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Rated: E · Poetry · Animal · #1561335
A humorous poem about my bunny that lived on the roof under unfortunate circumstances!
My bunny got stuck, he ran out of luck
When a pigeon swooped low on the roof
To make things worse, help was scarce
But my bunny remained aloof

He spent every day in a hutch full of hay
Above the trees and houses
He loved most of all to jump on the wall
And munch on my neighbors trousers

Now trapped in a pipe, he smelled a bit ripe
He had to get out of here soon
Then he had an idea and flipped up his ear
The cat would be over the moon

Before too long he felt a wet tongue
Licking the tip of his ear
The timing was right, it was just before night
He was going to escape from here

He persuaded the cat who was lazy and fat
To bring him a rope from the shed
He bit on the end and beckoned his friend
To tie it around her head

'Please' said my bunny, who was feeling all funny
'Help me, I'm in deep strife'
'What's it to me?' Said the cat full of glee
'You have to save my life'

The cat said 'Okay' and without delay
She pulled on the rope with her paws
My bunny flew out of the drainage spout
And landed safe on all fours

If my bunny was hurt while I was not alert
Myself I'd never have forgiven
So I moved his bed to the garden shed
Now the high life is truly forbidden!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1561335-Unlucky-Bunny-Smug-Cat