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1st Chapter, rough fantasy



Dominik ran through the forest towards the only things that mattered in his life: his love, his unborn child and freedom. In the distance, drums sounded the alarm, and a command bellowed “Hunt to kill!”

          Dominik knew it was only a matter of seconds until the beast would be upon him. Beads of sweat trickled down his face, obscuring his sight and stung his eyes. His lungs burned with every labored breath. He dared not stop, for it was only a few more yards to the portal zone. Branches whipped his upper torso, and thick bracken hindered his speed.

         Hearing the thunderous pace of his pursuer, Dominik felt his chest tighten with fear and sorrow. Branches snapped close behind him, and a snarl reverberated through the forest; followed by silence. Dominik stopped but did not turn around, he knew it was over. Feeling the hot breath of the werewolf on the back of his neck, massive claws viced his head and twisted...

         Lady Sephira Gracen, stoic with her convictions, knew the instant she ordered the hunt for her son, he would be dead within minutes. His death was a matter of no consequence, retribution was justly deserved for his betrayal. After all no mercy could be afforded when you are Ruler of Orbisia.

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