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Prose about the NA Buffalo Woman and white buffalo.
She smoked a pipe,
She represented Peace, Harmony
and balance for all life-
living in Mother Earth.

The White Buffalo is sacred,
Give thanks for your blessings,
Trust the guidance given to you-
from the world of spirit.

The White Buffalo Woman's message-
is intended for people, minerals,
vegetables, planets and animals.
Listen to her teachings.

Menada was her name.
She spoke of love of the creator,
She warned not to be tempted by shadows,
Strive to live close to the creator.

She taught about the beautiful Seven Powers,
The White Buffalo never left her side.
He was loved by all and was sacred.
He represented purity.

Meneda left the white buffalo with the tribe.
She warned that someone with a black heart
would come and betray them
and the beautiful white buffalo.

A evil Indian man came as predicted.
He killed the great white buffalo and
massacred most of the tribe.
Evil is no man's friend.

The White Buffalo Woman returned.
She appeared with seven flying white buffalo.
She told them to be true to the Creator.
He will guide them across the Mountains Of Peace.

The White Buffalo will return someday soon.
Keep in mind that he is pure.
He will guide you to the Creator.
The White Buffalo woman's promises will be kept.

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