. Ummm, are you goining to shake my hand?" the girl extended
    her hand further. Katya politely shook her hand, "Which apartment?"
    Z pointed to the apartment three doors down, "We just moved here."
    Jarrett ran over to the doorway and giggled. He was walking and
    running at an early age. "Hello!" Z extended her hand to Jarrett. He
    slapped it and laughed. "He is only 2" Katya smiled. Z smiled back,
    "I am 7." "Well, it is time to get to bed. We will talk some more latter."
    Katya smiled back and shut the door.
          Alana was still holding the plate, her eyes were wide open.
    "Katya. What happened to Scorel?" Alana asked nervously placing
    the plate in the cabinet. "It is impossible for me to say. It all was too
    impossible to be real. I don't know what happenned." Katya picked
    up Jarrett and put him in his crib. "There will be an investigation.
    Jesus. Katya think, try to have an answer." Alana voice was trembling.
    "How will the investigation proceed? There were no witnesses.
    Your the only witness to Scorel's departure. Just say you did not see
    him." Katya yawned and stretched, "I am going to bed are you
    going to join me?" Alana stared at Katya with fear. "I am going to
    my parents apartment tonight. I do not know what I will do tomorrow."
    Alana answered and quickly exited. Katya smiled at Jarrett and
    slipped under her covers. She wondered about Z and how closely the
    girl resembled Titchaba.



        "I know you as the first born of Gia." Katya dreamed. She could see
    all the generations of man and beast, coming accross an emeral field.
    Their bodies glissened with sweat as they ran with bare feet, grasping
    hands and fierce eyes of intent. She awoke to a knock on the door.
    It was Alana. "No one has questioned me." she said with a worry.
    "Well, why should they? Your just a partime stable girl." Katya walked
    into the kitchen to make some coffee. "You do not understand. They are
    searching for him in the city." Alana stood close to Katya. Katya poured
    Alana a cup of coffee. "They will come to the stable and question me."
    Alana drank her coffee quickly and coughed. "So what? Just say he left
    his horse and that is all you know." Katya smiled and made some toast.
    "The police are mean to women who love women. I do not want to be raped
    again." Alana voice was trembling. Katya looked at Alana, "You never spoke
    of that. I did nothing to that man. The blood was from a tree with red pears."
    Katya held Alana in a tight embrace. "That is crazy!" Alana begain to sob.
    "We are safe. Just tell them he left his horse and went home." Katya held
        "Do you wish to be at peace? Then, conform to the laws and customs of
    your community." Professer Staine explained. Katya stood up, "But, the law
    is not always just. We must fight for our right as individuals with a responciblity
    to care for our society." "That is true Katya. But, a completely democratic
    society can have no leadership. What is needed is order and a centralized
    goverment to maintain this order." the professer smiled at Katya. She was his
    prize student. Katya smiled back with thoughts of the professer in her
    bed. They were having an affair and he liked to spank her. Katya was excelling
    in all her courses. She did not need to play sex games with professer Staine.
    But, it was fun. Katya looked at the forest outside the lecture hall window.
    "What had become of Scorel?" she wondered; "Could he be dead?" Katya
    raised her skirt to adjust her sitting in the front row. She was not wearing
    her panties. Professer Staine smiled and then wrote out the assignments on
    the chalk board.


            "Katya. I think you had a miscarriage. I can find no trace of the fetus."
        Dr. Casie made a sad face as she sat with Katya. "God took her."
        Katya replied calmly. Katya stared at the bowl of fruit in Dr. Casie's
        office. "Please have some." Dr. Casie offered the bowl to Katya.
        Katya bit into a red pear. Dr. Casie stepped over to Katya looked
        into her eyes, "There will be more pregnancies. You might consider
        a hysterectomy." Katya shook her head no, "It is God's will."
        "Well, then let me keep the fetuses. You are one of kind. You must
        think about the medical importance?" Dr. Cassie made a very
        desperate face. "I will consider your offer. Did you want anything else?"
        Katya raised her right eye brow. Dr. Casie squated down infront
        of the seated Katya, "I have sent your file to the Department of
        of Human Resources. They want to document you." Katya looked
        blankly at Dr. Casie, "Document?" "Yes. To study your reproductive
        process. This will not disrupt your life. They are willing to schedule
        around your work and school hours. If you could sign this release?"
        Dr. Casie handed a clip board to Katya with a ducument to sign.
        Katya made a silent laugh and signed.



              "Praxedes, according to legend was believed to be the only
              woman raised from the dead by Our Saviour. She had a sister
              Saint Prudentiana. Together they helped to spread Christian
              teachings and were guided by Mary Magdalen and Mary the
              Mother of Our Saviour."

      Katya read the legend in her mother's calendar. The window to her
      bedroom slid open. It was Ethan. "Have you come to kill me?" Katya
      asked calmly and shut her book. "Where is Jarrett?" Ethan looked
      about quickly. "He is with my mother. You will never touch him again."
      Katya was on her feet and holding a knife. "No. I don't want trouble.
      I was released. I just want to see my son." Ethan put his discharge
      summary on the bed. Katya picked it up and pointed to a line with
      her knife, "You have a personality disorder specified with cluster A
      traits?" "Severe religious convictions." Ethan shrugged, "They could
      not stop me from being a Jew." Katya and Ethan laughed.

      "Jarrett will be educated about the history of his people. He will not
      be circumcised. Can you accept this?" Katya looked at Ethan and
      noticed how thin he was. "Yes." he replied with an intensity in his eyes.
      Katya put down the knife and hugged Ethan. They walked down the
      hallway to her mother's apartment. "Are you out of your mind?"
      Demitri stood at the front door, "This man tried to cut up your son!"
      Diana stepped between Katya and Demitri, "You may see your son.
      But, if you touch him my husband will shoot you dead." Ethan smiled.
      Jarrett ran up to Ethan and Katya picked him up, "Wave to poppa!"
      Jarrett waved and Ethan waved back with a big smile.

      Diana pulled her daughter over to the kitchen and shut the door behind
      them. "Are you going to tell him?" Diana stared wide eyed at Katya.
      Katya could hear Demitri telling Ethan to sit down. Katya kissed Jarratte.
      Katya and her mother returned with plates of pasta and sausages.
      Jarrette ran to Ethan and was picked up by Demitri. A picher of beer was set
      out with glass mugs. "Ethan. .." Katya's voice trailed off.
      "Good beer!" Demitri laughed and saluted everyone with his mug of beer.
      "What is it? Katya?" Ethan ate a sausage. Katya fiddled with her pasta.
      "Jarrett is not your son." Diana said looking harsh. Ethan smiled,
      "Did the Lady of the Woods tell you?" Katya dropped her fork in terror.
      "The lady of the what?" Diana looked at Katya in bewilderment.
      "I was not asleep in the field of butter cups. She told me what they did
      to you. But, Jarrett is my son.. my adopted son. ... .. the Lady told
      me so." Ethan sipped some beer, "She wanted him circumcised."
      Katya looked with terror at Ethan, "He must be circumcised."
      "What?! Hold on missy." Diana grabbed Ethan by the collar and
      made a fist infront of his face, "What are you talking about."
      Ethan was choking. Diana did not know her own strength. She let
      him drop into his chair. Ethan explained the incident in the field of
      buttercups and how Katya was altered by the Lady of the Woods.
      "That's crazy!" Diana shouted and paced about the dining room.
      Demitri gave her a beer and sat her down in the french chair in the
      corner. "Katya. Is what he said true?" Demitri put his hands on his
      daughter's shoulders. "Yes.. I think she murdered a policeman."
      Katya drank all her beer and refilled it. Demtri sat down at the
      dining room table and stared at the rifle over the entry way.
      "We will say nothing of this.. it is impossible." his words were
      low and rough. Ethan smiled, "Nothing is impossible for God."
      Katya picked up Jarrett and went to their bedroom. Ethan was
      asked to leave. He walked up the stairs to his parents apartment.
      "What the hell is wrong with my daughter?!" Diana shouted
      as Demitri held her.

      Reflections: Within a woman is the makings of a Heaven or a Hell.



          Keri sent a councelor to Katya. Raven sat down with Katya
      as Jarrett played with his hebrew alphabet blocks. "I see you
      have enroled in a medical experiment?" Raven flipped through
      a copy of the documents. "It was my doctors idea. It will be
      scheduled around my school hours." Katya smiled and played
      with her son. Jarrett tried to pulled Katya off the couch.
      "Your mother is concerned about Ethan. He has convinced
      you to circumcise your son?" Raven made a toothy nervous face
      and adjusted her glasses. "Yes. Is that illegal?" Katya was terse.
      "No, no. But, it will be painfull for him at his age. Katya, do you
      believe in Judiasm?" Raven tilted her head with concern.
      Katya looked away. "I think it will help Jarrett. He needs to know
      what is expected of him." Katya voice grew faint.
      Raven made some notes. "There is an investigation into a
      missing police officer Scorel. Your friend Alana has been questioned.
      Did she tell you?" Raven's posture was stiff as she looked directly
      at Katya. Katya looked calmly into her eyes, "She told me nothing."
      Raven made some more notes.
          "Jarrett how are you?" Raven bended toward Jarrett with a toothy
      smile. Jarrett looked up and smiled and laughed. Katya picked up
      Jarrett and kissed him, "Happy? Happy!" Jarrett smiled and pointed
      to the bowl of pears on the coffee table. Katya put Jarrett down and
      looked nervous. She could see that Jarrett had spelled horse.
      Raven stood up and offered her hand to Katya. Katya was still
      looking at the blocks, but turned to shake Raven's hand.
      "You must bring Jarrett to the woods." Katya heard a voice say.
      "What?" Katya murmered. "What did you ask?" Raven was
      looking directly at Katya. "Nothing. I have a lot of studies tonight."
      Katya was clearly upset as she lead Raven to the front door.
      Raven stopped in the doorway, "I thought I heard another voice."
      "I have a radio alarm clock." Katya smiled and shut the door slowly
      as Raven stood in the hallway, making more notes.
          Katya locked and bolted the front door. She bolted all the windows.
      And then she tooked Jarrett to her parents apartment. "It's alright.
      Your room is always here for you." Diana had bowl of sugar cookies
      for Jarrettt. Katya was trembling. Demtri smiled and assured Katya
      no one would break in. Katya locked the window by her bed
      and placed a crucifix on the window sill. She asked that Jarrett sleep
      with Diana and Demitri. They agreed. Katya read the Bible late into
      the night.

                    "Blessed are those... who also do wrong
                      but walk in shame, having eyes fixed on
                      all things... O forsake me not utterly!"

      A  whisper, and Katya was in the woods.
      "Do not hurt my son!" Katya spun about with fists raised.
      She could hear Jarrett laughing. He ran up to her. There
      was a blood stain in the croutch of his pants. She pulled them down.
      He was circumcised, but there was no wound. A cool breeze
      passed over them as Katya walked slowly out of the woods.
      It was a cloudy night, but she knew the way to the stables.
      The streets echoed their foot steps. She rang the front door
      mailbox entry to her apartment building. "What are you doing
      outside?" Diana bellowed and buzzed them in.


          Zindel was playing with Jarrett. They were throwing a crumpled piece
      of paper between them. Alana was baby sitting Jarratt. Alana sat, reading
      a National Geographic of cheetahs. "Paper!" Jarrett spoke. Alana smiled,
      "Yes." Zindel smiled, "News paper." Jarrettt bounced the crumpled paper on
      the palms of his hands. Katya entered the appartment. She had been
      examined by a group of doctors. Her strange reporductive system was
      becoming a scientific wonder. "Zindel. You spend all your time with Jarrett.
      Do you have any friends your own age?" Katya asked with a toothy smile.
      Zindel smiled and shrugged, "Jarrett is my boy friend." Alana laughed
      softly as she read her National Geographic.

          "Well." Katya answered, "You should go home now. It is late."
      Zindel leaned forward and kissed Jarrett on his lips. Jarrett laughed.
      Katya looked concerned. She wondered about the dream she had had.
      She did not want the Lady of the Woods to take Jarrett again. Alana
      showed Zindel to the door. "Katya. You need to talk with a psychiatrist."
      Alana pleaded with Katya. "I know what happenned is impossible, but
      I was left in the woods. And, Jarrett has been circumcised. How do you
      explain that?" Katya looked directly into Alana's eyes. They kissed.
      "Paper!" Jarrett shouted. The news paper had been fassioned into a tree
      on the coffee table. Katya gasped and pulled Jarrett up into her arms.
      "Jarrett must of done it. He's very artistic." Alana tried to sooth Katya.
      Alana gathered up the papers and put them into dust bucket.

          Alana smiled broadly and showed Katya the pictures he had drawn.
      They were drawings of Katya and Alana and Jarrett, holding hands.
      Katya smiled. "I want every door and window blessed with Holy Water."
      Katya said. She got a bottle of Holy Water and begain her nightly ritual.
      Alana put Jarrett into his chair for dinner. "You should not do this
      around him." Alana whispered to Katya. "There are forces at work.
      That are beyond our control. I pray God will protect us." Katya answered
      softly. She finished her blessing by taking Holy Water to Jarrett's
      forhead. Jarrett flick a piece of mashed potatoe in Katya's face and


            "And they come to the house of the ruler of the synagogue;
            and he seeth a tumult, and people weeping and wailing much.
                  And going in, he saith to them; Why make you this ado
            and weep? the damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.
                  And they laughed him to scorn. But he having put them all
            out, taketh the father and mother to the damsel, and them
            that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying.
                  And taking the damsel by the hand, he saith to her: Talitha
            cumi, arise.
                  And immediately the damsel rose up, and walked: and she
            was twelve years old(Mark 38-42)."

            "And when he was twelve years old they going up into Jerusalem,
              according to the custom of the feast.
              And having fulfilled the day's journey, when they returned, the
              child Jesus remained in Jerusalem; and his parents knew it not.
              And it came to pass, that after three days, they found him in
              the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, hearing them,
              and asking questions.
              And all who heard him were astonished at his wisdom and his
              answers.(Luke 42-46)."

      Jarrett read these passages to his mother. He had grown strong and
      wise at the age of twelve years. "Mother the number twelve is repeated
      as is three in these Gospels. Is there an importance to them?"
      Katya smiled, "Do you want to be a Priest?" Jarrett looked at his
      mother impatently, "There are twelve God's in the Zodiac. And three
      stars follow the winter soltice sun; the three kings. Do you not see
      a patern?" Katya scratched the back of her head, "You spend to much
      time on superstitions. Concentrate on economics. You'll have more
      money." Katya was an elite member of the Human Developement
      Office. She had an uncanny ability in selecting canadates for
      advancement or demotion in the politburo.
            Jarrett stood up and raise his hands before him. A lightning
      arced between his hands. Katya lept back out of her chair, droping
      her crossword puzzle book. "I am more than an accountant!"
      Jarrett roared. His hair rose around his head like a halo. "Have you-"
      Katya hesitated, "Have you seen the lady in the woods?"
      Jarrett smiled, "She is always with us." Katya thought about calling
      Allana, but she had married. She wanted little to do with Katya.
      Katya stared into the full length oval mirror, standing in her den.
      She had not aged. Her unique biology had given her a long youth.
      She extended her hands before her and lightening arced between
      them. Jarrett laughed and sent the lightening between their hands.
      Katya could feel her son's power surge through her. She was

          "Through the valley of the shadow by the one of awful power
            who stands upon the mountain top, breathing out love eternal
            light supernatural and peaceful silent will; the weary vale of
            lies will fall."

      Katya knew it was the lady of the woods, but she could not break
      free of Jarrett's lightning. Milk came down her legs.

            "So peace will come upon the valley of lies.
            But a peace unlike aught known before.
            Then will the will to put forth understanding blossom.
            A storm is coming and the land will be greener for it.+"

      Jarrett could see the milk running down his mother's legs.
      "Are we Adam and Eve?" he shouted over the crackling lightning.
      Katya shook her head no and fell to her knees as the lightning
      covered her. Jarrett clapped his hands with a thunder clap.
      His mother fell limp on the floor.


            Zindel sat on the steps, leading down from Katya's apartment.
      Jarrett was running down the steps. He paused and glanced at her
      long slender legs. She was wearing a plaid skirt with knee high
      white socks. "Just back from school?" Jarrett queeried.
      "Uh-hun" Zindel knoded, sitting on the steps. She looked up at
      Jarrett and ran her hand up his leg. Her legs swung open and shut.
      Jarrett smiled. He stradled her right knee and kissed. Zindel laughed
      and bounced Jarrett on her knee. "You should come with me to the
      roof." Jarrett smiled. The two ran up the steps to the roof.
            "Jarrett are you a virgin?" Zindel made a tiny tongue gesture.
      "You are my first date." Jarrett kissed her with his lips and tongue.
      Zindel ran to the fire escape and bent over the railing. The wind blew
      under skirt. She was not wearing panties. Jarrett laughed and slapped
      her butt with both hands striking either cheek. He was locked into her
      mound, rutting milk ran down her slender thighs. "Zindel. Are you my Eve?"
      Jarrett asked in a soft voice. She growled at Jarretts large member
      thrusting inside her. "I? Titch-abar!" she shouted. Jarrett paused
      and withdrew. Zindel hit the railing with her hands open still bent over.
      "Grrrrrrrrr! Again!" she growled. "A Witch?" Jarrett spoke calmly, "Well.
      That's a hole lot different." He thrust his cock into her jucy mound.
            Thunder broke from the clear sky. Jarrett pulled the straps of
      Zendel's plaid skirt down and ripped open her white blouse. The buttons
      rang down the fire escape. She was bra less. Her breast hung down,
      like pointed udders. Jarrett squeezed and pulled on them. A hard cold rain
      fell. It was sleet on the railing an roof. "You will freeze my Witch. Come
      inside." he took her by her hand and led her to the edge of the roof.
      "What?" Zindel gasped. Jarrett tossed her off. She screamed and turned
      to look at her love. He caught her from behind. "Did you think I would kill you?"
      Jarrett laughed as they slowly floated down to his bedroom window.
      Jarrett carried Zindel to his bed and stripped the icy clothing off her.
      "My Angel. I will not let you fall." he kissed her. And loved her.

      Reflection: Who taketh away the sins of the world? If we cannot save
                      ourselves, how can we save the world?"


          Paul was a burly man. He led Katya to the boardroom. "What is
    this?" Katya stared at the board members. Jarrett was speaking to
    them, answering their questions. Kira walked briskly up to Katya and
    kissed her on the left side of her face. "Your son is a brilliant financier.
    He has devised a plan to unite all the banks of the world." Kira smiled
    a toothy smile. "He is... twelve..." Katya's voice faded as she spotted
    Zindel standing behind her son. "Whah-what is she doing here?" Katya
    felt dizzy and rubbed her forehead. Kira hugged Katya, "Come sit."
        Zindel sat beside Katya, "Your son is a great man. He wishes to
    marry me. But, we need your consent." Kira placed the consent forms
    infront of Katya, "Sign these and your son will be emancipated."
    Katya looked painfully at Jarrett. He smiled back at her. She signed
    the papers. "Thankyou." Kira shuffled the documents into her valise.
    "He is hung like a horse!" Zindel shouted to the board members, who
    laughed with Jarrett.
        "Katya. I have asked the Department of Paranormal Investigation
    to meet with you. They would like to see the place where you say
    you saw the apparittion." Kira introduced a Dr. Evans. "I think I know
    what contacted you. We have had simular sightings of the Maddona.
    But, there is more to this than, supertition." Dr Evans put his right hand
    on Katya's left shoulder. "If you can keep her away; I will do anything
    you ask." Katya looked up into the doctors solon face.
        The room grew cold. Doctor Evans raised both his hands to silence
    the room. Everyone felt cold and could see their breath. "Is there someone
    who wishes to speak?" the Doctor asked. A gentle breeze passed through
    the room.

                    "Little girl, who do you hate?"

    Katya stood up, "Did you hear that?!" She looked about frantically.
    "Yes. We heard. The voice can from there." answered Doctor Evans.
    He pointed to the window over looking the forest. "This is astounding."
    Kira walked to the window. There was an image of the Maddona in the
    glass. "It is not etteched. This glass was clear a moment ago." Kira
    continued and openned the large sash window to examine the opposite
    side. Suddenly, she pulled out the window. "Kira!" Katya cried and
    ran to the window. It was forty feet to the pavement below. But, there
    was no sign of Kira.
          "What have you done with her?!" Katya screamed out the window
    to the forest. Dr. Evans took by both shoulders back to her chair.
    Jarrett closed the window, "Gentlemen, we are being haunted."
    "May I sudgest that everone write down what they saw and heard."
    Dr. Evans continued "I have a geigercounter in my car." The Doctor
    ran out the room. "Oh, my poor mother. Will you ever find peace?"
    Jarrett wrapped his arms about his mother and kissed her lips.
    She pointed trying to speak. There were tears of blood coming from
    the Madona.

    Reflections: Be carefull what you pray for.+


            Zindel gasped as her back pressed against the ruff hewned stone
            alter. "It is cold out here." she shivered.

            "We have the power to be the future! Let me find the living God inside You!"
            Jarrett thrusted deeper into her mound. Zindel twisted and turned on the
            uncomfortable stone. She kicked Jarrett off and ran to one the heavy
            collums encircling the Druid temple.

            "Catch me God!" Zindel laughed running into the forest. Jarrett stood up
            and raced after here. His erect cock slapped between his legs.
            "Carefull what you pray for!" Jarrett shouted to Zindel. He could her radiant
              white nakedness under the hunter's moon.

              "Shall I destroy her? And torment you with the raptur of your despair?"

              Jarrett froze and looked up at The Lady of the Woods. She stood on
              air. Her auburn hair billowed like a halo. He ejculated froth like a horse
              and struggled to stay on his feet.

              "Ah. The Princes is no happier with or without Love?" The Lady smiled
              and raised her hands in Christ like blessing. Jarrett could hear Zindel
              scream. He could not move. His skin felt the stings of hundreds of bees.
              "whah-is your name.." Jarrett fought to speak.

                  "I? I am light and darkness. I am your mother Mary."

            Zindel ran out from behind the apparition and fell beneath her. There
            were bloody claws marks on her. Jarrett could hear wolves approaching.
            They called to each other in howls. "Release me! Will you let me die in
            the belly of a dog?!" Jarrett clentched his fists and lighting ran from his
            fists up his arms. He was freed.

            The wolves attacked from all directions as is there nature. Jarretts tore at
            them with fists of lightning. His blood spilled with theirs. Zindel covered her
            head and curled into a ball.

            Twelve wolves lay torn and dead about the circle. The others retreated.

                  "You understand nothing. Can you fathom the sadness of a these
                  celestial beings? They have done nothing wrong. You did not need
                  tare them apart. Lament not for the fate of your race. These wolves
                  are sweeter to me than any pleasures in your Babylon."

            The Lady's voice whispered as beams of rose pedals fell of Zindels bleeding
            back. Her scars vanished. Zindel bolted for Jarrett and clutched him.
            The Lady raised her left hand with forked fingers and Zindel fell on her hands
            and knees like a dog. Jarrett fell apon Zindel and rutted in her in the circle
            of twelve dead wolves.

                  "If you wish to fight like a dog, then love like a dog."

            The Lady's voice was harsh. Her eyes burned bright blue.
            Zindel and Jarrett barked and grunted as they continued to rutt.
            Jarrett closed his eyes and invisioned his new world order. He howled.


              "I am telling you the truth!" Jarrett shouted at his friend Pauli.
    "Wha? That your God? That's crazy!" Pauli laughed. "Lissen to me.
    The Virgin Mary is my mother. She told me so in the forest." Jarrett
    was very serious. Pauli slapped Jarrett across the face, "Hay! Your
    not Jesus! Get over it!" Jarrett's eyes glowed red and Pauli flew up
    an accross the Pizza Deli. "Wha? The Hell was that?" Pauli dusted
    off his apron as he stood back up. "The Lady of Woods." Jarrett smiled.
    "Geeeze. You have super powers? But, Jesus healed people.. He didn't
    toss them around." Pauli was still skeptical.
                "Tony! I remove your Herpies!" Jarrett exclaimed looking at Tony.
    Tony was making a pizza for delivery. He looked surprised and excused
    himself. A few minutes; he returned with hands in the air, "My balls don't
    itch! The herpies is gone!" Pauli spun about and knocked over a stack of
    pizza boxes: "You are the son of God?" Jarrett smiled and bit the tip off
    a pinapple pizza: "I am." Pauli and Tony fell to their knees and stared up
    in awe at Jarrett as he finished his pizza. "Should we follow you?" Tony
    queeried. "No. When the time is right I will take my place as the ruler of this
    world. For now, just keep making pizzas." Jarretts answer was calm
    and frightening: "And I want free pizzas!" "Sure! No-praublem!" Tony
    replied with a big toothy smile. They shook hands and slapped each others
              Zindel was waiting for Jarrett at their apartment. "You brought pizza!"
    She exclaimed clapping her hands. "Yes. I healed Tony of his herpies."
    Jarrett replied calmly placing the pizza box on the dining table. Zindel looked
    at Jarrett with her eyes wide open and her jaw dropping, "Your healing?"
    "Yes." He replied calmly and took a slice of pinapple pizza and gave it to his wife.
    She ate. "I prayed that it was a dream. That God would make me forget."
    Zindel begain to cry as she chewed the pizza. "It was no dream. I am Mary's
    son." Jarrett took a piece of pinapple off of Zindel's pizza slice and ate.
    Then, with his fingers forked on his left hand brought Zindel to the floor on
    her hands and knees. She was still eating the pizza as it hung out of her
    mouth. He raised her dress and rutted inside her, while holding a slice of
    pizza in his right hand. He ate.

              "My Apollo. The cat that rules the mice."

    Jarrett and Zindel knew it was the Lady of the Forest speaking. They
    continued to rutt. Jarrett smiled and invisioned his new world order.
    Zindel made frightened cat meows. She swallowed her pizza whole.



      "This is the stable where officer Scorel kept his horse?" Kinderman asked.
  Alana knodded yes. "And you did not see him return to this stable after his
  shift?" Kinderman stood close to Alana on her left side. Alana shook head no.
  Kinderman walked about the stable and examine the troth. He took some hay
  out of it with his left hand and let fall slowly back. "Officer Scorel spoke with
  you that morning about fresh hay. I have a witness a Miss Brice. She tends
  to the stables and horses as well. She said there was blood on the stable floor
  that evening. Did you clean the stable?" Kinderman looked directly at Alana.
  "That is what I do. I do not remember blood. It was a sometime ago." Alana
  tried to remain calm, but her voice was fading. "An officer of the mounted police
  is missing. Do you understand the importance of this investigation? His horse
  was in its stable on the night he disapeared. Do you remember taking his horse?"
  Kinderman asked as he examined the bucket in the stable. Alana swallowed hard,
  "I do not. H-He must have returned his horse when I was on break." Alana was
  starting to tremble.
        Kinderman smiled and gave the bucket to a uniformed police officer as he
  walked up to Alana. "I do not believe you." he smirked, "But, I must endure your
  stupidity until I find more evidence." Kinderman took the towel Alana had been
  twisting in her hands and wiped off the bottom of his left shoe with it. He tossed the
  towel back at Alana. She caught it. It was brown from dung. "There are many ways
  to die, some are swift and some are slow." Kinderman spoke directly to Alana's
  face. He placed his right hand on her shoulder, "We are watching you." Alana
  felt faint. She tilted her head toward the uniformed officers scowering the stables.
  They looked at her with hatred. She watched the bucket, being placed in a plastic
  evidence bag. "I-I hope you find him. I truely do." she felt nauscious.
  "We will." Kinderman made a sinister smile, "He is our brother." Alana could not
  control her trembling.
        There was a knock at the Dumas door. Diane answered. "Is katya here?"
  Alana's face was wet with tears. "Oh, are you all right?" Diane
  put her arm around Alana's shoulder and guided her to the dining table. Katya
  was having a turkey dinner with her family. "Alana!" Katya went over to her friends
  side, "Why are you crying?"
        "I-think I should talk to Katya privately." Alana looked at Katya desperately.
    They went to Katya's old bedroom. "The police do not believe me." Alana
    spoke choking back tears. Katya rubbed her friends back. Jarrett entered
    the room, "What is the problem?" Katya looked calmly up at her son, "A murder.
    Can you help us?" Jarrett asked Alana about Kinderman and the bucket.
    "This is difficult, but not impossible to solve." he picked up the phone and called
    the Central Intelligence Offices. "I do not believe Scorel is dead." Katya stated
    to the C.I.O. She explained what she had witnessed, "I rode my horse into the
    forest and Officer Scorel followed. I lost him there. Alana was not present when
    Officer Scorel left the stables or when I returned." Jarret took the phone, "I am an
    agent of the politburo. Search the forest on the east. Look for any trace evidence."
    Jarrett put the phone down. "Do you want to get us all hanged?" Alana asked Jarrett.
    "Trust me. The law is written in water. I will give my mother a metal for her heroic
    service in rescucing Officer Scorel." Jarrett lay back on the bed pillows with his
    hands behind his head. Katya and Alana left the room.

              "Orient of orients prevades this sun. Blessed are the children of
              Adam that they may enter under this sun's Paridice without fear."

      Jarrett smiled, "My mother. You will protect me.+"


        Officer Scorel was discovered picking berries on the east side of the forest.
    He was speaking incoherently. Kinderman reported that the police officer
    repeated that "The Virgin Mary told him to go pick berries." He was still in
    uniform. Katya along with her son Jarrett were awarded the Citizen's Metal of
    Merit for providing essential information in this investigation. But, Scorel's
    mental condition was so deteriated, he was placed in the Hagel Mental Institute.
    Dr. Sappho was his attending therapist. She sudgested emertion therapy, with
    whirpool baths and massages. "We will nurse his psyche out: as a mother weens
    her child" she explained and order that only female nurses care for him.

        Dr. Sappho bathed Scorel. She kissed him gentlely. "Are you Scorel?"
    she asked leaning forward, so that her bare breast hung before his head.
    She squeezed a sponge of soapy water over his long hair. The Doctor had
    stripped to the waist and was kneeling beside Scorel's iron tub. She was
    a curvatious red haired Briton. Her nipples were red and succulent. Scorel
    suckled on her left nipple. "What happened in the forest?" she whispered as
    she rung out his long hair. He began to shake. Other bare breasted young nurses
    held him. Dr. Sappho had order that only nurses of Katya's body type be allowed
    around Scorel. He looked about at the six breasts hanging over his face.

              "The pears!" he screamed and fainted.

    Sappho sat back on the heels of her feet and made a note of his statement.
    She always carried a note pad in her apron. The other nurses picked up Scorel
    and placed him on the floor matress for massage therapy. One nurse straddled
    his hips; and rubbed his chest; another ran her finger tips over his face and
    through his hair. . Sappho reached under the nurse's butt and squeezed
    Scorel's sack. He awoke. His eyes were frantic. "My Lady? My Lady?" he called.
    "What do you want?" Dr. Sappho asked. "Who? I need my Lady?" he cried.

                "Are these pleasures not enough? Why do you call me?
                Take the fruit of your kinswomen and enjoy my mercy."

    The voice filled the bath. "Did you hear that?!" Dr. Sappho stood up and dialed
    the phone on the wall. The nurses held Scorel down. He was struggling.
    A male nurse entered. "Restrain him!" Dr. Sappho injected a sedative into
    Scorel's arm. He slept. "Strap him to his bed. I want a complete sweep of this
    room. Someone made a broadcast in here. And I will know who!" the Doctor
    was so upset she forgot to cover her naked breasts as she ran beside Scorel's
    gurney. One of the nurses threw a towel over Sappho's shoulder.

    An Apple a day or maybe a Pear?


        "It is absurd! Do you think a first century sematic woman is
          speaking to my patient? No. It is someone pretending to be
          the Virgin Mary. The question is; how did this broadcast happen
          in a closed bath? In my hospital!" Sappho was red faced.

  She had called Dr. Evans and Dr. Casie to confir on this phenomon.

          "Radioactivity at the Apperition I witnessed was tolorable, but
          higher than normal background readings. The window image
          has been examined with every technique avaible. We still can't
          explain it." Evans dropped his paper work on Sappho's desk.

  Doctor Casie stood up and with a pointer and described Katya's unique
  reproductive organs: "She is a perfect hermaphrodite." Casie pointed to
  Katya's male organ on an ex-ray. "She described encounters with the
  Lady of the Forest, going back to her childhood. There were radiant
  rose peddals and a voice. The Apperition was radiant. She could barely
  look at it, but would converse with it."

  Sappho paced: "Is this entity human?"

  "I can not determine its origin." Doctor Evans slapped his fist in his hands.

  "Its existence is inferred by these paranormal events.
    We know that these witnesses are pressent at these events.
    Perhaps, these witnesses are causing these events?
    It could be a product of their psychic abilties.
    Has the Center for Paranormal Events examined these people?"
    Doctor Sappho asked Doctor Evans.

    "We have not tested their psychic abilities. I will need consent forms or
    a court order." Doctor Evans smiled at Dr. Casie; "Katya has already
    consented to any form of examination."

    "If there is a zietgiest loose. We must contain it. Or no one will be safe."
  Sappho looked at her painting of a swan mating with psychi; "This maybe
  an evolutionary leap in psychic research."

      "It would be a terrible waste if Katya died from this disection." Dr. Casie
      interjected and adjusted her pony tail.

  "I will be gentle. Nothing can be learned from dead psychics;" Dr. Evans
  made a toothy smile, "unless they come back from the dead."


  Reflections: "O Lord, how manifold are thy works!
                          In Wisdom hast thou made them all;
                          the earth is full of thy creatures.
                      Yonder is the sea, great and wide,
                          which teems with things innumerable,
                          living things both small and great."
                      (Psalms 104:24-25)



        Katya was naked, strapped into a swing. The supporting strapping
  of the swing was tied off on her inner thighs. This caused her to spread her
  legs in midair. Her wrists were buckled so that they were above her head.
  She hung over the tile floor of Doctor Sappho's bath. "I have given you a
  sedative that should make your subconscoius more accessable." the
  Doctor spoke slowly as a strobe light flashed into Katya's eyes.
  "I have placed a butterfly vibrator on you to stimulate you." Sappho turned
  the vibrator on. Then, swatted Katya's buttox with a riding crop. Katya
  grinded her teeth as her mound dripped milk. Her long red hair was rising
  like a halo. A cool breeze filled the windowless bath. Doctor Evans took
  readings with his giegercounter. "I am getting elevated readings." he whispered
  to Sappho and continued to the rod of the giegercounter closer to Katya.
  "She is hot. The readings are coming from her." the doctor ran his rod over
  Katya's mound, "These are very high, but not dangerous."
        "Katya. Is the Lady here?" Sappho asked softly. Katya howled and
  levitated toward the cieling. She turned and squated on the cieling with her
  hands strapped behind her. Rain began to fall. Sappho looked up to see
  lightning flashing in black storm clouds. Katya had vanished. "Can anyone
  see her?!" Doctor Casie shouted. "I'm not picking up any radiation!" Doctor Evans
  shouted. The storm grew louder with lightning flashes. "I think we should leave
  this room!" Doctor Casie shouted. There was a blinding flash.

          "I have taken my daughter from bondage.
          Never have I joined myself with such a worthy vessel.
          Lay down, lest I strike you down."

  "Do as it says!" Sappho lay on the rain swept tile. Dr. Casie and Dr. Evans followed.
  The drains could not handled the water flow. The three doctors struggled not to
  drown. The water was too high to lay face first. They had to lie on their backs.
  "Does the Mother of Christ wish to kill?" Dr Sappho shouted spitting water flowing
  over her face.

          "I made Adam from the slime
            and gave him Eve.
            I make alive.
            I kill."

  "Can you see her face?" Sappho asked the other doctors. "I can barely open my eyes!"
  Casie coughed. "I think so. She looks like Katya." Dr. Evans shouted. He had cupped
  his hands around his eyes. "Yes! The super-ego!" Dr Sappho shouted. Casie turned
  her head slowly to Sappho. She had brought a tranquilizer gun. Doctor Sappho
  knodded slowly to Casie. She rose to a kneeling stance and shot four darts at the
  apperition, then, quickly dropped flat to the floor. The room shook. The storm stopped.
  Katya was on her hands and knees with four darts in her chest. She fell onto her
  right side. "Fantastic!" Doctor Evans grabbed his giegercounter. "I am getting no
  readings." Evans turned Katya over and removed the darts from her torso and breasts.
  "We have our source! This woman is a scientific wonder! If we can control her
  erotic psychic impulses. She could unlock the secrets of the Gods!" Sappho kissed her
  colleagues. Katya was strapped to a gurny by four nurses. "Be carefull not to arouse
  her!" shouted Dr Casie.

  Reflections: O Eye of Horus grant on to us the secret longings of our hearts.
                    Swifter than light O Shining Ones return now from the splender
                    of the Heavens.



                  "Are you the one for me and only me?" Katya was talking to a
          fire exinguisher on the wall of the hospital hall. She was on an I-V of
          barbituates. Her paper apron was stained with food and left her backside
          naked. She placed both her hands on eitherside of the red fire exinguisher.
          "Only the one for me can come inside me." she muttered as she ran her
          hands along the cold cilinder. An orderly aproached her from behind.
          "I think its time to change your diaper." Scott said.

                  Scott guided Katya to a shower room. He untied her paper apron
          and threw it in the waist paper basket. "Will sit down and clean up."
          Scott smiled and locked the door. Katya had defficated. Scott began by
          spraying warm water over her back side. The stool in the bath was meshed
          for easy cleaning. He took some bottled soap and aplied it to her back.
          "Do you like it when I bath you Katya?" Scott asked softly.

                        "I look for it, but it is not found."

          Scott looked at Katya. Her lips had not moved. The voice had filled the room.
          Scott adjusted the I-V drip to allow a larger dosage. "You are a very lovely
          lady." he continued and ran his sudsy hands over her nipples. Katya began
          to pant. Scott used a stiff brush in the crease of her buttox, and gently spayed
          off. Then, he lowered her over the massage mat, layed out on the shelf.
          "I'll pick any peices out of here." he said as he searched her mound with
          the tip of the hose. The light in the room started to flicker.

                      "If I find it, will I be happy?"

          Scott looked about nervously. He wanted to pull the emergency alarm,
          but he was so close to Katya's juicy plum. He had to enter her.+
          His pants were down. He thrusted himself into her mound.
          The light bulb hanging from the ceiling popped. There was total darkness
          in the windowless room.

                      "You are not the one.
                      You have not seen it.
                      YOU MUST NOT! YOU SHALL NOT BEHOLD THIS!"

          Katya walked on tipped toes out of the shower room. She was covered in blood.
          Several nurses ran to her. A nurse screamed after entering the shower room.
          Scott's body was plastered all over the room. "Jesus! It looks like he exploded!"
          a male orderly shouted. Katya was given a fresh shower by three female
          nurses, under the supervision of Dr. Sappho. "Do not underestimate this
          patient's potential." Dr Sappho ordered.

          Refelections: Evil things with voices of sorrow surpassing beauty;
                              can outwit the wisest Angels.+


                  Doctor Casie smiled like a Cheshire cat.
                  She had invited Rabbi Muzzy to dinner.
                  He was taking his second helping of potatoe pie.
                  "Can you help us?" Casie placed the slice on his plate.
                  Muzzy sipped the Burgandy and peppered his pie.
                  "Well, the question is..(he swallowed some pie)
                  Help you do what? It sounds like demonic posession,
                  but I'm the only one believes in it.(Burp.)" Muzzy's
                  reply left Casie with a troubled face.

                  "I just want to explore every avenue. Katya's life is at stake."
                  Casie eyes were desperate. "Right. Can I have some meatloaf?"
                  Muzzy smiled as Casie handed him the bowl. "Women are vessels."
                  he continued as he scooped the meatloaf out. "Life grows in them
                  and passes through them. This makes them portals for the spirits."
                  Muzzy sipped some more wine and beckoned for more.
                  "Katya is perfect vessel for any spirit, who wishes to enter the flesh."
                  he picked his teeth. Muzzy took a deep breath, "A Zion? She does not
                  need a man. I will need a miracle to shut that door."
                  He shrugged, "And she's not even Jewish."

                  Cassie flipped through the Kabbalah her friend had brought.
                  "This is ancient occultism." she looked worriedly at the passages.
                  "The spirit barred from Heaven must find a vessel to hold its name.
                  To call its name is to bind it to your will. The name is all it has."
                  Cassie read the sacred text slowly. "I do see her mumbling to something.
                  Perhaps, this is a multipersonality disorder?"
                  Muzzy laughed, "Legion?"
                  "That is the question. How can I exorcise a woman, who does not believe
                  in anything? And I will be alone in a hospital full of skeptics." he slapped
                  the table and took a third slice of Cassie's pie; "Your a good cook. Why
                  aren't you married?" Cassie giggled, "Well, I guess I had an alterior reason
                  for inviting you to dinner." Muzzy shook his head and pulled his beard,
                  "Women; a gift or punishment?"

                  "Miss Morganstern or should I say Doctor.
                  Katya will always be a Zion. That is her nature.
                  You might be able to control the chaos inside her.
                  But, I believe she is under the control of a higher power."
                  Muzzy ate another piece of Casie's pie.
                  Casie kissed the portly Rabbi on his right cheek.
                  "I will order that everything Katya says is recorded even when she is asleep."
                  Casie had a nibble of her salad.

        Incantation: Blood and milk upon the grave. Will make my love evermore my slave.


                    "Hello! Katya!" Ethan entered Katya's room with a present.
        Rabbi Muzzy walked in behind. "Do you remember me?" Muzzy asked
        Katya. Katya sat in her wheel chair and slowly raised her right hand
        pointing at Muzzy. "Demon Lord." she said softly. Then her hand
        dropped into her lap. Muzzy smiled at Ethan. "I asked Jarrett to
        come, but he was bussy at the bank." Ethan said with a nervous
                    "Katya do you want to open your present?" Ethan asked
        extending the gold wrapped gift with a big red bow. She took the
        box in both hands and tried to eat the wrapping paper. A nurse
        step forward and took the box and paper out of Katya's mouth.
        "I'll open it." Muzzy smiled, "Oh! Look it's a Raggy Anne!"
        Muzzy put the Raggy Anne on Katya's lap. "That's a nice dolly!"
        Ethan smiled. "Ra-Ra-yah-yah." she mumbled.
                      Muzzy beckoned to the nurse with his left index finger.
        The nurse stood close to him. "I asked that she be taken off her
        meds." he whispered into the nurses right ear. "She has been off
        them, since this mourning." the nurse whispered back.
        "Hmmm, I am sober and I can hear you." Katya whispered back.
        Ethan slowly backed away from her and stood beside Rabbi Muzzy.
        "Ah! That is good. I would like to speak with you about... your
        friend in the forest. What is her name?" Muzzy asked with a big toothy
                      Katya picked up her Raggy Anne and turned its face to
        Muzzy. "She does not like you." Katya said holding the dolly at
        arms length. "Ahem...(gulp).. canyoutellme?" Ethan asked his voice
        was breaking. Katya turned the Raggy Anne to Ethan, "Meribah."
        "Where the people murmered and the rock was smitten." Muzzy
        answered. Ethan began to turn to leave. Muzzy grabbed him by his
        left arm, "You are staying put." Ethan smiled at Katya and whispered
        to the Rabbi, "I need to pee." Katya laughed.
                      Muzzy laughed. Ethan smiled, "Wow! Katya you never
        told me you read the Bible." Katya took her hands off the doll and
        floated over to Ethan. Ethan fell back against the wall. A voice
        came out of the doll:

                      "Because he cleaves to me in love,
                      I will deliver him;
                      I will protect him,
                      because he knows my name."

        "Good night!" Ethan shouted and grabbed the door handle. Muzzy
        stuck his foot infront of the door and shook his head slowly: no.
        "Psalms 91? 'Because you have made the Lord your refuge,
        the Most High your habitation, no evil shall befall you." Muzzy
        answered and snatched the Raggy Anne. He handed it back to
        Katya. Katya smiled. There was a fire in her eyes.
                      The nurse had called Doctor Sappho. Ethan slipped out
        the door as the Doctor entered. Muzzy demanded that he be brought
        back. "He has locked himself in the bathroom." an orderly explained
        to the Rabbi. "He must confront her. Kick down the door. I need him
        here!" Muzzy shouted halfway out of the door, down the hallway.
        "I am not posessed. I am imbued with the light of God." Katya was
        talking to her doll. Ethan entered the room with an orderly holding
        his arms. "Ooooh. You really like my present? Merry Christmass!"
        Ethan voice tapered off. A thunder clap came from the ceiling.
        Ethan fainted. Muzzy rubbed the back of Ethan's neck.
        "Get a hold of yourself!" the Rabbi chided Ethan.

        Thoughts: Music is magic: "And God spoke, 'Let there be light.'"


            Muzzy and Ethan recited scripture. "I'm not seeing any effect."
      Doctor Casie interupted and brought Katya her breakfast. Katya
      sat up in her bed and nimbled on her mango salad with toast.
      "Ethan would you like some toast?" Katya asked and spread some
      butter and lemmon jelly. Ethan took the toast and ate. Muzzy shook
      his head, "You must take this seriously. There is a demonic presence
      in this woman. Ethan would you open the window and let some fresh
      air in?" Ethan walked over to the window and shrieked. A woman was
      floating outside the window. . Her eyes were black, like an owl.
      Ethan ran backwards into Doctor Sappho. "This room does not have a
      window. It is in the center of the hospital." Doctor Sappho stated.
          "Rabbi I think were dealing with a paranormal encounter of the third kind."
      Doctor Casie spoke softly as she raised her tranquilizer gun at Katya.
      Casie's gun flew out of her hand and out the window.
      The woman outside the window reached in. Her arm streached
      accross the room to touch the pages of the Talmid Hakham in the Rabbi's
      hands: "I kept my faith, even when I said,
                    'I am greatly afflicted';
                  I said in my consternation,
                    'Men are all a vain hope.'"
      Muzzy paused after speaking the Psalm. "Katya. You must regain your
      free will. That thing out there is not you. It is dead and wants to live in
      you. Deny it!" he grabbed Katya and pulled her over to the window.
      The apparition entered the room and kissed Katya. Katya smiled and
      ambraced the pale woman. "You do not know me. I am her daughter."
      Katya answered the Rabbi. She turned and looked at Muzzy with black
      eyes. Ethan raised his right index finger, "Do you remember Diana and
      Dimitri?" Katya answered, "Who is Jarrett's father?" Ethan sat down
      and ate some mango.
            "A changeling?" Muzzy exclaimed.

                          "In the light of the moon
                            the waters are gray.
                            Apollo rises!
                            A man stands upon
                            a crimsom summit.
                            May all who hate Zion
                                be put to shame and turned back!"

      The voice came from every side. Casie ran up to the apparition and injected
      her with a sedative. The pale woman turned her face to Casie and a great light
      passed between them. Casie fell back on the bed. Muzzy ran to her side.
      She was frozen in an ecstatictic state. "This must stop!" he shouted and raised
      the Book of Wisdom to strike the pale woman. The book pulled him up to
      the ceiling, where there was a great storm. "Whatever it is it can be injected.
      It has mass." shouted Doctor Sappho and fired her pistol at the apparition.
      The bullets did not strike anything. Muzzy fell to the floor clutching his Talmud.
              "My Mother will stay with me a little while." Katya anounced and slipped
      under her covers. The pale woman vanished. Muzzy slapped Casie about the
      face. He could not break her frozen expression of amazement. Casie was
      placed on a gurney and taken to intensive care. Muzzy and Ethan followed
      after her. "I want an iron cage around this woman and I want it magneticed!"
      Doctor Sappho snapped and the entire hospital was mobilized.

      Reflections: "Every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already
                        committed adultery with her in his heart."(Exodus 20:17)


                "The woman in the window is the sacred prostitute. She is
                the mother of all mankind." Casie sat upright on her gurney
                and spoke with a glazed eyed Chershire cat expression.

                Muzzy slapped her about the face and poured some of her
                salad dressing on her head. "Jezebel! Murderer of prophets!
                Get out of this woman!" he shouted.

                A nurse ran up behind the Rabbi and rstrained him. Another
                nurse took some water and a towel and rinsed Casie's hair.
                Casie took a bite of a cheery tomatoe in her salad. "Why
                do you strike me? Are your teachings so weak?" she smiled
                at Muzzy and ate.

                "What toad-eating animal. The evil one has entered you.
                You must deny it! Remember your hyppocratic oath.
                You are doctor!" Muzzy shouted as an orderly took hold of him.
                Casie laughed and pulled up her blanket exposing her feet.
                The Rabbi adverted his eyes, lest he be posessed by his lust.

                "What is that odor?" a nurse turned in the direction of the humor.
                There was a strong sent of musk. "The demon is trying to beguile
                or senses. Ignor it." the Rabbi could feel his arousal growing as
                he spoke. Casie wiggled her toes and ate some lettus.
                "I think the odor is coming from you Muzzy." Doctor Sappho sniffed
                near him. It was clear that he was aroused. Muzzy excused himself
                and sat in a nearby examination room.

                Doctor Sappho followed a few minutes after him. She looked amused.
                "Is this an incubus?" she asked. He did not reply, and read is sacred
                scripture. "You do not abandon me to Sheol, nor permit your beloved
                one to see the pit. Palsm 16:10." he recited. "Perhaps you have lost
                your 'Most High' advantage? You are smittened with Doctor Casie?"
                Dr. Sappho supressed laughter. Muzzy remained silent and quietly
                read scripture.


        Katya was in an iron cage:
        twenty five feet square. It hung from the ceiling.
        A slight Japanese lady entered the room.

                  "You are Shinto."

        The voice came from all sides as Katya ate. The Japanese lady knelt down
        before Katya. "I am Raven Ishigaki. I am the twenty fifth
        descendent of the Shinto Dojo, Satoshi Urushihara." Her black hair hung
        down over her face as she knelt.

                  "You have come to steal my daughter."

        Raven did not move or speak. Katya spit out her salad and tossed the tray
        into the chain linked bars of her cage. "Am I poisoned?" Katya shouted.
        "I have not come to murder you. I wish to take you to Japan." Ishigaki
        stood in the cage before Katya. Katya felt dizzy and fainted into the
        arms of the Shinto Ninja.

                "Release my child.
                Or I will cast your spirit out
                into the wind."

        Raven pulled her hood over her head
        and carried Katya out of the cage, leeping to the floor below.
        "Who the hell is that?!" shouted Doctor Sappho. A slight blur passed
        her head as the Doctor was knocked unconscious by Raven's foot.
        Several officers had been stationed to secure the patient.
        Raven tossed Katya down the laundry shoot which she had used to gain entry.
        There was gun fire. The Ninja threw her shurikens.
        Many of the guards were struck by her blades. She quickly followed Katya
        down to the laundry basket.

            "You have done well Raven. Now we have the godling. She will be our disciple."
        said Lord Satoshi in a deep voice.
        Raven raised her arms like wings and transformed into a raven. She flew
        to the warf. Katya was wrapped in a blanket and carried off in a laundry
        truck. A freighter was scheduled to leave for Hong Kong.
        Katya was taken to the junk. Seventy Ninja guarded its cargo.
        "My Lord Satoshi there is a great weight upon the ship."
        the captain spoke with his head bowed to the Ninja lord. "What? This
        ship must set sail!" Satoshi commanded.  "My Lord we are sinking."
        the captain pointed to the water rising around the decks.

        Katya walked upon the waters. "What do I do now?" she spoke against the
        spray of rain and sea.

        "Put out your hand
        into my hand.
        It shall be better than light
        and safer than knowing the way."

        Katya reached out to the hand before her. His grip was hard.
        It was Lord Satoshi standing upon the waters.










































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