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What I wrote in 2006. These poems are linked by the topic of fish. Will separate soon.
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A Fish Lover1

There was a little girl who heard everything,
sitting in her lawn chair behind her house;
by her favorite place.

In her backyard was a pond
full of tiny fish that were colors of
red, orange, black, and white.

She traveled all over from East to West.
How many of them she bought from stores,
or where she had been to is unknown,
for nobody knows how many stores she went.

In my life everyone has fish;
some come from lakes
or stores
or anywhere else they live.

There are fish stories and poems
but where are the fish pictures on here?
Go Fish for fish to solve this poem
or buy fish from the store
and replace the TeeVee pictures.

A 150-gallon aquarium should work well;
to have 150 fish is quite the deal.
I prefer more fish so I'm aiming for large aquariums
to see the exotic animals swim and swim like them.

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Once there was a Violet Goby
hiding in a hollow log of a forest tree;
if you would like to know,
brackish water is where they live:
maybe the Gulf of Mexico,
or the Mississippi Delta.

Of salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean,
or not so salty water of the Missisippi Delta,
they thrive there and live there
on the bottom.

This poem is about Dracko,
what he is and his home with me.
There are four rubber plants and two plastic caves;
only one cave he chooses to be in,
the light hollow tree log,
and stays there
except for feeding time.

The way he goes forward
is the same way he goes backward,
using his anal fin and no other fin,
he climbs up the side of the aquarium
to eat his food floating on the surface.

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The Mysterious Deep3

In the frontier of the Earth,
the favorite place for swimming and non-swimming fish.
These fish are strange and even look mysterious.
No one knows what they do,
because these fish are newly discovered.

They could be as small as an ant,
or large as a whale.
Green lobsters, blue anenomes, and other 'plants',
recognizing one if the glowing plants
bite you and sting you.

Flying fish, jumping whales, and dolphins surf the surface
for krill, plankton, and small fish.
In the middle, camouflaging and mirror fish live,
sometimes hit with a submarine.

In the deep there are mysterious
biters, snappers, and stingers.
Beware of sharks, friendly and unfriendly,
you can go near the biggest shark of all with ease
but try avoiding the smaller ones
that dive from the surface to the deep.

Dolphins and whales, two different mammals,
dive into the deep,
come up to the surface for air,
fascinating animals to watch.
One thing I know,
deep-sea diving is the answer,
to discover the fish that we don't know exists,
where we haven't explored yet.

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I do think I will keep these three poems together since, despite how different they are, there is one thing in common between the three: My love for fish. *Smile*

1  This is about my feelings for fish. I think we should try to protect wildlife and preserve their natural habitats!
2  Specifically a fish I had as a pet. I do miss it.
3  Exploration of the waters! This is the only way to meet fish in their natural habitat.

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