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On UPA's victory in Indian Elections 2009
What a marvelous victory for The Congress-led UPA coalition…A clean sweep leaving every other party (National or Regional) drooling for some more…An unexpected victory falling short of just 15 seats to attain a Full Majority at the Parliament…

All dreams shattered for all those who wanted, expected and voted NDA to win…A crisp slap on their tight faces that have lost all their glam & glory today…

Amar Singh of Samajwadi Party in UP, Prakash Karat of Left in WB & Kerela, Arun Jaitley of BJP, Lalu Pr. Yadav of RJD in Bihar, J.Jaylalitha of AIDMK in Tamilnadu, Mayawati of BSP in UP are all cutting a sorry figure and shying away from media…The arrogance seems to have surrendered infront of Simplicity & Straight-forwardness of the Congress leaders…

This is the First Congress Government since Rajiv Gandhi times (1984-89) with Congress scoring close to 200 seats alone and Dr. Manmohan the First Prime Minister to get re-elected for the next 5-year term after Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru- Our First PM (1947-64)

Good news for my state too in particular- West Bengal- The Rule of the CPIM (Marxists) of the last 32 years have ended finally and Ms. Mamata Banerjee (An ally of the Congress) has appeared as a clear winner…Hope to see some stupendous progress for the state in the coming years…”The Left is out and everybody is left out”

What a decision of the citizens- Voted out the party that claimed that they are “A determined party with a decisive leader”…Lol…It clearly showed- Hindus did not vote for Hindus, Muslims did not vote for Muslims but People voted for a good Government…A Government that they believe in, in terms of its policies, vision, secularism, clarity of thought & determination (As exemplified by the No-confidence motion last year during the Nuke deal dis-agreement by the Left)

This is called the real power of Voting: People of India know what is good for them and they have clearly made the right choice…The Indian Democracy is really maturing…

We just have to wait and watch now, how the Government turns around our Economy through its progressive reforms and citizen-friendly policies…They say Reforms will be back again on the forefront…

A Message for BJP: Introspect please…The dirty ‘Hidutva’ ideologies does not work any more in the 21st century among the educated youth …Re-invent yourself, Analyse your idioms, language and ideologies…Stop negative criticism…Forget “Divide & Rule”…The East India Company was chucked out in 1947 the same way you are chucked out today…Arrogance and Over-confidence has not done you any good…Remembered an old Hindi song “Dil ke armaan aansuon me beh gaye”…Aptly suits their situation.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the enlightened citizens of India who voted for UPA…India would remain Unified and One until atleast next 5 years and not be divided into Regions & Religions.

Lets all celebrate the Victory of Indian Democracy & Diversity over Hypocricy & Communalism…

Three cheers for the Congress: Hip-hip-Hurray, Hip-hip-Hurray, Hip-hip-Hurray
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